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AccomplishedAd3484 t1_ix5dhz4 wrote

And Australia is letting him back in the country, where the AO is his best tournament. Odds are he leads Rafa 24-23 in grand slams after Wimbledon 2023. Goat gonna goat.


lungsofdoom t1_ix5m0o6 wrote

Tennis biggest GOAT, enjoy it while he plays, it wont last for long.


ArcticFox59 t1_ix89wtn wrote

Allowed to contest the Australian Open again. Hopefully, fans can see him at the US Open as well. No off-coudt drama.

Let's see how Djokovic and Nadal deal with Alcaraz, Rune, Ruud, Sinner and the other rising next gen stars.


mymentor79 t1_ixclmax wrote

I'm really, really, really not a fan. But he's the GOAT IMO.


g0mjabbar27 t1_ix6aicg wrote

He’s right behind kyrie Irving for my least liked athlete right now. Can’t wait for this ignorant putz to retire


NMTeach t1_ix87cms wrote

I’m with you. He straight out lied about his COVID immunization. Looked right into the camera and lied. Screw this self serving Ahole.