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DrJGH OP t1_iw6tajz wrote

“Needing 138 to win the title for a second time, England wobbled in the chase due to some hostile fast-bowling by Pakistan but Ben Stokes hit a half-century to take England home on Sunday in Melbourne,” it says here, with more soon to follow.

Congratulations, England!


captainrustic t1_iw7f20c wrote

Man I wish I understood any of that.

Congrats England!


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captainrustic t1_iw8v2as wrote

Thanks for taking the time to write that out. Really appreciate it


satanmat2 t1_iw8dp66 wrote

Jomboy did a great cricket explanation vid in the last year; and it totally got me into watching it. (I’m watching the replay of this game right now. )

ESPN+ has the Indian primer league the best players in the world. It’s a blast to watch.


Okage-yokocho t1_iw7p3du wrote

For the longest time I thought the “bowler’s” intent was to hit the legs of the batter, and the batter to protect himself from getting his legs knocked out : )


captainrustic t1_iw7zxh2 wrote

I had a Brit I was deployed with try and teach me, but I think I’d just have to dedicate more time to understanding. It sounded like calvinball to me , but he loved it and I’m sure he’s stoked now, so him happy for England.


Aussiechimp t1_iw9r4jh wrote

If you know baseball it would literally take 10 minutes


tahajc t1_iw6yko2 wrote

Well done champs. Truly an all-star team. Absolutely fantastic. And a massive applause to Pakistan team. Fought and defended 137 as much as possible and bringing the game to damn near the end, that was just passionate stuff.

This has been perhaps the best T20 World Cup ever.


ValidStatus t1_iw7kule wrote

Naseem Shah and Shadab Khan's last four overs bowling, limited England to just 13 runs. And Naseem himself conceding only 5 out of that.

Sublime performance.

Could have gone either way if Shaheen Afridi hadn't gotten injured.


loadofcheese t1_iwax3yv wrote

>This has been perhaps the best T20 World Cup ever.

Lol what? Perhaps the worst. So many games ruined by weather


SpecialpOps t1_iw7fdqk wrote

I am sad about the loss; my son has to watch me put the unused celebratory fireworks back in the closet.


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Infninfn t1_iw8v6xe wrote

Doesn't count for sports dude


Presidentofsleep t1_iw9b5md wrote

Why not?? It’s just as much spoilers as anything else. I was really looking forward to watching this without knowing the conclusion ahead of time. And all I did was scroll.


WeaknessMindless8168 t1_iw8kogl wrote

The only world cup they can win, congrats!


partizan92 t1_iw974y7 wrote

Well, they did win the other one too, it’s just been awhile.


Dangeresque2015 t1_iw8as9k wrote

I've never understood cricket. Is the point to break the wickets and then run between them? I will say that a cricket bat is superior to a baseball bat to defend yourself against zombies. Yeah, that's right, I've seen "Shawn of the Dead." On a more serious note, so you're out if a fielder catches the ball you've hit or if the pitcher breaks a wicket? Iist have a strange understanding of cricket. Enlighten me and I will try to explain American Football to you.


Thatchers-Gold t1_iw8du5c wrote


Dangeresque2015 t1_iw8l2yz wrote

Thank you! I bet it's fun to watch, it's just different. I get baseball, American Football, golf, basketball, soccer, but Cricket has always baffled me. And nations take Cricket so seriously.


kilgore_trout1 t1_iw8fqis wrote

Yeah basically you’re right about the ways to get out, although there are a few more.

There are three internationally recognised forms of Cricket, but I’ll explain T20 as that is the format for this World Cup and also its the shortest and simplest version.

Put very simply you have two teams, one team will bat - ie - try to score as many runs (points) as they possibly can, whilst the other team bowls (pitches) trying to limit the batters score whilst also trying to get the batters out. Then when their innings is over the other team will come in and try and score at least one more run than them - if they do that, they win, if the don’t then they lose.

The bowling side has 120 balls to bowl at the batters, these balls are divided into “overs” which is 6 balls - that gives you 20 overs (giving the name of the format) two lots of 20 overs or T20)

There are always 2 batters on the pitch at any one time, one stood at either end of the 22 yard playing strip (called a wicket) in the middle of the pitch. So one is facing the bowler and one is stood at the end the bowler runs up from. The batters will try to score as many runs as possible in the 120 balls, they do this by hitting the ball as far as possible then running to the other end of the wicket and swapping places with the other batter. Doing this once counts for 1 run. They can run as many times as they like but if the bowling side get the ball back to either of the three sticks (stumps) that are located either end of the wicket before the batsman makes it back then he’s out.

Other ways to score runs are hitting the ball so that it goes out of the playing area - You get given 4 runs for doing that. Or you can hit the ball so that not only does it go out the playing area, but it doesn’t touch the ground on its way out, that gives you 6 runs. As a batsman you want to score lots of sixes! The other way the batting team scores is through a variety of foul or wide balls, but I won’t bore you with all of that!

So that’s it, the only other complication is that the bowling team can get batters out in a variety of ways, and as a batting team you can only lose 10 of your team to outs (confusingly also called losing a wicket!) once you lose all of your 10 wickets then your innings is over even if you’ve got more or your 120 balls left.

Ways to get out are:

being bowled out - the bowler bowls at you and the ball hits the stumps

Caught - a fielder catches your shot without it hitting the ground first

Run out - what I described above where a fielder hits the stumps with the ball before the batter makes it back safely.

LBW - complicated but basically if the ball is bowled and it hits the batters legs and the umpire thinks that the ball would have gone on to hit the wicket then that is out.

A few others but these are the important ones!

That’s very basically it. Hopefully that helps! No need to explain American football, it’s pretty much rugby league but with fewer downs and more armour lol


drumgod_28 t1_iw8kcyy wrote

Never understood a thing about cricket until today! Thank you!


Dangeresque2015 t1_iw8jo5z wrote

Thanks for the reply! I think I almost got it. I should've taken up the offer of my Indian bosses to watch some cricket between 2 am and 6 am one night to watch the game. I want to say it was England v. India but I wrong. It could have been 20 years ago


kilgore_trout1 t1_iw8ljlp wrote

If it was in July this year it could well have been England - India, I was at the game, it was an awesome day! (England winning helped lol) That was a test match which is a whole different kettle of fish, they can last 5 days!


98Phoenix98 t1_iw8mh0o wrote

If the batter hits the ball out of the boundary without hitting the ground first, the team gets 6 points. 4 points if it hits the ground before crossing the boundary

If a fielder catches the ball before it hits the ground, the batter is out.

If the ball hits the wickets, the batter is out.

There are two bases, unlike baseball that has 4. If the batter thinks the ball will not make it all the way to the boundary and the fielders might stop it, they can run back and forth between the bases to make 1 point per run. If the other team hits the wicket before they complete their run, the player gets out.

These are off the top of my head.

Now explain american football to me


Dangeresque2015 t1_iw8pn61 wrote

There are two sides offense and defense alternately. Each side fields 11 players. The offense has 4 chances to make 10 yards. if they make it 10 yards, they get another 4 chances to make it 10 yards. If the offense doesn't make it in 3 times, they will punt the ball or try to kick a field goal (kick it through the bright yellow uprights.) But these days a lot of teams will try on 4th. As soon as the ball crosses the orange pylons on the goal line, that's a touchdown, which is worth 6 points. Then the kicker will go for the Point After Try or PAT, for one point. Field.goals.are worth 3. Time is a huge factor. Each team has 3 timeouts per half. These will stop the.clock. I could write an essay about this but those are the basics. Don't get me started on the strange way they call penalties on offense and defense. Just watch a game and you'll see what I mean. Have a good day, this wasn't meant sarcastically. I just didn't understand Cricket


Yeangster t1_iw82ls7 wrote

How does a country of 50 million, where cricket is the number two or three sport beat a country of 250 million, where cricket is indisputably the number one sport??


being_PUNjaabi t1_iw82zex wrote

Why doesn't China win it? They have 1.5 billion people.


Yeangster t1_iw86lff wrote

They don’t care about cricket at all.

There’s a separate question as to why they don’t better at football/soccer, though.


Leon_11 t1_iw8mv3l wrote

because they dont care about football as much as they do for badminton or table tennis


simiamor t1_iw8dskp wrote

Most of the people in Pakistan don't have as much resources as an average English to develop.


SMF1834 t1_iw7mgsa wrote

Daddy showing his children how it's done


woogygun t1_iw75iau wrote

Didn’t even know the world cup was in for this. Yawn.


buffalo___716 t1_iw706lh wrote

I have no idea what this word salad means

Go Bills


buffalo___716 t1_iwat5kl wrote

So hey guys I watched some and let me tell you how WRONG I was!! :D

NOT only was it extremely boring but I fell asleep. I thought it would be cool but I was wrong 😑