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kddemer t1_ix08iqg wrote

This guy is way out of touch! I couldn’t believe my ears when I was listening to this douche!


Brian_Lefebvre t1_ix1n4sl wrote

How does one become a FIFA council-member anyway? Is there some way to prove how big of an unethical, slimy, sleazy asshole you are?


Toilet__philosopher t1_ix25fqv wrote

If someone puts a hand on you and it doesn’t immediately slip off, you won’t be granted a seat at the council, if a piece of toilet paper touches you and doesn’t streak brown with feces, you won’t be granted a seat at the council. If you, given the opportunity, hold the door open for a stranger, in any situation, you won’t be given a seat at the council. If you’ve ever said the words “I love you”, without some sort of ulterior motive, you won’t be given a seat at the council.


Love_God551 t1_ix1rbej wrote

He’s a cone head he’s not used to our planet yet


McMatey1992 t1_ix03yu8 wrote

Like, did no one warn him at all that people were not on his side and that maybe choosing to die on this hill was a bad idea?


[deleted] t1_ix08gtc wrote



dodogogolala t1_ix0irb9 wrote

He couldn't have known this when he read the original paycheck


RazmanR t1_ix0bqrl wrote

He’s so used to people just acquiescing to their ‘power’ that he doesn’t know what to do when it’s actions questioned


Alistairio t1_ix0saqb wrote

When he took that evil, dirty Qatari money, he became their poodle and is forced to make these disgusting speeches by bloated, out of touch Qatari royals.


Thialase t1_ix06297 wrote

Hard to take him seriously with that fist full of money he has shoved up his ass.


mrfunderhill t1_ix0mcjm wrote

The funny part is he likes the fist up there


BeeRye3 t1_ix1f8xd wrote

So he didn’t do it for the money after all?


helo04281995 t1_ix0fphk wrote

Only an idiot thinks a World Cup without alcohol would go over just fine with the international community lol


honorbound93 t1_ix0zymc wrote

Fifa has proven time and time again they don’t care about the fans that watch the sport


scuac t1_ix2fu10 wrote

The alcohol thing is the least important of all the things wrong with the WC. And there are many to choose from.


BeeRye3 t1_ix1g6eo wrote

It’s like a kick in the balls? Sounds about right.


Brian_Lefebvre t1_ix1nge2 wrote

They don’t give a damn. This world cup could turn out to be a total financial disaster (it won’t, they will generate billions either way), but it wouldn’t matter. These dudes have already been paid personally.


Cautious-Brush4454 t1_ix1r50g wrote

An idiot who licks the royals for that Qatar money. Hes seeing billions. Next World Cup comes and no one goes.


IndyPoker979 t1_ix0ngs6 wrote

Does anyone care this year?

This is the r/blunderyears of the World Cup and I'm looking forward to seeing whether they learn their lesson in the next one.


Eroe777 t1_ix0pyl0 wrote

Isn’t the next one in North America? Since it’s split between 3 countries, none of whose governments will offer bribes, the level of corruption will automatically be lower. How low will depend on how much private/corporate money is shoved up his ass in the US, how much drug money/drugs is shoved up his nose in Mexico, and how much poutine he is politely offered (while apologizing for the lack of bribes) by Canada.


Thrustcroissant t1_ix12jqu wrote

No one seems to be talking about the end of FIFA Uncovered when the U.S. stopped the investigation of FIFA, paid them $201 million and then won the rights for 2026.


Eroe777 t1_ix144li wrote

I wasn’t aware of this. But I’m not surprised. It also probably wasn’t the government directly. Indirectly, however…

US law forbids federal funds going toward athletics. Which includes FIFA and the Olympics. The USOC is one of the few in the world that has no government funding.


AlexG55 t1_ix3wvu0 wrote

Is there an exception for the Service academy sports teams? They seem to have a big budget, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were self-funding from ticket sales and TV rights.


Eroe777 t1_ix4uqn6 wrote

I’m sure there is, because they are not professional athletes while enrolled.


AlexG55 t1_ix529ev wrote

The coaches are professional, though. At some state universities the head coach of the football team is the state's highest paid employee.


Eroe777 t1_ix5764i wrote

Athletics at the service academies doesn’t fall under the same umbrella as a federally funded Olympic Committee or football/soccer Organization. The purpose of the service academies is to train military officers. The academies have athletics, but the athletes are. It recruited because of their skill on the field. It’s really hard to get into a military academy, they each accept around 1,000 new cadets/midshipmen every year, virtually all of whom have the academic chops to get into top schools like Northwestern, Stanford, Duke, UCLA, Michigan, etc.

Is the head coach at Army paid in federal dollars? Yes. But his job is to coach football, not convince a corrupt multinational sporting organization to stage an astonishingly expensive event in his country by giving them millions of taxpayer dollars under the table. Or over the table. Or on camera.


CatOfGrey t1_ix2wr0x wrote

You mean the US Justice Department awarding FIFA the money that had been confiscated from corrupt CONCACAF and CONMEBOL officials after an investigation?

You have distorted the situation here.


Thrustcroissant t1_ix2ykdx wrote

Honestly, I appreciate the clarification. I figured there must have been another step but I missed that part (my attention was divided). The series made no sense to me at the end.


dan_kz t1_ix1wixa wrote

lower corruption on México? please for god's sake


Barca1818 t1_ix0por2 wrote

The only people who are supporting what he said are Qataris who are butt hurt that people are discovering how fucked up their country.

No person should be arrested or killed for saying fuck their emir or whatever. Yet when people bring it up they are ready to defend it


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Cyneganders t1_ix17y0j wrote

Even though said regions had slavery already in Old Testament times... :O


Elune_ t1_ix34pba wrote

They are just racking up a bigger apology loan than we are. We may need 3000 years to say sorry, but once they are done with their slavery they might end up needing to apologize for 4000 years. So there definitely are big consequences to what they are doing.


Eroe777 t1_ix0495r wrote

I’m curious as to the size of the bribe he took. Was it more, or less than the bribe offered to the Ecuadorian players?


lightCrypto t1_ix0m2v2 wrote

FIFA hears ya, FIFA don't care


lovesdogsguy t1_ix0ibvl wrote

I genuinely think Twitter is throttling search results for things like fan “accommodations.” I’ve been searching repeatedly but there are almost no pictures being posted from arriving fans, just the same few attainted by the likes of the telegraph etc. The selfies should be FLOODING in by now for an event as big as this.


Brian_Lefebvre t1_ix1mwme wrote

So they got caught taking bribes to hold this world cup in Qatar, right? And yet they still carried on with the sham event, and have to defend it?


jboarei t1_ix1nn24 wrote

He deserves all the criticism he gets.

This will go down as the worst World Cup ever.


oldmasterluke t1_ix1u8z2 wrote

This whole thing is great for the NFL and MLB fan retention.


XuX24 t1_ix32whb wrote

I assure you that once it ends you'll see him talk al regretful that they shouldn't have played there. A puppet is what he is, I remember when he was selling the idea that he was better than Blatter.


CrucialVibes t1_ix34tfo wrote

Qatar has worse human rights than North Korea


ihateeggplants t1_ix0mw0y wrote

And then what? What are the consequences again?


Imaneight t1_ix1r1wn wrote

Was he the one who just said that no one is going to die if they have to go 3 hours without beer during a match?

It's not like they can stop by the corner Qatari liquor store on the way home and grab a couple six packs for the hotel after party. These games might be the only time that visitors might have had to enjoy a beer in that county.


mcnastied t1_ix1s0et wrote

I'm sorry I was confused by some of the wording of his speech. Did he call himself and all Qataris gay?


Kiwidad43 t1_ix26exp wrote

He can say what he wants. The world, excluding the USA will still watch soccer.