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mells3030 t1_ivhe68w wrote

LOL, they are literally playing in Qatar.


29PiecesOfSilver OP t1_ivhke3d wrote

Yeah… I think I AM going to ‘Qatar’ this World Cup out of my schedule.

Edit: World Cup Qatar 2022 Ambassador says ‘Homosexuality is damage in the mind’

Edit: FIFA President Blatter says picking Qatar to host the World Cup was a ‘mistake’


Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_ivkmm4v wrote

I told myself i would boycott this tournament when i first saw the reports of labor treatment in 2011.

i'm sticking by that. I know my "boycott" is absolutely meaningless and will not affect the tournament in any way lol, but i just can't in good conscience watch a single minute of it


ih8iditos t1_ivl4tzj wrote

I hope enough of us do it so that their viewership takes a hit.


beanzinabox t1_ivhkv7k wrote



Thumbless6 t1_ivkeqft wrote

Just a genuine guy that wears his homophobia on his sleeve. Super helpful when compared to the people that try to be facetious about it


beanzinabox t1_ivksa7f wrote

I don't think facetious homophobes exist.. I think they're just incredibly not self aware


Thumbless6 t1_ivl3hm3 wrote

You’re 100% right, just learned I’ve been using facetious incorrectly 🤦‍♂️


orangutanoz t1_ivlovda wrote

I would like to see a bunch of kids buzzing the Iranian players with drones wherever they go.


Splith t1_ivhog1j wrote

I came here to say this. Iran isn't half as bad as some other nations.


FriedEggScrambled t1_ivhs1dn wrote

Oh yeah. They just slaughter teenage women for wanting freedom, then refuse to release the bodies to the families. No big deal.


JDF8 t1_ivi0i9b wrote

We let them have a little brutal oppression, just as a treat


GoldenStateComrade t1_ivi03la wrote

And using literal slaves is no big deal huh?


FriedEggScrambled t1_ivi09hd wrote

You think Iran doesn’t do the same? Lol!

You’re arguing about which regime is more murderous like it’s cool.


amazinglover t1_ivi2mqu wrote

So we should give them a pass since it could be worse?