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Hootablob t1_iwvhlpy wrote

Do you have a source for this? The only thing I can find is from a year ago stating 6500 migrant workers had died in Qatar since they got the fifa contract. Not necessarily from FIFA construction.

I’m not claiming that there aren’t human rights abuses left and right, there are. People died building for the World Cup. But there are 1.4 million migrant workers in Qatar (out of a population of 2.2m) - the normal mortality rate would be thousands a year. (If you use Americas mortality rate, which wouldn’t be accurate at all, but as an example… that’s 14k deaths a year per 1.4m people)

15,000 deaths due to construction seems high to me.


styrolee t1_iwwuc3d wrote

It's the Amnesty international number. They did the calculations seperatly and got different results so we have the Gaurdian number of 6500 and the Amnesty International number of 15,000


omdano t1_iww6h6w wrote

150,000 died due to the Qatar construction boycott it guys

Source: me