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cabalavatar t1_irxjr0x wrote

It only took 75% of its sponsors jumping ship for them to be forced to do the right thing. Finally.


FeetonmyMeat t1_irynwy1 wrote

Why is there such controversy in Canadian hockey? This just popped in my feed


cabalavatar t1_iryp93b wrote

The Canadian World Juniors have been accused en masse of sexual assaults. Then we found out that the Hockey Canada organization covered it up. Then we found out that it was using taxpayer funds to build up a shush fund (to silence victims of assault). But even after all those now-known problems, the organizers who set up the fund and who swept the assaults under the rug were playing the deny, deny, deny game. Then more public backlash ensued. Then Hockey Canada's sponsors (most of which are huge Canadian brand names) started to jump ship, including Nike, Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, and more.

Hockey is, umm, kinda huge here, so this has made all sorts of national headlines.

Obviously, if I got any details a bit wrong, someone correct me. But you get the gist.


SeanBourne t1_iryrezu wrote

I know hockey is religion in Canada… but didn’t think they’d behave just like a religion…


GreyGoosey t1_irytwbg wrote

Sadly hockey culture is quite toxic - especially in the lower leagues.


_qoaleth t1_is0ljuq wrote

It’s almost like NOT being religious doesn’t afford any magical protections against being evil any more than being religious DOES.


SeanBourne t1_is3wssw wrote

I mean when was the last time you heard about the agnostic/atheist club that went around tampering with kids?


JacksonHills t1_is03wrw wrote

Also there is the part where parliament wanted to take a closer look at their financials and they refused.


lord_nyggelito t1_is04knm wrote

Beartown, a book about a swedish youth hockey team in that exact situation. Really greate book!