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ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxbf6h wrote

FIFA can only do so much at this point. What are their options? To cancel it an move it to another country? It's a little late for that


snapsnspressos- t1_iwxchje wrote

I’m actually hoping this thing is such a big shit show that the later rounds are moved to somewhere in Europe. Fuck Qatar


mmdoublem t1_iwxrjz6 wrote

It isn't to be honest, many countries have infrastructure that is up to par. Quatar and Russia needed to build a lot of new stadiums that is not the case of many potential host country who already have them and are using them.


ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxsdqd wrote

Yeah but FIFA has to pay for the venue change. All the players to travel. They would have to return money to everyone who has paid already. Logistically sounds like a nightmare.

Not too mention they might not even have received all the money from Qatar and you dont know how much FIFA has already put into this.

It never just a simple let's move it.


mmdoublem t1_iwxshtr wrote

Yeah but they could also try to bill Qatar for breach of contract!


ContemplatingPrison t1_iwxsjns wrote

And get what? What is holding Qatar to paying that? I'm also guessing you don't know the contract? If you do please share the breach


mmdoublem t1_iwy9zma wrote

So do you, to be honest, we do not know what was in the contract but for sure at this point seems like FIFA is trying really hard to save face and this tournament instead of recognizing the breaches.

To be honest, I dont think there is ever any mechanism holding a country to pay a private entity besides other countries and international banking (read world bank or international credit agencies) institution applying pressure to make the country pay but I wouldnt know for sure.


puddStar t1_iwxg3ui wrote

I would have expected their high priced lawyers to work out negotiations on something this obvious