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mells3030 t1_ivhe68w wrote

LOL, they are literally playing in Qatar.


29PiecesOfSilver OP t1_ivhke3d wrote

Yeah… I think I AM going to ‘Qatar’ this World Cup out of my schedule.

Edit: World Cup Qatar 2022 Ambassador says ‘Homosexuality is damage in the mind’

Edit: FIFA President Blatter says picking Qatar to host the World Cup was a ‘mistake’


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkmm4v wrote

I told myself i would boycott this tournament when i first saw the reports of labor treatment in 2011.

i'm sticking by that. I know my "boycott" is absolutely meaningless and will not affect the tournament in any way lol, but i just can't in good conscience watch a single minute of it


ih8iditos t1_ivl4tzj wrote

I hope enough of us do it so that their viewership takes a hit.


beanzinabox t1_ivhkv7k wrote



Thumbless6 t1_ivkeqft wrote

Just a genuine guy that wears his homophobia on his sleeve. Super helpful when compared to the people that try to be facetious about it


beanzinabox t1_ivksa7f wrote

I don't think facetious homophobes exist.. I think they're just incredibly not self aware


Thumbless6 t1_ivl3hm3 wrote

You’re 100% right, just learned I’ve been using facetious incorrectly 🤦‍♂️


orangutanoz t1_ivlovda wrote

I would like to see a bunch of kids buzzing the Iranian players with drones wherever they go.


Splith t1_ivhog1j wrote

I came here to say this. Iran isn't half as bad as some other nations.


FriedEggScrambled t1_ivhs1dn wrote

Oh yeah. They just slaughter teenage women for wanting freedom, then refuse to release the bodies to the families. No big deal.


JDF8 t1_ivi0i9b wrote

We let them have a little brutal oppression, just as a treat


GoldenStateComrade t1_ivi03la wrote

And using literal slaves is no big deal huh?


FriedEggScrambled t1_ivi09hd wrote

You think Iran doesn’t do the same? Lol!

You’re arguing about which regime is more murderous like it’s cool.


amazinglover t1_ivi2mqu wrote

So we should give them a pass since it could be worse?


Alfred-Fallon-Borden t1_ivhh8ur wrote

“Thousands” lmao


MatiasPalacios t1_ivhvuxt wrote

Dozens of redditors agree with this! IRAN IS OVER NOW! WE DIDI IT REDDIT!!!


BreezyWrigley t1_ivk20a7 wrote

Aren’t the people of Iran actively trying to rid themselves of the horrible extremist theocratic government that’s been oppressing them right now? Shouldn’t we be cheering them on for trying to get rid of their problem officials and advance civil liberties and gender equality in their country?


ArcturusEye t1_ivk3eb3 wrote

they are, also kicking them out of the WC punishes the players and fans more than the govt, so it doesn’t really even make sense


PJTikoko t1_ivl5eol wrote

Sanctions also punish the poorest people in the country while not at all effecting the rich and powerful in any meaningful way but we still do it.


MatiasPalacios t1_ivldhas wrote

How is that related with the World Cup?


BreezyWrigley t1_ivm4v9z wrote

It’s not, but neither is whatever this thing is that happened that people are supposedly saying justifies kicking them out of the World Cup. The Iranian government is supporting Russian war efforts with equipment, and people are claiming the team should be kicked out because of it… but the civilian population is in the middle of trying to purge their government of all the hardliner theocratic right-wingers that have been oppressing them for decades. Seems unfair to punish the people for the actions of their government that they are in the very process of trying to get rid of.


xhyzBOSS t1_ivjun8r wrote

everyone wants iran out and italy in. Would make the World Cup so much more fun watching.


Alfred-Fallon-Borden t1_ivk8pgm wrote

Lmao yes let’s give Italy the spot that they couldn’t even beat North Macedonia to get


Capt_Billy t1_ivkilux wrote

Just set up a nice diving pool in Qatar for them. They’d prefer that anyway


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkmqxk wrote

That's Italy's fault for not playing well in qualifying lol

You didn't see the Netherlands begging for handouts in 2002


xhyzBOSS t1_ivoeabp wrote

i dont care. no1 wants to watch Iran.


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivom9zr wrote

while you think Iran gives a shit? they played well enough to qualify...italy didn't. bottom line

i'm sorry if this bothers you but that's how this tournament works lol


xhyzBOSS t1_ivtgshk wrote

italy would win over iran a million times man


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivth7l5 wrote

thank you for the amazing insight Captain Obvious

again...that's not how World Cup qualifying works lol


xhyzBOSS t1_ivthjei wrote

DUDE I KNOW HOW IT WORKS, still no1 wants to see iran play. dont bother answering now, also ur american u dont know sht. so stfu When i say it would be cool that italy would replace iran then u dont have to com "awwwww miiiimiiimiiii they r better miimiiimiii" BRO LIKE NO1 cares about that, middle eastern countries r boring 2 watch, its as simple as that. And italy is a household name with rich history, the european championship winners and has good players, i know they didnt qualify, still it would be cool since there was a tiny tiny possibility because Iran is a shitty ass country suppressing women and shipping wardrones to russia.


[deleted] t1_ivhcou1 wrote



HaikuBotStalksMe t1_ivi68n8 wrote

Well, you see, those people weren't white Ukrainians, silly.


Bendy_McBendyThumb t1_ivkhdau wrote

While there’s no excusing war and conflict, part of the reason things in the Middle and Far East, Africa etc. don’t get as much consideration in the media in the West is because… it’s not happening in the West. If you go to those places, you’re less likely to hear about things from the West, no different to vice versa where we hear next to fuck all unless we look for it (generally speaking).


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkmzu5 wrote

it is pretty crazy the total lack of self-awareness by the U.S. media over the invasion of Ukraine when the U.S. military pretty much invaded a sovereign state in TWO of the most notable examples since 9/11

i mean ffs, SNL had the Ukrainian Choir open one of their shows. That's great and all but boy was that fucking weird


Bendy_McBendyThumb t1_ivkocld wrote

I think like a good few crazy things in the US that they’re desensitised to, war and conflict are just another thing on that list. Consider the fact the US has almost perpetually been at war somewhere, with next to fuck all actual peacetime, it’s little surprise.

This isn’t to say other countries aren’t desensitised to certain things themselves. I’m from the UK, charity adverts are meaningless at this point if you ask me (not quite the same as war like, but it’s just a simple example). Water aid has been going on since like the 70’s, for example.


Ansanm t1_ivlcusz wrote

And they’ve been screwing with Haiti’s government for decades. I won’t mention the economic blockades on other countries in the hemisphere. Then there’s Africom’s expansion into Africa (Thanks Obomber) and the resulting coups that were carried out by US trained African soldiers. But, most Americans view themselves as the best of humanity.


spicymemesdotcom t1_ivhdfmz wrote

Iran’s government is bullshit and I hope they’re overthrown real soon. But you guys know there’s a country out there who has been droning the shit outta people at their weddings and shit right? Guess the victims are the wrong color now.


[deleted] t1_ivhla8v wrote

Wait guys, bombing people to advance your national interests is bad?

Oh man. I gotta make some calls


dude_central t1_ivi473n wrote

I just realized USA is the worlds 'reserve currency' and coincidentally has worlds largest military. huh.


ASpellingAirror t1_ivhr1dj wrote

If we are talking about a hypothetical booting of Iran, shouldn’t it be over the human rights violations that they are committing against their own citizens?


Sourdoho t1_ivi0nk0 wrote

No because the Iranians suffering are not European, you see.


Zeblasky t1_ivi4zlj wrote

Yes, and for other example you would not want to stop buying Saudi oil over Yemen literal hunger genocide when this could actually hurt europeans and US. Better to sell Saudi more weapons instead!


IV4K t1_ivjz9ac wrote

No only White Europeans Matter.


Nutaholic t1_ivi0dg2 wrote

You guys forget the world cup was just held in Russia and is currently being held in a modern slave state?


LloydDoyley t1_iviu03l wrote

It's always been the way. The 1934 WC in Italy was Mussolini's chance to promote fascism on a the international stage, 1966 went to a nation with empire and its associated atrocities still well in play, the 1978 WC was held in Argentina when an army dictatorship was in charge, 1994 would need a novel on what the USA has done and continues to do, 2010 was held in one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world, then there was 2018 in Russia.

(E: Added England in 1966, thanks u/tennisguy1234567)


tennisguy1234567 t1_ivivgch wrote

And England in 1966, right?


LloydDoyley t1_ivivphy wrote

You could argue that, yes


tennisguy1234567 t1_ivivsni wrote

Buddy, England should be one of the first, if not the first, on that list. For you to exclude it altogether is biased as fuck.


LloydDoyley t1_ivizbhb wrote

Nah you're right mate. It should be there. Edited.


h0bbie t1_ivjmqtv wrote

Honest question: who could best host a World Cup while not qualifying for inclusion in your list of negatives? I’m struggling. Australia maybe?


LloydDoyley t1_ivjqqdy wrote

Every country has their negatives, of course. Just don't give it to a country with no infrastructure, no footballing heritage or even its own established league. FWIW I didn't really have much against 2018 in Russia because it satisfied all of these factors, even though there's a crazy despot in charge.


h0bbie t1_ivjt6av wrote

Oh I’m definitely not defending Qatar as the choice. 😃 and I agree with your criteria.


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkng8v wrote

yeah this is something people need to remember

when it comes to atrocities, yes every country has blood on its hands to a certain extent

that being said, that wasn't the only reason why picking Qatar was such a stupid choice. It's tiny as fuck, they've never had much of a World Cup history (if any at all) prior to 2022, and the worst part was the weather. I still can't believe there is a fuckign world cup in less than two weeks as opposed to it being played in the summer


Cyhawkboy t1_ivkltky wrote

Oh stop. By your logic only countries like Mongolia or Tuvalu deserve to host the World Cup. There is a line that has to be crossed and perhaps using slaves is it.


LloydDoyley t1_ivkp9mv wrote

I did not express any opinion on the matter, just that shit happens and people still go to these world cups and still watch them and still consume the content.

My only real gripe with it going to Qatar is that they don't have the infrastructure, don't even have an established league and are not a footballing nation.


Cyhawkboy t1_ivl1ci2 wrote

The word you are looking for is sport-washing and that is exactly what Qatar is doing here. I’d argue Qatar has very little culture in the first place. A city- state built on oil reserves. In 3 months, after the World Cup is over, all that people will remember it’s that they hosted a World Cup and that’s all that matters to them despite the money spent and the lives lost.


LloydDoyley t1_ivl2qmr wrote

You've made the point all by yourself. People will remember it because they'll be watching it. At the end of the day not enough people care enough.


Cyhawkboy t1_ivl43p8 wrote

I guess I fail to see the comparison between Qatar 2022 and England 1966. Entirely different is my point.


LloydDoyley t1_ivl6niu wrote

Every country that's ever hosted any major event has used it to boost their profile on the world stage. Qatar is no different. And any country that has the resources to host such a tournament will always have gained much of their wealth by questionable means.


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkn5us wrote

>the 1978 WC was held in Argentina when an army dictatorship was in charge,

if I remember correctly, Cruyff bitched out at Dutch officials and the manager and used "political reasons" to boycott the 1978 World Cup

I think for years this is what people believed and it wasn't until after he died when people realized he boycotted because he threw a Roy Keane-esque tantrum


LloydDoyley t1_ivkph05 wrote

Lol yeah. To be honest I don't think the players should be forced to have an opinion on this either.


two5031 t1_ivk2zzx wrote

So for me, here's the thing...

Russia has qualified for and participated in previous world cup tournaments.

Qatar never has, they haven't even come close.

Russia already had a great deal of infrastructure in place from hosting large international events, such as the Olympics.

Qatar had 0 infrastructure in place and we all know about the stories of slavery/human rights coming from this construction.

In my opinion, allowing Russia to host a World Cup is not quite as unusual as Qatar's hosting one.


the_alert t1_ivhwha6 wrote

Let’s focus on booting the World Cup out of qatar


[deleted] t1_ivhbcnt wrote



BobbyTables829 t1_ivhbvab wrote

I can't do it. I keep thinking of all those (7,000+) migrant workers who died, and it makes me feel dirty.

I really want to, but I just can't. It's not out of outrage nearly as much as grief, like I can't think about the games without thinking of all the people who died for it.


LloydDoyley t1_iviu1wp wrote

Anyone interested in human rights would've also boycotted 1934, 1978, 1994, 2010, 2014, 2018


dysfunkti0n t1_ivikdai wrote

Im trying to decide if it’s fucked if I pirate the games. Sigh.


jjsyk23 t1_ivhuvlk wrote

Uh huh. Have they noticed where it’s being hosted and how they’ve created the infrastructure to do so? Mmm hmmm.


An_Anonymous_Acc t1_ivii6uy wrote

Funny how they aren't urging them to boot the US out for selling weapons for Saudi Arabia's genocide. Not even an urging to boot Saudi Arabia..

Propaganda. That's all this is


Celtavigo30 t1_ivkc84l wrote

Well, no one would agree to boot the US, it’s an easy win for anyone at the WC.


HankScorpio42 t1_ivhoplh wrote

LoL the whole event is being held in Qatar and built on the backs of slave labour with FIFA doing nothing about it.


MozeltovCocktaiI t1_ivi2zav wrote

They did something about it. They lined their pockets and continued as if nothing was wrong


robpottedplant t1_ivierrk wrote

I get a little confused by this. The West sells weapons to just about everyone. We helped form and fund some of the worst terrorist organisations…why do people not care about that?

Or I guess if you do care, why is Iran doing it so much worse?


nyayylmeow t1_iviqx19 wrote

It’s called being white


Cool_Foot_Luke t1_ivje9gd wrote

This may surprise you, but most Russians. Fairly white.
Shocking I know.
Maybe, just maybe, race has absolutely nothing to do with it.
A novel thought I know.
In fact seeing as there are more non white Americans (about 115,000,000) than the entire population of Iran (84,000,000) I'm sure it's the white thing.

But perhaps it's not race and political and idealogical differences.
Just perhaps.


[deleted] t1_ivjlp2s wrote



Cool_Foot_Luke t1_ivk2aui wrote

America and the west sell weapons to the world.
This fuels the infamous military industrial complex.
The military companies are owned by massive conglomerates like Blackrock and Vanguard.
Who also own the media companies, and have politicians in their pockets on all sides of the political spectrum.

So media outlets repeatedly ignore when western companies or governments sell weapons to the world, but draw attention to other countries doing so.
Mainly due to them being competition to the western arms companies.


Abdul-HakimDz t1_ivj52ib wrote

They sell weapons to kill arabs so its okay /s


robpottedplant t1_ivjm284 wrote

But in seriousness it seems to be the general public as a whole are incensed by Russia and anyone who supports Russia fighting a war, but when we where bombing the shit out of countries or overthrowing governments it was a necessary evil. Both are very wrong, just annoys me this moral high ground people take because we are western European


MelodicSalt9589 t1_ivlkqrv wrote

Someone tell them that Taliban was created by the US and don't forget the Iraq War and NATO bombings. But yeah that is fine


OneReportersOpinion t1_ivhytqe wrote

Then US should be booted for carrying out the genocide in Yemen.


hairyupperlip t1_ivhygh7 wrote

So a ton of countries should be booted then, right?/s


foundviper11 t1_ivhdgws wrote

Sucks that the people of Iran continue to pay the price for what their asshat regime is doing. Let the Iranian people have something to cheer for. They're not the ones deciding to send drones to Russia.


InnerCityHeel t1_ivhynh3 wrote

And why do their players who are constantly outspoken against the regime have to suffer from their decisions? No. This is a conclusion that doesn’t solve anything, and you are not punishing people who are even responsible.


AttackHelicopter_21 t1_ivjhd5n wrote

It’s a World Cup, Not a “Countries which respect Human Rights” Cup.

If North Korea is allowed to field a team, it’s absolutely ridiculous to ban any other country in the world from FIFA.


Heydavid17 t1_ivjm0g7 wrote

So… let our players be booted from the World Cup, the same players that even protest against the regime as well, the regime that kills their own people. When they have a chance to show a message here in less than 2 weeks time.

Are people fucking stupid!? The people of Iran =/= The fucking regime


DQ11 t1_ivki0js wrote


These players didn’t send the drones.


BatPixi t1_ivhw5tp wrote

This is the dumbest thing. Next they will want to ban every European country who pays Russia for gas cause it funds the Russian army.


jam-and-marscapone t1_iviq4cj wrote

Asking FIFA to do anything is counterproductive. Forget they exist. Don't watch it. Don't buy the games. Don't enjoy any aspect of it. They are criminals.


two5031 t1_ivk1hsz wrote

Millions have urged FIFA to get the World Cup out of Qatar... They don't give a fuck about what anyone wants.


giganticsquid t1_ivkeuvv wrote

The US was allowed to participate despite the random wars on Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Hypocritical much?


garvierloon t1_ivicar7 wrote

That’s the reason? That?


Anaistrocas t1_ivix20q wrote

"Thousands" it doesn't say who, where? Fucking baitclick top tier journalism.


[deleted] t1_ivku1ak wrote

Sports tournaments should play out according to the skill and ability of whichever teams qualify. That shouldn't be hindered by politics.


TappedIn2111 t1_ivl4p9t wrote

Surely that’s not even the top of the list of reasons to boot them.


-Dalzik- t1_ivi1bqo wrote

Could boot Iran out for other things also


velvetrevolting t1_ivijo88 wrote

Thousands and insignificant number.. can we change the title of this post?


Taniwha26 t1_ivijumb wrote

Millions should be urging their own country to boycott FIFA. FFS


Billionairess t1_ivin23h wrote

Oh please with the feigning of outrage, dont tie the football team to the actions of the team's govt. If we're going down this route, there wouldnt be a 2022 world cup


Mantismantoid t1_ivizndi wrote

I get it but why do the athletes and people of Iran have to be punished? This isn’t going to bring down a regime and in the end it’s just going to take some joy out of regular people’s lives that are otherwise miserable. I think sports to some degree needs to transcend politics. Also, look at all of the bad actors who have played in World Cup like North Korea, where there are living breathing concentration camps for example.


6Assets t1_ivj9t2f wrote

I believe Italy would be the replacement team.


PJTikoko t1_ivl6z2a wrote

So Italians are the ones complaining.


dbe14 t1_ivjj9cd wrote

On a related note, how in high holy living fuck are Iran ranked 20th in the world in the FIFA rankings?


mrfox12 t1_ivjqath wrote

Hahaha, I appreciate the optimistic approach. But not gonna happen.


awakened_01 t1_ivjtw1d wrote

Please. FiFA will probably give Iran the rights to host the world cup before they do anything else. If thousands dying and hundreds more are enslaved in a country were homosexuality is punishable by death are still able to host, what chance does this have?


red_red2020 t1_ivklaxl wrote

Well I guess they can’t boot Iran over human rights violations because, QATAR.


alan01010101 t1_ivknzdq wrote

Why do you think soccer fans don’t like politics in the sports? I guess it could the case for all sports, but soccer seem to have that more than most sports.


MelodicSalt9589 t1_ivlkbd3 wrote

If you were interested in Human right I can name 5-10 more teams participating which also have done this.


After_Reality_4175 t1_ivloxph wrote

But not over the humanitarian crisis theyre causing their own citizens?


Meatball_pressure t1_ivhrbl5 wrote

Huh, never mind human rights abuses in their own shithole


IV4K t1_ivjz8l9 wrote

You see only Ukraine matters fuck all other countries and their problems.


Slava Ukraina