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BlindBantha t1_itq17l5 wrote

Gift article for those who want to read:


booky456 t1_itqixlt wrote

Thanks man, was absolutely way too wordy and not worth the time to read.

I do feel for the girl during a photo shoot getting some guy pressing himself up against her backside and letting her know “you look REALLY good” and her just laughing it off. I bet she was screaming inside.


UnorthodoxBodybuild t1_itqo6r1 wrote

Tldr the manions are the harvey weinstein of bodybuilding. This is why we need a league other than the ifbb


beggin4apegging t1_itrphtt wrote

Gay for pay and harassment/coercion is prominent in male bodybuilding as well. Not surprised by either.


NorthOaklandGuy t1_its2slu wrote

Very true. This reminds me of Kai Greene and his grapefruit 😂


maddog367 t1_itu9spq wrote

what happened ??


AshleyDTX t1_itur58d wrote

Kai Greene did a few videos before he turned pro. One of them involved him having intercourse with a grapefruit.


downonthesecond t1_itr9g62 wrote

I'm sure few exhibitions are safe from harassment and exploitation.


Valiantheart t1_itq5n79 wrote

Can't say i'm too surprised grifters and exploiters inhabit prominent positions in competitions where women compete on aesthetics.


hardestpilltoswallow t1_itubaug wrote

I mean with no disrespect. But takes a special kind of male to get hard on female bodybuilders.


Absolutepowers t1_itsdfhh wrote

Sucks to be a woman. They get fucked one way or another it seems


Dagbog t1_itu0jnn wrote

You know that this happen to male bodybuilders too?


SteakMan43 t1_itq0xc3 wrote

I’m not signing up to read that garbage


Frexxler t1_itqnfgk wrote

Someone posted a gift article link, should be the top comment now.


[deleted] t1_itqjltj wrote



truelies1993 t1_itr58rk wrote

Are you actually making a joke about sexual exploitation, as in you want in on it…?


[deleted] t1_itrq19t wrote



truelies1993 t1_itrq5zv wrote

You could try r/sexualexploitation or r/sextrafficing, they both sound up your alley…

r/sexworkers is you are looking to be an entrepreneur…


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skulleater666 t1_its7jit wrote

When it comes down to it, its ultimately the choice of the bodybuilder. Same as damaging steroid use. The bodybuilder, bc they want it so bad, will go through with it. Some may think "hey this is good money why not?" Some may think "i cant believe i have to do this for this creep." Unfortunately this is how it works...


truelies1993 t1_itu1qi5 wrote

So by that logic, Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong either, in your eyes…?

When you are in a position of power and influence, using that power to demand sexual exploitation to further your career is criminal, just like in the Harvey Weinstein case. Both were open secrets in the industry…


skulleater666 t1_itv7zlv wrote

No not at all thats why I said unfortunately...


truelies1993 t1_itv8v2u wrote

Unfortunately, that’s not how that works…

It’s criminal, hence the investigation into it, just like with Harvey Weinstein. Same sexual exploitation to further a career. A great example would be saying your boss told you get naked and let them take picture or your co-worker gets the raise…