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opportunusadest t1_iu65ima wrote

150 Billion for the infrastructure and they treat their workers worse than cattle.

Decided by bribed Fifa executives.

Basically a free for all on the back of those hoping for a better future. Wages unpaid, ahot housing, barely any food.

Its a disgrace and the ones responsible should be brought to justice.


PizzaWall t1_iu7bmxd wrote

I can’t believe people are supporting this abomination. FIFA should have pulled the plug years ago.


IndyPoker979 t1_iu7t21q wrote

If you are going to Qatar to participate in this sham, then shame on you.

This is the most horrendous excuse of a experience I've ever had the displeasure of knowing about.

I know it won't happen, but I wish the USMNT would simply boycott the games.


i_have_chosen_a_name t1_iui6x9m wrote

I agree but people insist that if they just watch illegally they are morally in the clean.


TheReveling t1_iu7j485 wrote

Coulda seen that coming. These people tricked the poor people into building all this shit, stole their passports from them so the couldn’t leave and I’m sure a myriad other human atrocities. What a gross event. Fuck these people.


Nibbler1999 t1_iu96u02 wrote

To be fair, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been doing this for decades. Which is exactly why fifa shouldn't have hosted the world cup there.


Jon-theHuman t1_iu6cv1j wrote

I knew this would happen, and is likely happening to regular people who are renting in the area. From a landlord perspective, you could have your current tenant pay maybe $1000 a month or evict them and have some American or European pay you $1000+ a night for the World Cup.


moderatesoul t1_iu8s85d wrote

Cancel this fucking thing already.


TylrLS t1_iu8w7e9 wrote

gotta get rid of the evidence


wikidemic t1_iu9evpu wrote

Not a big sports fan, but soccer has always been dear to me. Will I watch World Cup this year? Don’t think so. Not until they start treating workers decently. No real football fan would support this conduct! Don’t waste your money on rich apartheid in Qatar!


w3bCraw1er t1_iuaktgz wrote

Let’s not watch any games. Protest.


limpnoads t1_iuaacrt wrote

Why I can no longer support soccer....the corruption in that sport, is absolutely UNMATCHED.