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Shubankari t1_itmmlfg wrote

I was born in Vegas, but grew up in SD where my best friend’s father was Bud Podbielan, former big league pitcher and also pitched for the PCL Padres at the end of his career in 1959.

My mother was born in Vegas in 1930 when there were 5,000 residents. Her father moved here…to play baseball. My sons & daughter were born in Vegas.

I didn’t know who to root for but the Phillies made that conundrum moot.

Bryce Harper was born in Vegas and hit dingers at AGE 7 on the same fields my boy played on. He had an SI cover at age 16. He’s Vegas Strong 💪 and will beat the Trashbros like he did the Padres and bring a championship to Philadelphia.

You’re welcome Philly fan!