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ricardo9505 t1_iwivbkw wrote

Only place I ever seen cricket played was NYC. Between the Africans and West Indians there was always a game on weekends in many parks.


Matthew_C1314 t1_iwkana2 wrote

Living in the dfw area, there is a surprisingly large number of Indian families. This might actually be a good location to start a league.


Deified t1_iwlpzn9 wrote

Dallas and Houston are prime spots to start a cricket league. Large Southern Asian and African populations and enough sprawl to find places to play.


FoliageTeamBad t1_iwmvpyd wrote

Drive through the GTA on a summer evening and you’ll see cricket in like half the parks.

There’s so much demand for cricket pitches that there is waiting list for time at the pitches that do exist.


SometimesaGirl- t1_iwr1gwy wrote

> Africans

Only certain Africans tho. Essentially, ones that were formally part of the British Empire.
So... that's a yes to nations like South Africa and Zimbabwe. A no to ones like Cameroon or Sudan.


RoughMarionberry5 t1_iwtockb wrote



ricardo9505 t1_iwv9j3b wrote

Yes. As is folks from Ghana, Nigeria, S Africa. Never met Africans?


RoughMarionberry5 t1_iwxahi1 wrote

Thanks for your response. I was obviously aware of South Africa, Zimbabwe - and to a certain extent, Kenya - playing cricket but I was just surprised that there were African teams in NYC. I would have thought there would be much more participation from people originating from the Indian subcontinent.


ricardo9505 t1_ixb9he5 wrote

No these are immigrant families, like our big group playing softball (Caribbean). Just playing. And they bring all their equipment. Some I imagine played in local teams in the neighborhood. Like the local soccer clubs, softball Dominican Taxi league we always had in Corona.


[deleted] t1_iwk4sr0 wrote



Elmodipus t1_iwl38ij wrote

Don't let test fans hear you say that.


blobby9 t1_iwlgijm wrote

I’m an unabashed Test Cricket fan. But there is no way that Test Cricket will be the format that gets cricket spread across the world in 2022. T20 cricket is the perfect vehicle to spread the game into new territory. And the mainstream of the USA is new territory indeed.


5m1tm t1_iwr1twv wrote

Yeah, seconded. I'm also a purist and Test cricket is my favourite format, but I love the other two formats too. Plus, idk what delusional world many cricket purists live in when they expect Test/FC cricket to be as popular as T20 cricket (or even more popular lol). Plus many of them have a condescending attitude. Test cricket should flourish and grow, but T20 cricket is definitely the format that'll bring in newer fans and countries into the mix. To think that Test cricket can do that, is delusional.


SLGotabaya69 t1_iwz3gul wrote

Did anyone summon me

How dare u like ipl . test is the best format .


49kidsinmuhbasement t1_ixeledi wrote

Test is great, ODI is best, but those are too long for most people. T20 is the way to go


tobymurphy24 t1_ix0phln wrote

Test crickets my favourite sport in the world and always will be, but t20 is definitely the way to introduce cricket to newer fans.


FlagmantlePARRAdise t1_iwn4vgl wrote

Hopefully they can get some AFL exhibition games with a cricket sized pitch


5m1tm t1_iwr2qym wrote

I really hope I'm wrong, but this venture seems doomed from the start. They just haven't done enough at the grassroots level to attract mainstream attention. Just catering to South Asian and Caribbean immigrants isn't enough. They would've joined anyway lol. And they're a very slim minority in the US. Plus, MLC's and USA Cricket's marketing sucks as well. Also, 2 seasons of Minor League Cricket (MiLC) have already taken place and even at that time, they didn't do enough to attract white/black/latinx Americans (and their kids) even at the grassroots level, nor did they do a good job advertising any of this.

I'm saying all this as a hardcore cricket fan. Realistically speaking, this seems doomed from the beginning. I hope I'm wrong, but that's just how it's looking right now.


RavingMalwaay t1_iwtet9j wrote

Judging by the comments from the Americans on this sub on literally any post about cricket im not sure this is a great idea lol


jonsonton t1_iwl4dfj wrote

Cricket expansion in the US paves the way for mighty AFL to get a grip hold there too. win/win


theoozmakappa t1_iwp1v1r wrote

This is a fine beginning of cricket in US


MrDoomsday13 t1_iwu6ack wrote

Lol, I’ve never even seen a cricket video game in America (not saying they aren’t out there) What are the rules? I think they have to bounce the ball off the ground at 3 sticks in the ground maybe?? Plus Americans may not like it due to the fact we used to get our asses beat with paddles in school that look like the cricket “bat” Why do they call it cricket and not grasshopper? They’re playing on grass after all. Crickets are so annoying, have you ever had a cricket in your house chirping all night while you have to go to sleep. Plus baseball sucks anyways and crickets just looks like baseball that’s glitching. No thanks.


Tato7069 t1_iwinqgd wrote

I'm sure that'll be a huge success... If it fails, maybe they can be the 10th person to start a football league nobody wants to watch


piddydb t1_iwiwvp9 wrote

Are you prepared for that one sports-hipster you know to start talking about cricket games? I certainly am not.


Tato7069 t1_iwjqevh wrote

That's half the people on here, only reason you're being downvoted... Don't worry, they'll be the only people talking about it until it inevitably fails


piddydb t1_iwjw8qe wrote

Yeah, I didn’t expect this comment to be an upvote champion, but I sure didn’t expect it to be consistently downvoted


Buckeye_8621 t1_iwjwhnq wrote

as a fellow cavs and cricket fan im disappointed in you


piddydb t1_iwk5aba wrote

I’m sorry, I’m trying my best to keep up with football, basketball, and baseball. I know I won’t have time for another sport and I know that means that most people won’t be able to keep up as well. (Plus the cynic in me knows they’ll probably ignore Ohio so not a whole lot of pressure to get into it)


Viperion_NZ t1_iwksiri wrote

>I know I won’t have time for another sport and I know that means that most people won’t be able to keep up as well.

Newsflash: Most people are not you. Shocking, I know