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HighOnGoofballs t1_ix3asrm wrote

Seems like donating it to a relevant cause would’ve been a better idea


Downside190 t1_ix428q3 wrote

This stunt arguable generates far more publicity and brings more awareness to the issue than donating the money ever could.


underbite420 t1_ix3ebia wrote

Kinda what I said. But I was more of a cunt about it. Dudes just trying to get some eyes on himself


Shakethecrimestick t1_ix3iabl wrote

The 10K (of his own money) is 0.1% of the annual money Beckham is accepting from Qatar to promote their hateful regime. The anger should be directed at the individual accepting far more, who, 7 months from now will tweet out stuff during pride month, etc.


underbite420 t1_ix3ivvt wrote

It’s only a percentage of what the other guy is gonna make…so that just makes it all well and good. Ffs peoples priorities are so fucking twisted it’s sickening


Disastrous--Nature t1_ix72xbo wrote

You're so right mate. I'm glad someone said it at last! Imagine giving more of a fuck about football in Qatar than the lives of people in Qatar who get arrested, deported, beaten whipped or sentenced to death for loving the wrong person. FFS people's priorities are so twisted.


LividAd8783 t1_ix4wmpf wrote

It seems like everyone is forgetting that he would donate the money to charity if Beckham agreed to not go to Qatar.


panetero t1_ix4aa4m wrote

"Gay icon"... why? Because he's handsome?

He isn't gay and he's as thick as a plank. His icon status doesn't and should never exist outside of a football pitch.