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WaffleBlues t1_iwus2mt wrote

"Those in corporate hospitality at stadiums will still be allowed to drink alcohol."

Well, of course...


sgregory07 t1_iwvld29 wrote

Funny how commoners can’t drink while the rich can, how surprising this came out from from such a repressive country


Darryl_Lict t1_iwwblx2 wrote

I'd think anyone with the means to travel to Qatar would be at least moderately well off. I'd be fucking livid if they didn't sell alcohol. It sounds like a bait and switch because I'll bet half the people would not have shown up if they knew about this beforehand.


pajepper_kepper t1_iwxfozu wrote

What commoner is flying 14+ hours to the Middle East to spend thousands of dollars and take a week+ off of work to watch soccer matches?


sgregory07 t1_iwxm3tw wrote

You have a point, this worldcup is gonna be something of a blood sport for those royals and money hoarders.


imnotsoho t1_iwy6w8x wrote

Dubai to London is 7 hours. Thousands of Brazilians travel every 4 years for the WC, they can't all be rich.


voyagerdoge t1_iwvf5b1 wrote

Of course, that's where Blatter and Platini hang out