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scrapsbypap t1_itjc7a5 wrote

What? They're all historic franchises with the OH LOOK AT US WE'RE AN OLD SCHOOL TOUGH SPORTS TOWN WITH PASSIONATE CRAZY FANS AND A TEAM OF LOVEABLE LOSERS ON A RUN OF DESTINY angle. Media absolutely eats it up.


ineedglass t1_itjp43b wrote

I’ve watched baseball passively, usually playoffs and random games here and there, plus my Royals, for 30 years. I can’t name a single Phillies player in that time.

I can name dozens for every other franchise.


WillieNolson t1_itjtays wrote

Weird flex to tell us you don’t know baseball.


scrapsbypap t1_itjtw81 wrote

Pretty much. No way somebody who's watched the playoffs for 30 years doesn't know anybody from those late 2000s-early 10s Phillies teams.


scrapsbypap t1_itjsrg7 wrote

No John Kruk? Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams? From the 90's?

Scott Rolen? Jimmy Rollins? Chase Utley? Ryan Howard? Cole Hamels? Victorino, Werth? Those Phillies teams from like 2006-12 were scary and a big deal even though they only won the 1 WS. I find it hard to believe that you don't remember them from the playoffs.

I'm not calling the Phillies a super decorated, successful, prestigious ballclub; they're definitely a tier below the Giants in that regard who I'd say are on par with the Cubs or Red Sox (our subreddit and the Phillies' are comparable). But the idea that the East Coast media won't milk the fuck out of this Philadelphia team that also includes Bryce fucking Harper is ridiculous.


WillieNolson t1_itjttpi wrote

At one point they had a pitching staff with Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt. Even not being able to name a single player from that pitching staff is ridiculous, let alone anyone from the team over 30 years,


scrapsbypap t1_itjugzm wrote

A lot of the talk in Giants land is about how we swept that Tigers team in the 2012 WS, and it sure was dramatic, but man every now and then somebody will bring up how insane it was that we beat the 2010 Phillies in the NLCS.

They didn’t have Cliff Lee on that staff anymore, but we got him too in the WS with the Rangers.