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SunshineAlways t1_iupvfu3 wrote


ChurchofPancake t1_iurfaxo wrote

So it’s a good thing that he corrected OP and provided a better word to use… assuming op wants to improve


SunshineAlways t1_iurqvvt wrote

I was able to decipher the meaning, so communication occurred. Were they being helpful or just correct? Intent matters.


ChurchofPancake t1_iurri60 wrote

Intent matters to a degree, but the commenter wasn’t particularly rude or mean about the mistake and their comment may help OP improve their English. You’re acting like their intent was to embarrass or be rude to OP but I disagree that’s the case and feel your knee-jerk defense of OP’s language skills is unwarranted

They could’ve just said “haha idiot you used ‘exposed’ wrong” but instead they basically explained why ‘exposed’ was flawed and suggested an alternative


SunshineAlways t1_iutzf75 wrote

I disagree that my considering the circumstances of OP’s word choice might be due to being a speaker of English as a second language was a “knee jerk” reaction. I put forth a possibility to consider.


ChurchofPancake t1_iuu3d5q wrote

I mean - I don’t think you spent too long musing over your comment and wondering if you should make it, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be knee-jerk