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ArcticFox59 t1_iruxro1 wrote

Not sure how much he could do with Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.


elpajaroquemamais t1_irvnpb5 wrote

Presumably at least the same that others have.


Hot_Marionberry_4685 t1_irw6e0d wrote

Which hasn’t been much


cAlLmEdAdDy991031 t1_irwh0c7 wrote

Baker took browns to the divisional game and almost beat Kansas City. That’s his biggest accomplishment thus far.


Hot_Marionberry_4685 t1_irwk9y9 wrote

You mean the team that had Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt holding up the rest of the subpar offense most of the season?


goheels1812 t1_irwj3v0 wrote

I could see how that would look tough for any coach from the outside looking in. However, Tepper confirmed yesterday that Rhule has had full roster control since he got to Carolina 2.5 seasons ago. He chose to bring in Teddy Bridgewater. When that didn’t end well he chose to trade a 2nd round pick for Darnold. When that didn’t work out he chose to get Baker. At some point that responsibility falls on him.


Clemsontigger16 t1_irwkqpa wrote

There are teams with worse QBs who manage to at least be competitive. It took them 4 weeks to figure out they should probably pass the ball to McCaffrey sometimes.