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zeth07 t1_ivwhhq0 wrote

Do you do the same thing for every product you own?

Not only for the companies that make said products but also for the stores where you get said products, because chances are even those companies are doing shitty things, even to their own employees?

Do you seriously think individual people not watching the World Cup is going to have any impact on those topics when literally billions of people watch the World Cup?

Trying to be holier than thou doesn't work if you don't keep the same standards yourself across the board. Which I am going to go out on a limb and say you don't.

Because if you say otherwise you are probably just making an excuse to feel better about yourself. And also taking the easy way out because THIS specifically takes zero effort on your part to give yourself a pat on the back for thinking you are somehow making a stand.

Not to mention all the other shit the people who own TV networks are probably into if you dig deep enough that you probably mindlessly watch anyway cause it's out of sight out of mind for you.

But yea very easy thing to take a stand on....


Tapprunner t1_ivwkgr7 wrote

Did you even read anything I wrote?

I actually said I don't think it's practical to try to do it with everything. There's too many things. You'd spend your life trying to do all the research.

But when you're made aware of it - but shrug your shoulders and watch anyway, that's ok?

And your reasoning "this won't make a difference unless I can get billions of people to also not watch" - so being a part of the audience Qatar and FIFA profit from is fine because lots of other people are doing it?

Do you just have no standards for yourself? It doesn't matter how horrific things are, just as long as you don't have to miss out on watching a soccer tournament?

What if they just killed a slave laborer at halftime of every game? Would you still watch, but make sure to go get a snack at halftime so you didn't have to be inconvenienced by watching the slave being killed? This isn't much different - they just killed the slaves before the games instead, hoping people like you would just look the other way. I guess they were right.