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Kevo_NEOhio t1_iubn61t wrote

Wait…incoming, the Cleveland Browns are going to offer this guy a record contract! He learned his lesson


gza_liquidswords t1_iubnmnv wrote

Nah, Primo is a role player, they only ignore this sort of stuff if you are an elite player.


Quickcito t1_iuboun4 wrote

Watson isn’t elite


gza_liquidswords t1_iubql3x wrote

"He's not elite except by all statistical measures"


Quickcito t1_iubuz5s wrote

Elite fantasy QB, agreed


gphon t1_iubvn5r wrote

Just take the L my dog


Fragmented_Logik t1_iuc17co wrote

He's right though. Watson hasn't played in 2 years and look fucking awful this preseason.

It's like saying MT is "elite" a WR.


pvt_miller t1_iudk7g8 wrote

As a MT owner clinging to hope that he returns and goes for 15 TD’s ROS, I feel personally attacked


gza_liquidswords t1_iubpjnx wrote



to elaborate, Deshaun Waston is

#2 Career Passer Rating

# 3 Career YPA

#1 Career Completion Percentage

#5 Career TD/INT Ratio


also rushes on average 400yds, 4 rushing TD per year


smu_12 t1_iud8i1r wrote

The raper QB with like twenty some allegations and multiple settlements


HtownSamson t1_iuc6xvj wrote

So he hasn’t played for two year so who knows what he is not but as a guy who has sadly watched almost every Texans game, Bill O’Brien is the only reason he hasn’t won more games. Dude is a fucking scumbag but a really good QB.


OHTHNAP t1_iudaxeg wrote

I hate supporting anything about Watson, but he put up good numbers on a dumpster fire of a Texans team. 3:1 TD to INT rate and 3500-4500 yards.

Is he going to be good in the future? I don't know, maybe. Cleveland paid enough for him, hopefully he doesn't get too sore from needing a massage and can't find a masseuse.


ihatemycat92 t1_iubo0hm wrote

People believe this now (This guy wrote on r/nba, 18 hours before the news linked about him at a hotel in Minneapolis)


ColdNyQuiiL t1_iubojhw wrote

I knew it had to be something drastic. I mean, they just opted in to his 3rd year of his contract like 2 weeks ago, and to full blown waive him, it checks out.


ArcticFox59 t1_iui9kd8 wrote

Really came out of nowhere.

Spurs don't mess around, even with a bright, young prospect who hasn't even hit 20 yet.

Although, would it make sense for the Spurs to provide Primo with some counseling or some other support treatment, instead of chucking him into the wilderness?


TexterMorgan t1_iubroib wrote

What a stupid fucking moron. Horny remains completely undefeated


hsrCwnS t1_iuc7cc1 wrote

It’s not a horny thing. It’s like a weird compulsion thing. He’s a liability of being a sex offender. He probably has like no control over it. Will expose himself again. Now without any structure and a few million dollars. He has nothing holding him back from bad decisions. Could easily expose himself to a minor. Bam sex offender registration for life and no more career ever. He’s probably totally fucked.


GeorgieWashington t1_iucjgyv wrote

Good news for him: Canada has the most success rehabilitating sex offenders of any country on earth.


politits t1_iuhect0 wrote

Uh… he IS a sex offender. Exposing yourself to unwilling people is low level sexual assault and a crime basically everywhere.


I_Just_Queefed_AMA t1_iuc7smm wrote

(I assume) you know nothing about the guy or what he’s thinking lol


hsrCwnS t1_iuc9050 wrote

Serial Flashing is a really really common trait among those with mental illness. These people are not commonly dangerous, but they need to be sometimes medicated to not give into compulsion and compulsive behaviors. Go ahead and just google serial flasher (btw Primo is already a serial flasher. I’m gonna go with minimum 8 incidents by the end).

Serial flashing just doesn’t stop. You don’t just oh I grew up and I’m gonna get better. It’s somewhat sexual but not in the Im horny phase. It’s not about sexual gratification for your self and someone else to share. They want you to be weird about it. Even put off. Like for instance Louis C.K. who is also an exhibitionist but in a slightly different but similar vain. Nobody is enjoying it but him. Nobody is really partaking in it. They just have to deal with it. It’s unwanted and it’s gross.

Without heavy intervention of medication and therapy. This dude isn’t gonna be able to stop a compulsion. That’s why they fucking call it a god damn compulsion. Go look up the damn definition my guy. Then look up serial. Then serial flasher. Then read get a damn degree in human behavior and anthropology. It’s not an assumption it’s called fucking studying human fucking beings.


KDBurnerTrey5 t1_iudot90 wrote

Antonio Brown wya??


hsrCwnS t1_iudv63g wrote

CTE has similar compulsory issues, seems to spread onto all areas of things that socially humans generally find taboo.

While AB was exposing himself to others for reaction or at least acknowledged that others were around.

Aaron Hernandez would watch porn and jerkoff in the lock room next to teammates like they were not even there. So obviously super similar but like he was like in a bubble of his own consciousness and not acknowledge those around him.

CTE is fucking weird. I actually worry about it affecting my life. I have had a lot of serious concussions. Hopefully I can keep it all regulated later in life.


[deleted] t1_iud373j wrote



Fly__Eagles__Fly t1_iud6wv9 wrote

CBT for flashing?


[deleted] t1_iud73qx wrote



justpariah t1_iudiwg0 wrote

You’re really embarrassing yourself here. You have no argument so you attack their paragraph formatting? I feel so much secondhand embarrassment after reading what you wrote.


PawelW007 t1_iuc4yox wrote

Genuinely - I do not understand this “thing”. What thrill do get out of this?


[deleted] t1_iucgdz2 wrote



Edgun t1_iucz28v wrote

Yea but Louis asked if he could before he did it.


lilpumpgroupie t1_iudc39v wrote

Asking people who are trying to get into the industry and we're around him as a major movie star? That kind of asking? That's not consent. Just like your boss walking into the meeting room and asking if he can jack off in front of you is not consent.


Edgun t1_iude3pn wrote

I’m just stating facts. I was not speaking to the morality of it. Now that you are, yes, I agree what Louis did was wrong even though he asked.


AeAeR t1_iudypz9 wrote

If my boss asks to jack off in front of me all I can see is lawsuit money, so go to town boss.


Leafs_Avs_Enjoyer t1_iud8k3i wrote

Because he was in a position of power over those women and used that.


Edgun t1_iud8pd4 wrote

Hey, I’m not saying it was right. I’m just stating what Louis said.


Leafs_Avs_Enjoyer t1_iuddbj9 wrote

Oh yeah, I agree it's a different thing so shouldn't be grouped together the way OP did but they're both the same charge


slickestwood t1_iueqbv4 wrote

This is just me but if I'm hanging out with a famous comedian and he asks off the cuff to jerk off in front of me, I'd probably think he was joking.

And at least one of the women is on record saying he did not ask, he just did it.


iamsorri t1_iud6nz3 wrote

But he did it anyway?


Edgun t1_iud6r9f wrote

He said they said it was ok but then still reported him


levelteacher t1_iudalm9 wrote

That’s pretty scummy of those women.


Edgun t1_iude8a7 wrote

I wouldn’t say that. In my opinion what Louis did was not right. People can say “yes” out of fear and intimidation. It happens all the time. We don’t know all the facts and likely never will, but what Louis did doesn’t pass the smell test.


aslightlyusedtissue t1_iudt67s wrote

No the fuck it isnt lmao. He was one of the biggest comics in the world in a major position to make their careers better or worse depending on the answer to his “question”. The fuck is wrong with you?


Ragadelical t1_iud17wb wrote

I thought Louis was doing it while on the phone with them, and asked beforehand?


klondijk t1_iudroig wrote

It was not on the phone, and beforehand meant as they walked into the back room at a club, WHICH IS THEIR WORKPLACE. Who the fuck thinks it's OK to ask people this, let alone people whose careers you can affect, let alone AT WORK?


AphidGenocide t1_iud86o3 wrote

To be perfectly clear, I don't condone this.

I read an article yesterday (posted in NBA) that this is typically done by men who have had sexual trauma in the past.


toronto_programmer t1_iue5mrn wrote

Power / narcissism thing.

Some dude watching too much porn thinking that if he sits in his hotel room and flashes a random person she going to hop on his dick because he is young / rich / athletic or whatever when in reality that minimum wage worker is probably like nah, I gotta get this whole floor ready in an hour or I get fired


Exittium t1_iubzn0h wrote

awww dude watson'd himself


IAm-The-Lawn t1_iue6lun wrote

I think it’s only Watson’ing if you end up with the MOA contracts after committing crimes against women.


simplekindaman13 t1_iubub3a wrote

He deserves what he got. Possible lawsuit to follow. Hopefully someone steps in and helps show this extremely young man the guidance he needs to be a solid human. With contrition and personal growth he will get a second chance somewhere. For now he pays for his actions


Jsizzle702 t1_iubu2wf wrote

I sure his was just caught paying his respects to Harambe


crow-nic t1_iubzr50 wrote

Jimmy Haslam on line one for you, Mr. Primo.


fonzy0504 t1_iuc5sa1 wrote

Lol “I’m getting help with some past issues, respect my privacy, I don’t want you to know that I’m a flasher and potential sexual abuser”


blankblank t1_iuddqrf wrote

Imagine fucking up your multimillion dollar deal just because you couldn’t resist the urge to show your dick to a hotel maid.


cbreezy456 t1_iudwaq0 wrote

Like imagine how fuckin unhinged you have to be to do this. Definitely not a horny thing because these guys can get sex pretty much whenever.


LostInMyMind1214 t1_iudk9vc wrote

His contract is was/is guaranteed so he’s getting paid regardless


BarrySandusky t1_iudx3ru wrote

Eh, I’m sure they could possibly void the guaranteed contract over something like this. This is a beyond basketball issue.


blankblank t1_iuel0vw wrote

Every major sports contract these days has a morals clause

Edit: typo


xZTRON99x t1_iudn77v wrote

And if he never plays again? If he was stupid enough to expose himself and ruin his career he’s more than likely stupid enough to blow through that money


CA_Mini t1_iubh2h7 wrote

Why not arrested?


IamnotGenerikB t1_iubmu3r wrote

I don’t think the Spurs can do that


Oldtimer_2 t1_iubn8dn wrote

He's dealing with "trauma." Maybe not his trauma, but the trauma he's inflicted upon women. Weird case for sure but I'll withhold a definite opinion until more evidence gets out into the public (likely via lawsuits)


spenwallce t1_iudqjwx wrote

I’m assuming the trauma he’s talking about is being diddled as a kid


Gigiskapoo t1_iuc4wyu wrote

“As I stand before you here today, the laker girls need to be taken down a peg or two.”

  • Kit Ramsey

Despicable2020 t1_iudi7te wrote

I always get irritated when i see athletes wasting their potential on avoidable activities.


miltondelug t1_iudvx2t wrote

NBA having an image issue this season. Sarva,Udoka,Irving,Primo,Green.


Lookalikemike t1_iucxzlq wrote

I hope he gets help before he loses everything.


BruntLIVEz t1_iucy6lv wrote

Something going mentally where he has to do this.


gldoorii t1_iud0k2c wrote

If he hits one he’ll have his foot in the door for the NFL


limpnoads t1_iud2bcu wrote

Well, his career over, all that money, and these dudes out here exposing themselves, get escorts like everyone else...Tiger got away with it for 2 decades....🤣🤣🤣


Winter-Flaky t1_iud4hqy wrote

lol grown ass man playing whip out 😂 dudes tripping


pro-window t1_iudz0mg wrote

Oh it’s just cousin Josh..


Butterflyfairybell t1_iue16rc wrote

What does “waive” mean though? Fired? Let go? Banned?


Infinite_Style142 t1_iue51i4 wrote

Kid looks like he’s 12 and he just tosses his career out the window. Do they not realize how fortunate they are to be in the NBA?


BlakeusMaximus t1_iuec6s5 wrote

He went full “Dicks out for Hrambe” - damn bro lol


SqueezleMcCheese t1_iueg62r wrote

Keep your ding dong in your pants, young Joshua.


420blazeit69nubz t1_iuf01x3 wrote

How fucking hard is it to take millions of dollars to play a sport and not show your dick to people?


poboy212 t1_iufkdrs wrote

Tens of millions of dollars or expose yourself to random people. Tough call… I’m going with exposing myself.


[deleted] t1_iudg800 wrote

Hey some girls like having a Dick whipped out in public. Just ask Lauren Bobert.


MasterLynk t1_iudjeii wrote

Cleveland Browns already on the phone to sign him to a huge contract


calaveras_ardientes t1_iucwp8q wrote

I wonder if he’ll instantly get deported after this.


Niketravels t1_iud6lgx wrote

San Antonio women….-chuck


eexxiitt t1_iucewgt wrote

MULTIPLE? Should've just taken 1.

This is incredibly disappointing for the Spurs front office. DAMN.


NIN10DOXD t1_iuc9e74 wrote

Dude really pulled a Louis CK and Spurs said " Louis C Have a Nice Day!"


Mxneyfiend t1_iubtl6t wrote

This kid had gf too. You’re a millionaire kid, they’ll come


imVision t1_iubv7z3 wrote

I’m really glad he had a whole and not half a girlfriend.


Mxneyfiend t1_iubvkuo wrote

Slang. You got what I meant.

He has a gf and decided to show his meat to some fucking housekeepers. Pure trash


MrCrash2U t1_iuby356 wrote

Why have I also heard rumors he was involved in a murder?

Not like he did it but was there, saw something, knows something. Is this BS?


CountryOfEarth t1_iubzg6a wrote

> Why have I also heard rumors he was involved in a murder?

You know, you have to have the ability to go out on the internet, read something or watch a video and decide for yourself if the information is factual or nonsense. It all starts with looking at reputable sources and then going from there.


MrCrash2U t1_iudemxj wrote

Haha. I didn’t mean to upset so many people.

I just know the exposing himself was a rumor too at one point and there were some dads talking at a kids basketball game yesterday and then I see this.

That’s why I was asking. He played college ball here so everyone has a “source” so I was just asking.


KickinWing1983 t1_iubmsx3 wrote



BrolysFavoriteNephew t1_iubuefu wrote

Spurs aren't dropping a sophomore prospect without evidence.


KickinWing1983 t1_iubz35q wrote

Then it isn’t alleged.


KimJong-rodman t1_iuc42gx wrote

It’s for legal purposes. Media outlets will use the term alleged until a conviction is made to avoid defamation suits in the event charges get dropped or something. But there was enough evidence for the spurs to drop him and he’s probably guilty. But legally they can have some issues if they don’t use the term alleged