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LexiFloof t1_iunxjep wrote

I think the biggest thing they missed was Moeen Ali dropping the easiest catch of his life.

Absolutely comical. Worse drops than that are few and far between at this level.


Nizzleson t1_iuo6zh5 wrote

I would expect every 13 year old kid who has ever played cricket to take that. Not ideal.


LexiFloof t1_iuo979n wrote

It's the kind of drop that the coaches' kid gets patted on the back for the attempt, because he didn't run away from it.

Anyone else misses that and it's fire and brimstone from the boundary.


Nizzleson t1_iuoaby6 wrote

"Good hustle, boy. The rest of you, take note of that hustle. That's what this team needs."

"The team needs wickets coach. They're 0/130 off ten overs."

"Fuck you, you lippy little bastard. You're 12th Man next week."


LexiFloof t1_iuobimk wrote

Pretty much, Teams had merged for the season, Coaches son was their wicketkeeper, I was ours.

He was the single worst keeper in the league the previous season, while I had more stumpings than the rest of the league combined. I called Coach out on the favouritism (He didn't even give me a chance to challenge for the spot) and got banished to perpetual Fine Leg for almost half the season.

When your Captain/Keeper is both a moron and the Coaches' son, it's a miserable season. (Can you tell I'm still miffed about it?)


Buckeye_8621 OP t1_iuo441k wrote

and dropped the guy who scored 104 last game. lmao