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blizzardfreshmen t1_iuo6bo9 wrote

Rafa still looks like a teenager when he smiles like that


lordoflys t1_iuop08s wrote

The Rafa Nadel museum? Yeah. Definitely on my "to do list". Right after my visit to the 2nd largest ball of twine museum in North Dakota.


adamusa51 t1_iuosh93 wrote

These two have the best bromance in sports. Class 24/7/365


adamusa51 t1_iuosr34 wrote

As someone who taught tennis and loves it and played competitively into my 50s, I’d love to go. Rafa is one of the great athletes and sportspersons of all time. If you don’t get it, that’s your loss


therlwl t1_iuox916 wrote

So the shirt will expose its private parts? The word you are looking for is displayed.


Nixon74 t1_iupf3d4 wrote

Wow… the rich get richer…



dnph t1_iuppzmj wrote

After Nadal exposes his piece, what will he do with the shirt?


count_montescu t1_iuqonvm wrote

If he manages to stick around for another 3 years, he has a chance of making the number for the most amount of slams. Not that he will be revered for it or even celebrated nearly as much as Roger or Rafa.


vicblck24 t1_iur7fcu wrote

Man, wonder what the line is to where they make a museum strictly for you.


ChurchofPancake t1_iurri60 wrote

Intent matters to a degree, but the commenter wasn’t particularly rude or mean about the mistake and their comment may help OP improve their English. You’re acting like their intent was to embarrass or be rude to OP but I disagree that’s the case and feel your knee-jerk defense of OP’s language skills is unwarranted

They could’ve just said “haha idiot you used ‘exposed’ wrong” but instead they basically explained why ‘exposed’ was flawed and suggested an alternative


SunshineAlways t1_iutzf75 wrote

I disagree that my considering the circumstances of OP’s word choice might be due to being a speaker of English as a second language was a “knee jerk” reaction. I put forth a possibility to consider.