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PJTikoko t1_iqpqju1 wrote

They couldn’t have just done a squid?


wifespissed t1_iqs9ohk wrote

This is cooler. There's a huge concrete troll under the Fremont bridge in Seattle. Everybody in the area knows about it and most have went to see it.


blondechinesehair t1_iqpoq63 wrote

Why is their mascot a troll?!?


Kdean509 t1_iqr4sd1 wrote

He’s a cousin of the Fremont Troll.


luckydice767 t1_iqr6asw wrote

That doesn’t really answer the question lol


wifespissed t1_iqsa36q wrote

There's a massive concrete troll under the Fremont bridge in Seattle. Almost everybody knows about it and most have went to see it. It's a local thing that makes sense to me as a local. I love it.


Hispanicatthedisco t1_iqrx4p1 wrote

Because it has ties to the city's local flavor.


luckydice767 t1_iqrzruj wrote

And Seattle is well known for its Troll population?!

This isn’t Nilbog bruh


wifespissed t1_iqsa7ch wrote

Google Fremont troll. Been a part of Seattle for years.


Hispanicatthedisco t1_iqubmn9 wrote

Seattle has a troll population of one. But that one is well known and loved by the locals.

It doesn't have to be "well known". Almost nobody outside of Cleveland knows what the hell "Guardians" has to do with the city or the team, but here we are.


GhazgkullThraka t1_iqrfnkg wrote

Because this will make way better merch than a kraken. Every kid will want one of these stuffies.


benignalgorithm t1_iqrj747 wrote

If they’d done it right, every kid would want a stuffed kraken too.


Rustmutt t1_iqs2krk wrote

You underestimate how much kids love cephalopods and sea monsters


md222 t1_iqr8nop wrote

Why is their team name the Kraken?


Hispanicatthedisco t1_iqrx6sl wrote

Because that's what they picked.


md222 t1_iqrxyi7 wrote

Obviously, just never made sense to me since kraken has no connection to the Pacific Northwest. Legendary sea monster off the coast of Norway? Sure. Lol


winkinglucille t1_iqs2yma wrote

We have the largest squids in the world living out in the Sound?


Beforemath t1_iqpthuz wrote

For those wondering, in nearby Fremont there’s a giant troll statue under a bridge. I assume this is inspired by that landmark.


makarmackinnonstan OP t1_iqpy83x wrote

It is. They kinda refer to him as the Fremont Troll’s cousin or something like the sort.


[deleted] t1_iqr996g wrote



Beforemath t1_iqrb4op wrote

Maybe I’m an asshole but I think it’s better than piles of garbage piling up, and it’s a draw that brings people to town and spend money at local restaurants and stuff. Better than just another empty dirty under bridge.


HuellsBigBrother t1_iqpb03j wrote

Horrible. Whoever approved this should be fired


wifespissed t1_iqsahh8 wrote

You're not from Seattle are you?


Safe_Ad5951 t1_iqusvt1 wrote

I’m from Seattle. I think it’s a very obvious marketing ploy to sell merch. No problem with that. It’s not to my liking, and I can’t put my finger on it other than it reminds me of when after the Mighty Ducks movie came out and many NHL teams tossed old logos and themes to introduce cartoony, cutesy, kid-oriented stuff on a violent game played by adult teams. It was just too much pandering to try to expand a fan base. I will probably buy my kid one of the plushies, but would have preferred something less “Barney The Dinosaur”.


Shibbyone t1_iqpaeab wrote

As a Dallas Stars fan with an alien for a mascot, yeesh.


Hopglock t1_iqpq7rl wrote

That’s one way to go about it. Or they could have picked, jeez idk, a kraken?

Then again, still disappointed they didn’t name the team “The Rain City Bitch Pigeons”


wifespissed t1_iqsalof wrote

If you're from the Seattle area you'll know that this is way cooler.


Zaethiel t1_iqq93il wrote

I wish this were a joke. Shoulda gone with seattle sea otters and picked a cute otter that smashes clams with a hockey puck


PartyLikeItsCOVID19 t1_iqq9lmr wrote

Having a Kraken as a mascot just would have made too much sense


Ja3kFrost t1_iqr0pyz wrote

I mean the flyers mascot is… gritty. Mascots are for the fans, especially the kids. So long as they got someone who can make the mascot funny and the kids enjoy it than isn’t that enough?


VorAbaddon t1_iqr283c wrote

Geitty is a chaotic meth beast, so he very much so related to the energy of the city and the team.


chrishammhamm t1_iqreixs wrote

The flyers also aren't a specific creature. You can get away with making the mascot an amorphous blob. The Kraken had a golden oppurtunity to make something unique and be related to its team. Instead they choose... this.


J-Team07 t1_iqqvjm2 wrote

Mascots and team nicknames are different things and having the mascot be the same thing as the team name is a missed marketing opportunity. The mascots should be fun and weird, which this is. I can’t think of anything less important than what the mascot is for a team.


chrishammhamm t1_iqrep35 wrote

I get ur point but having a cool cthlulu mascot would have been a great marketing oppurtunity.


mtwstr t1_iqrks1t wrote

The kraken is built around mystery. You aren’t supposed to see more than an eye starring at you or a random tentacle


Fast_Garlic_5639 t1_iqqf1vi wrote

Very rarely do you get to make your mascot a literal destroyer of worlds.. nahh let's make a Disney troll


Kinglink t1_iqqm8qs wrote

Yeaaahhbh buoyyyyyy.

We definitely need flavor flav representing the Krakens now.


nickbriggles t1_iqpd8pl wrote

They couldn’t get Barbossa from Pirates


Safe_Ad5951 t1_iqq64qs wrote

It’s awful. The Disney-fication of the NHL was a terrible time after the Mighty Ducks movie. Now I gotta deal with a gap-toothed Fraggle?


rickyg_79 t1_iqps2bp wrote

Nah, no, we’re not gonna do troll boy. It can’t be troll boy, you get that troll boy, right? You get why it can’t be you? He gets it, it can’t be troll boy.


Furniturewalker t1_iqrdh99 wrote

That’s actually just a person from downtown Seattle


Nodonutsforbaxter44 t1_iqpso4n wrote

Sure, why not, love it


MaybeSecondBestMan t1_iqqt6eb wrote

Lmao I love this attitude. Everyone losing their shit and there’s one comment “Yeah of course he’s a troll great work let’s play some hockey”


Dbl_Trbl_ t1_iqr3bgq wrote

Stupid looking. I disapprove


walkie73 t1_iqr4iea wrote

So it’s not a Kraken? WTF?


chrishammhamm t1_iqre5xu wrote

Missed oppurtunity to make it a cthlulu monster


fattymaroon t1_iqrggst wrote

Can we just ship the team to Oklahoma already? Such a missed opportunity to 1: name the team the Seattle Sockeye (alliteration and local relevance) and 2: have the mascot be a boxing salmon who goes around with a black eye punching faces


wychh t1_iqqxfv3 wrote

Nah, no, not Troll Buoy, it's not gonna be Troll Buoy, we're not doing Troll Buoy, alright?


shmurpp t1_iqr0vme wrote

how unfortunate


soul_and_fire t1_iqrcqr7 wrote

why wouldn’t they use an octopus?


jmradus t1_iqrdahl wrote

Hockey mascots are universally bizarre.


KingThermos t1_iqrgvlz wrote

It looks like Gritty fucked a sea sponge and this was the result


Skellephant t1_iqs4mrx wrote

What a terrible mascot. It was supposed to be so easy. Just make a Cthulu looking blue lobster thing. This is fucking horrible.


Grady__Bug t1_iqptxsi wrote

It’s as good of a mascot as most. Not top tier, not bottom. I like it


noplacecold t1_iqr0iu4 wrote

Can’t be troll boy. Troll boy you understand it can’t be you right?


noodles-_- t1_iqrj2xl wrote

Seattle would have a grungy furry as a mascot…


bshaddo t1_iqrky9n wrote

It’s not okay to call him buoy.


LiveJournal t1_iqxtksm wrote

damn I really hope whenever the Sonics come back they get back Squatch, only 2nd to the Moose for best Seattle mascots.


wifespissed t1_iqsazrb wrote

A troll named Buoy makes sense for most locals. It's going to be confusing to people not from here.