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robspeaks t1_ivvnjqj wrote

I designate FIFA as corporate filth.


ArcticFox59 t1_ivxq412 wrote

Every single football fan I know is still flabbergasted how Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini and their cronies all haven't been jailed indefinitely for all their corruption.


penregalia t1_iw10odf wrote

Yea, they're soooo upset they probably won't watch any FIFA event or buy any game.


LogiHiminn t1_ivvbm2f wrote

Honestly expected to see them pandering to something, but they’re actually highlighting real human rights abuses. Good for them! /s


ialo00130 t1_ivwttp1 wrote

I'm currently watching FIFA Uncovered on Netflix.

It's sad to see not a single thing has changed. Wonder how much the Qataris payed for them to do this?


ChrysMYO t1_ivw0loj wrote

I'm just surprised Fifa PR didn't have better messaging around this issue. Its like they didn't think it would come up as a problem


jll027 t1_iw1bfeq wrote

Not watching a single game this time around, just can’t fathom supporting this. Would love to get into the World Cup but no, not this one.


Tapprunner t1_ivvbreu wrote

Just a reminder that if you watch the Qatar World Cup, you're saying that slavery and murder are not as important as your own enjoyment of soccer. That it doesn't matter that Qatar enslaved and killed people, because you just really want to watch soccer.


Tato7069 t1_ivvbwvn wrote

Just a reminder of the same thing, if you're posting that from a phone or computer made in a sweatshop


Tapprunner t1_ivvceqt wrote

Amen. Now, it's very difficult to know where a lot of things are produced. We should all do a better job on that front. I'm sure I'm not perfect.

But that's not the case with the World Cup. Everyone has easy access to information about how the Qatari government confiscated passports and worked immigrant laborers to death.


Tato7069 t1_ivvcvo7 wrote

You have pretty easy access to information about phones being produced in factories where they have to have nets to stop people from killing themselves. Please go throw your phone in the garbage asap or you're a terrible person.


Girthanthiclopz t1_ivvi3px wrote

They’re mad, but you’re right. So many things in your life are not ethically sourced at all and it’s not a secret. However, a World Cup is easier to live without compared to a phone.


discgman t1_ivvdipp wrote

>You have pretty easy access to information about phones being produced in factories

This kind of information is against the law in Qatar. So is this post. You could be put in prison for even posting this

"Access to certain websites is blocked in the Gulf state. And anyone who facilitates the spread of “fake news” can be imprisoned."


Tapprunner t1_ivvd9zv wrote

The net story was a hoax.

Also, do you work for FIFA or something? It seems to really bother you that people are noticing FIFA and soccer fans looking the other way on slavery and murder.


Tato7069 t1_ivvg7oh wrote

No, not at all, FIFA did something wrong, and I don't really care for soccer at all, but billions of people wait years for it, don't have to try to make them feel like pieces of shit for doing something they only get to do 15 or so times in their lives.

The point of the original comment being that things you like also have shitty origins, and you're willing to turn a blind eye to that, while casting stones at soccer fans like they're the worst people in existence


Tapprunner t1_ivvoh2t wrote

It's a sporting event. This isn't like "you might only get to see this member of your family 15 more times in your life." It's "you might get to watch this soccer tournament 14 times rather than 15.

I'm saying we should all do better. I'm not asking for 1000% perfection here. But when you do find out that something was produced with slave labor, you shouldn't help the oppressor. So, yeah, if a person knows that the Qatar stadiums were made with slave labor and they watch the games anyway, they are doing something wrong. That is a bad thing that they ought to be ashamed of.


Tato7069 t1_ivvotyt wrote

Okay, so you should be ashamed of yourself too. Everyone should be ashamed all the time, living their lives feeling like shit for any good thing they have in their life.


Sids1188 t1_iwxoj6m wrote

>something they only get to do 15 or so times in their lives.

And even less if they happen to be one of the workers building the stadiums.



Thialase t1_ivvuhat wrote

The thing is about fighting injustice where we can fight it.
Having a smartphone is starting to basically be essential for living a modern life. But watching a sports event isn't.

Fuck me, even some homeless people have smartphones. That's how important they are.


Tato7069 t1_ivvv5qk wrote

Fight injustice when it's convenient, the reddit credo


Thialase t1_ivvw138 wrote

What would you have people do? Just not give a damn?
People have to pick their fights.

Imagine being angry at all the injustice in the world. You'd never find peace, eternally angry. There is always something horrible happening somewhere else. Should we just become jaded and callous, like you seem to be?


Tato7069 t1_ivvwl6l wrote

Imagine being angry at someone for watching a soccer game. All the bad things in the world, and the one thing you have as an escape is soccer, now you have people saying you're a piece of shit for enjoying your escape.


Thialase t1_ivvxwhw wrote

>Imagine being angry at someone for watching a soccer game

Did I ever say I was angry at other people for watching a soccer match? No. I was responding to your post, which was basically "if you dare be angry at THIS injustice, then you have to be angry at THIS OTHER THING as well"

I'm well aware people have their various means of escapism. It's just about not supporting it this one time, since it's being held in qatar. Not every single time.

Let's use partying as an example. If you enjoy partying, cool. Good for you. But maybe you could skip that one private party at the house of that one guy who beat his wife and send her to the hospital?


EighthOption t1_ivvjj10 wrote

Are atrocities a piece of comfort for you? Since you're using them to wave away other atrocities so you can avoid any icky feelings.


Tato7069 t1_ivvlpqw wrote

That's not what I'm doing. I'm pointing out that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. People act like they don't benefit from the pain of others and then shit on shit on other people in the same situation. Where was your phone, computer and clothing made? Probably all shitty places, but let's hate on other people who consume a different product made in a shitty place. I'm not really arguing for or against anything but hypocrisy.


zeth07 t1_ivwhhq0 wrote

Do you do the same thing for every product you own?

Not only for the companies that make said products but also for the stores where you get said products, because chances are even those companies are doing shitty things, even to their own employees?

Do you seriously think individual people not watching the World Cup is going to have any impact on those topics when literally billions of people watch the World Cup?

Trying to be holier than thou doesn't work if you don't keep the same standards yourself across the board. Which I am going to go out on a limb and say you don't.

Because if you say otherwise you are probably just making an excuse to feel better about yourself. And also taking the easy way out because THIS specifically takes zero effort on your part to give yourself a pat on the back for thinking you are somehow making a stand.

Not to mention all the other shit the people who own TV networks are probably into if you dig deep enough that you probably mindlessly watch anyway cause it's out of sight out of mind for you.

But yea very easy thing to take a stand on....


Tapprunner t1_ivwkgr7 wrote

Did you even read anything I wrote?

I actually said I don't think it's practical to try to do it with everything. There's too many things. You'd spend your life trying to do all the research.

But when you're made aware of it - but shrug your shoulders and watch anyway, that's ok?

And your reasoning "this won't make a difference unless I can get billions of people to also not watch" - so being a part of the audience Qatar and FIFA profit from is fine because lots of other people are doing it?

Do you just have no standards for yourself? It doesn't matter how horrific things are, just as long as you don't have to miss out on watching a soccer tournament?

What if they just killed a slave laborer at halftime of every game? Would you still watch, but make sure to go get a snack at halftime so you didn't have to be inconvenienced by watching the slave being killed? This isn't much different - they just killed the slaves before the games instead, hoping people like you would just look the other way. I guess they were right.


amigodojaspion t1_ivvf1eb wrote

Hahahaha well played Qatar, well played.


everydayimrusslin t1_ivvu2sy wrote

FIFA have long had a ban on wearing political messaging on kits. All this outrage is completely theatrical.


thehypocrisyofreddit t1_ivzuuyg wrote

Human rights are and should always be independent of politics. FIFA not recognizing this and actively banning free expression that is pro human rights is just their capitulation on behalf of Qatar.