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SmugglerHanSolo t1_itjc9ji wrote

Could it be worse? Sure. But it will be the least watched WS in the last 5 years at least. No west coast representation. Every hates the cheaters and no one really cares about the Phillies


StrngBrew t1_itjfgi2 wrote

Nah, Bryce Harper is one of the biggest stars of the sport. The Astros are the best team of the last 5 years.

It’s silly to think NY vs LA is the only “good” matchup.

San Diego is a small tv market compared to Philly or Houston. Not sure why you think them being there makes the entire west coast interested.


MayorCraplegs t1_itlb5oh wrote

You missed the asterisks on “best team”. You aren’t the best if you’re cheating the entire time.


StrngBrew t1_itlsomm wrote

Look I get it. But just like Bonds actually hit all those HRs, the Astros actually won all those games and that championship. Even well after their scandal they’re still an incredibly good team.


MayorCraplegs t1_itossxy wrote

Are you referring to this season, Or the 2017 & 2018 season as actually winning those games?


reyzak t1_itjcriu wrote

Harper is a compelling story though for what it’s worth


cherm27 t1_itlhplh wrote

West coast generally doesn’t matter. The most watched series of the last 10 years was Chicago/Cleveland. You just need markets that care about baseball, especially in the middle of football season. The best team to come out of the AL would have probably been Seattle considering the drought.


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itm22y6 wrote

Agreed. Houston is going to hurt the ratings. I know guys that flat out won’t watch that franchise even if it is the WS