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SergiGeorgia t1_issixr7 wrote

I commented on one youtube video who was about him that he is not a top player, and for the whole year I am getting replies like - "How do you think now". I think another wave of comments is coming.

In spite of that, he really deserved it, I have huge respect for him.


quartzguy t1_iszq7uy wrote

Now that he's won, I have to say I can't agree with you that he is not a top player.


FCAsheville t1_ispzjqe wrote

AKA the Best Player in La Liga


lnblackrain t1_isrt3kq wrote

Lol what? It’s not his fault every PL player shit the bed when playing against RM.


Xehanz t1_isvs8o7 wrote

What do you expect when Laliga teams keep dominating in the CL?


kharjou t1_issa4ky wrote

Its funny, knowing he was going to win it for like 6 months kinda killed all the hype for ballon d'or for me. Like 0 chance of a surprise more like paperwork


partsguy850 t1_istb0ay wrote

You a real playa Benzama. Keep doin what you do.


originalhandy t1_isqai5o wrote

Individual awards for team sports always seems pretty dumb to me but I guess you have to try get people hooked on the drama and bs of things too to generate revenue


DetroitLions69 t1_isr23v6 wrote

That makes zero sense


originalhandy t1_isr2h2a wrote

What exactly doesn't make sense?


MrRipski t1_isr32nh wrote

Your comment


originalhandy t1_isr4a6z wrote

Cool story bro


BarryKobama t1_iss9ead wrote

I like the part where you fully committed to being dumb.


originalhandy t1_issfzie wrote

I like the part where you try to be smart but your level of English isn't right there though.


DrJuanZoidberg t1_istbn98 wrote

It’s a matter of perspective. Did his team set him up for greatness or did he set up the plays that propelled the team to greatness. In the end it doesn’t matter if you see it as fully a team effort. The team creating the perfect setup for him to score is fruitless if he doesn’t score.