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TheDrunon t1_iutwzag wrote

Watch out ESPN...


hillsonn t1_iuu0e44 wrote

This is good news. But I wonder if ironically it runs the risk of further compartmentalizing women's sports, as now even the bigger events may just be broadcast on this channel, and limit larger exposure. Though I'm sure lots of events that aren't getting attention now will receive some.


tim28347757575 t1_iuvw9hc wrote

good, maybe some of the women that complain about women not making enough money ACTUALLY F'ING WATCH because we know they don't go to the damn games. I


FCAsheville t1_iux52a1 wrote

Wonder if it will be kept afloat by subsidies despite not actually making money. (Looking at you WNBA)


meltedcheeser t1_iuuhwyx wrote

If I had access to all gymnastics competitions, even at the college level, I’d be thrilled.


BALDACH t1_iv1f4gr wrote

I wonder if it will have the same success as the WNBA.


majoranticipointment t1_iuwmubu wrote

This is probably for the best. Now instead of competing directly for airtime with men’s sports, they just compete internally.


sday008 t1_iuug9vv wrote

I'd most men and woman don't watch it on the format it's on now, is the hope that if it's all centralized it would be seen more?


tim28347757575 t1_iuvwgtf wrote

no one is going to watch, this has been proven over 25 years. I hope i'm wrong as I have a daughter, but no one comes out to support these girls on almost any level except the US women's soccer team. Their pro sports leagues might sell 1,000 tickets to a big game though and I've been to a few. The WNBA is the only study case you need


nakor28 t1_iuyfnfl wrote

In general people don't go to games to support individual players. They go because they like to watch the game on the field/pitch/court/ice, and perhaps the atmosphere.


tim28347757575 t1_iv0ku6f wrote

That's fair and true. There is no atmosphere at the games because no one goes and the overall talent level is obviously much lower. If you go to a high level girl's soccer game for 16-18 year olds there is a ton of talent and it is fun to watch. It's just not the same as the 16-18 year old boys playing. It's not their fault or anything, just is what it is