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haysmj t1_iwuh6md wrote

Sky News understands. Pepperridge Farm remembers.


WaffleBlues t1_iwus2mt wrote

"Those in corporate hospitality at stadiums will still be allowed to drink alcohol."

Well, of course...


sgregory07 t1_iwvld29 wrote

Funny how commoners can’t drink while the rich can, how surprising this came out from from such a repressive country


Darryl_Lict t1_iwwblx2 wrote

I'd think anyone with the means to travel to Qatar would be at least moderately well off. I'd be fucking livid if they didn't sell alcohol. It sounds like a bait and switch because I'll bet half the people would not have shown up if they knew about this beforehand.


pajepper_kepper t1_iwxfozu wrote

What commoner is flying 14+ hours to the Middle East to spend thousands of dollars and take a week+ off of work to watch soccer matches?


sgregory07 t1_iwxm3tw wrote

You have a point, this worldcup is gonna be something of a blood sport for those royals and money hoarders.


imnotsoho t1_iwy6w8x wrote

Dubai to London is 7 hours. Thousands of Brazilians travel every 4 years for the WC, they can't all be rich.


voyagerdoge t1_iwvf5b1 wrote

Of course, that's where Blatter and Platini hang out


Neat_Petite t1_iwuf7pf wrote

All the misogyny, the homophobia, that’s acceptable because it’s their culture etc..

But this.. THIS.

This is beyond the pale



Chuck1983 t1_iwux1mu wrote

Not to mention slavery, horrific human rights violations, and deadly working conditions (tolling at least 6500 dead)


Leandrys t1_iwvcxo8 wrote



Neat_Petite t1_iwvcw5r wrote

Look, we can’t interfere in other country’s traditions.

But if they deny me an overpriced pint, there will be hell to pay!


[deleted] t1_iwxphpx wrote

We can and we should when those traditions are batshit crazy. Fuck qatar.


superace85 t1_iwvt97g wrote

Same people would come to america and get pissed about the culture. But then demand we respect their culture.


[deleted] t1_iwxpkke wrote

Exactly. Always have to be considering of their batshit crazy bullshit believes.

Fuck qatar.


Gizshot t1_iwv1y7s wrote

Definitely won't be any pale ale


storgodt t1_iwv3okp wrote

Have no sympathy for the fans going there and getting shit on by the government into what will probably be one of the worst WC's ever. You knew what country you were going to.


puddStar t1_iwvo7l5 wrote

I also think it’s fucking ridiculous that a) Budweiser thought they could sell beer in a Muslim country without risk and that B)FIFA didn’t think to protect themselves from this type of situation in their contract


DelugeQc t1_iwvw5cx wrote

That is the most stupid shit ever. I mean, Budweiser certainly will claim their losses to the FIFA, they arent stupid like FIFA and they for sure put something in the contract for situation like that.


AgentOrc t1_iww0cek wrote

It is in their contract. FIFA is choosing to cave to the Qatar government instead of requiring Qatar to honor the contract.


puddStar t1_iwvzqbi wrote

100% I’m just shocked FIFA didn’t put in more of an effort to protect themselves


ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxbf6h wrote

FIFA can only do so much at this point. What are their options? To cancel it an move it to another country? It's a little late for that


snapsnspressos- t1_iwxchje wrote

I’m actually hoping this thing is such a big shit show that the later rounds are moved to somewhere in Europe. Fuck Qatar


mmdoublem t1_iwxrjz6 wrote

It isn't to be honest, many countries have infrastructure that is up to par. Quatar and Russia needed to build a lot of new stadiums that is not the case of many potential host country who already have them and are using them.


ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxsdqd wrote

Yeah but FIFA has to pay for the venue change. All the players to travel. They would have to return money to everyone who has paid already. Logistically sounds like a nightmare.

Not too mention they might not even have received all the money from Qatar and you dont know how much FIFA has already put into this.

It never just a simple let's move it.


mmdoublem t1_iwxshtr wrote

Yeah but they could also try to bill Qatar for breach of contract!


ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxsjns wrote

And get what? What is holding Qatar to paying that? I'm also guessing you don't know the contract? If you do please share the breach


mmdoublem t1_iwy9zma wrote

So do you, to be honest, we do not know what was in the contract but for sure at this point seems like FIFA is trying really hard to save face and this tournament instead of recognizing the breaches.

To be honest, I dont think there is ever any mechanism holding a country to pay a private entity besides other countries and international banking (read world bank or international credit agencies) institution applying pressure to make the country pay but I wouldnt know for sure.


puddStar t1_iwxg3ui wrote

I would have expected their high priced lawyers to work out negotiations on something this obvious


Heisenberg_235 t1_iwwtptf wrote

I’m sure FIFA will have been paid, and that will end up with Budweiser


JimmminyCricket t1_iwvgnov wrote

No don’t you know! It’s just DIFFERENT there! It’s just a different culture is all! How dare you call it human rights abuses! WHAT ABOUT “insert hated country” or “other hated country”! They do it too, so you just hate Qatar cuz you’re racist and xenophobic!1!1!1!1



blond-max t1_iwvho9a wrote

I am especially suspicious of anyone who'd bring along any women to the shithole. I can't imagine the choice those that work with the clubs had to make...


storgodt t1_iwvjng5 wrote

Women? What about those who are gay and still decide to go?


el_padrino5 t1_iwvunek wrote

Will they ban gay soccer players?


Paradox-Studios t1_iwwdt2m wrote

Don’t believe there are any openly gay players on any national team right now.


SJSragequit t1_iwws8dm wrote

Probably wouldn’t end well, but it would be great to see any players who have yet to come out choosing to do it during a game


Express_Helicopter93 t1_iwvt6pv wrote

Anyone that bought a ticket to this world cup after knowing where it would be held is a cunt.


GoodPastor t1_iwuhywl wrote

Who could have predicted this? /s


ManInBlack829 t1_iwuhlsk wrote

This world cup already served it's purpose to Qatar by giving kickbacks to all of the people involved.

They "spent" 300 billion dollars on this cup, they're not trying to make money off of it. And they don't really care if a bunch of white people from thousands of miles away don't like how they do things. That's why they bought the World Cup, so they could do what their country wants.

It's funny to me how so many people don't get that they just don't care about westerners at all. It's the surprised Pikachu meme every day.


neverlost4 t1_iwupg1u wrote

Never looked at it that was. I think they would be just like people in other countries and try and suck as much profit from the people as possible


Schmancer t1_iwuxtnk wrote

Oil. They don’t need revenue from literally any other source. Just oil. Then the sovereign fund invests oil money in everything else.


JimmminyCricket t1_iwvgzx6 wrote

Wasn’t there a Saudi prince that said something like “my great grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a car, my son drives a car, my grandson will ride a camel.” Or something to that effect? I wish it would hurry up and happen.


[deleted] t1_iwxpoxf wrote

Which again, is just one more reason why they must go fuck themselves.


Eastboundlaw t1_iwuyw9g wrote

Unless you've got $19k for a suite.


Fuck_auto_tabs t1_iwwf0fr wrote

At a certain point sin has a price point


Eastboundlaw t1_iwwr08z wrote

There should be a menu with a cost of the sins.

Alcohol: $19k Prostitution: $24k Drugs: $29k


Alwayslinfinite t1_iwydlpm wrote

Somebody knows their prostitutes to drugs cost ratio quite well…


emmery1 t1_iwvaggg wrote

Next headline “Many unsold tickets for Englands opening match”


Fuck_auto_tabs t1_iwwf899 wrote

“Man all these different countries sure do have a lot of SE Asian fans” -when the slave labor gets a “day off” to fill the stadiums


Matelot67 t1_iwvkhqu wrote

So, Qatar out corrupted FIFA? That's an achievement!


cementturtle t1_iwv3jnz wrote

Fifa under$tands


sambes06 t1_iwwe7jc wrote

The docuseries on Netflix is illuminating. They should have annulled the bid but alas here we are.

We should have blatter on a platter.


Law_Doge t1_iwuo3l1 wrote

Is hard liquor still ok?


Sir_Penguin21 t1_iwuuk6m wrote

No, but torturing and killing people like your slave work force is.

What a beautiful culture /s


liberaid t1_iwv0ajx wrote

Qatar is a pure example that with money you can get away with anything.

FIFA gives 0 fucks, well expect if $ is on the line.


XxThreepwoodxX t1_iwv5z09 wrote

Bet FIFA will care when AB InBev asks for their millions back.


birish21 t1_iwv1qvc wrote

China has been leading in that department since the beginning.


hunchbacks001 t1_iwurx20 wrote

15,000 people died building their stadiums, women have very little opportunities, gays are persecuted, but none of that’s a big deal until you take away alcohol. Another FIFA failure


Hootablob t1_iwvhlpy wrote

Do you have a source for this? The only thing I can find is from a year ago stating 6500 migrant workers had died in Qatar since they got the fifa contract. Not necessarily from FIFA construction.

I’m not claiming that there aren’t human rights abuses left and right, there are. People died building for the World Cup. But there are 1.4 million migrant workers in Qatar (out of a population of 2.2m) - the normal mortality rate would be thousands a year. (If you use Americas mortality rate, which wouldn’t be accurate at all, but as an example… that’s 14k deaths a year per 1.4m people)

15,000 deaths due to construction seems high to me.


styrolee t1_iwwuc3d wrote

It's the Amnesty international number. They did the calculations seperatly and got different results so we have the Gaurdian number of 6500 and the Amnesty International number of 15,000


omdano t1_iww6h6w wrote

150,000 died due to the Qatar construction boycott it guys

Source: me


qotsabama t1_iwv5h0f wrote

Imagine going to this World Cup lol.


theswoopscoop t1_iwx75cp wrote

Imagine giving an actual fuck about sports in this spiraling shit storm we collectively call the present clicks on dallas game


kalimerkoo t1_iwusblv wrote

Boycott Qatar guys.


thebigbioss t1_iwwnppx wrote

For the sake of equality, boycott Qatar girls as well.


Sids1188 t1_iwxm1zm wrote

After everything else that's come out, if this is what makes someone boycott it, there's need for some serious introspection.


Y8ser t1_iwvk6nd wrote

Weird that this kind of thing wasn't discussed well in advance of the event actually happening.


BinniesPurp t1_iwx03lz wrote

It was but they had to sell the tickets first lol bait n switch


Inevitable-Ad-982 t1_iwwbcyw wrote

This just in: Qatar bans cheering, frivolity, and fun of any kind. Also, people. No people are allowed.


Nessau88 t1_iwxgjdi wrote

We could be hosting this in the US or Australia but instead we get... Qatar.


JOE619 t1_iwxladq wrote

It’s gonna be in the US in 4 years….


Nessau88 t1_iwxrwdb wrote



JOE619 t1_iwxsgr5 wrote

So there’s no chance we “could be hosting it now” lol is it that hard to understand


Nessau88 t1_iwy5na7 wrote

It's a North American joint WC in 4 years. US bid for the current WC was standalone. They could be hosting it now and another country could be hosting it in 4 years time which would be a better scenario than what we have now. Sit down.


Global_Damage t1_iwwlqfw wrote

So this wasn’t discussed in their application/submission for the World Cup?


[deleted] t1_iwxt1r9 wrote

Slavery is fine but we draw the line at beer


jmcin05 t1_iwuq2zt wrote

How do you expect people to get drunk then? Cancel the games lads.


BelgianBeer03 t1_iwvda5m wrote

Why do they do this, here in Belgium it's not normal if you don't have a beer.


maruffin t1_iwvxmqu wrote

But what about vodka?


cskelly2 t1_iwxfp9b wrote

Gonna be the least attended World Cup ever


inmyelement t1_iwxjiyv wrote

I tried to look up tixs and hotels… uuumm… everything is pretty much either sold out or costs insane amount of money…


MisSignal t1_iwy6ihx wrote

Don’t feel sorry for anyone who bought a ticket and wanted a beer. Lol suckers


MrTigeriffic t1_iwutng2 wrote

It's probably a good thing anyway. Budweiser tastes shit anyway!


LeviathanGank t1_iww1y1y wrote

not just tastes like, its pisswater. an whoevers downvoting you likes to drink piss.


AtlaStar t1_iwwd65h wrote

It is like a fuckin IPA compared to shit like peestone light though.


voyagerdoge t1_iwveezi wrote

Skynews understands? Like, it's an Islamic country after all?


013ander t1_iwvt3ms wrote

I hope every douche who spends money in that miserable fiefdom has a terrible time.


Sagiman1 t1_iwvup5k wrote

The wording as I understood it was “around the stadium” not implying in the stadium.


genuinecelticknott t1_iww36uv wrote

I wonder how Budweiser feels knowing that their products are banned from the event they are sponsoring.


fursty_ferret t1_iww3xvq wrote

“Bloody forriners, coming over ‘ere and not respecting our laws and customs…”

Pretty sure the exact demographic complaining about this will not see the irony.

Shame the news sites aren’t focussing on the potential 15,000 deaths of workers effectively in slavery that Qatar has hidden under the rug. Or the turf.


BednaR1 t1_iww52c3 wrote

Ask if budwiser understands too despite paying millions for adverts 🤣


oakteaphone t1_iwwgnvi wrote

Well, I don't understand, Sky News! Explain it to us!


ABAxStorm t1_iwwo2jr wrote

"Rules for thee, not for me."


fantastic_memer t1_iwwuar8 wrote

Ah yes lol. Of all the things Qatar has done, THIS… this is what people get enraged about lol


TheCreativePlug t1_iwx8b7u wrote

They should have banned alcohol months ago not when people have already flown in and paid for the trip... Not going to end well.


JOE619 t1_iwxlefi wrote

That’s kinda sad if alcohol is a deal breaker for some people.


Sreyes150 t1_iwxu64t wrote

Not really. Some people enjoy alcohol. Nothing sad about it.


diamluke t1_iwylmab wrote

Not really. Some people enjoy crack cocaine, nothing sad about it.


Sreyes150 t1_iwz3ies wrote

Equating crack to beer. Great argument lol


diamluke t1_iwz42hc wrote

I mean if you’re an addict they’re not that far off


Sreyes150 t1_iwz4olx wrote

Who says someone’s an addict? Presume much lol

Plus drinking and soccer are very much married together on some culture.

I don’t even like alcohol myself but judgmental people like you drive me crazy lol


OutrageForSale t1_iwxd21d wrote

Smash em up in the parking lot. Head into the venue for the second half.


NAGDABBITALL t1_iwxhx95 wrote

There would be thousands and thousands of beer kegs on hand if this was just decided. My guess is there isn't a keg within a hundred miles. They never planned on serving beer...just didn't announce it.


Sids1188 t1_iwxkh5c wrote

Banning alcohol from a major sporting event? What a terrible choice. Must have been drunk when they made it.


inmyelement t1_iwxkom4 wrote

All the butthurt over Budweiser… 🤣


multisubcultural1 t1_iwxp1e5 wrote

Next you’ll tell me that the outcome has already been decided by the hosting country…. /s


crzychristopher t1_iwy6sim wrote

All of those lives lost...for nothing...we cant even poor one out for them?


KennethPowersIII t1_iwyqpzp wrote

How can anyone justify still going to watch this live?


Mister_Weiss t1_iwzeroq wrote

As is typical In theocracies, if you have enough money you can have all the forbidden things you want. Only the plebes are denied.


Bacon_Ag t1_iwvsbpz wrote

So no gay sex and no getting wasted with the boys. Damn shame


Grouchy_Wish_9843 t1_iwv28jq wrote

Be a shame if I snuck in my leather flask full of Whiskey


DarthBrooks69420 t1_iwvgz6y wrote

Double shame if you end up in a police torture chamber with all the women they'll probably arrest for low cut cleavage and high hem skirts.


ozas258 t1_iwuj61n wrote

Honestly as a non drinker i dont see a problem but i get it