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SlickyKimmel t1_ix7zxzo wrote

Qatar is basically telling the West "we take your most beloved sport event through bribery, move it to the winter, swap fans for paid actors, take away the beer, make thousands of powerful people shut up about human rights, and we get away with it because we're rich enough."


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le_frahg t1_ix8l3og wrote

It absolutely is the most beloved sports event in the West, though. Outside of America and Canada, who have their own things going on, the World Cup is like the holy grail for most countries.


Wehavecrashed t1_ix9j28w wrote

Playing a "world series" between two cities in North America.


cholula_is_good t1_ixahurc wrote

Shit there have been a few World Series with two teams in the same city.


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BradMarchandsNose t1_ix8lyai wrote

Europe is “the West.” It’s not necessarily about the geographic position, it’s a cultural thing. A place like Australia would also be considered “the West,” even though it’s not geographically.


le_frahg t1_ix8m1do wrote

“The West” isn’t a geographical classification, it’s a political and cultural one. So looking at maps isn’t all that relevant.


Coesim t1_ix8m1kx wrote

The west is Europe and the Americas. What map are you looking at?


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hummingbird_mywill t1_ix9vzj8 wrote

The origin of “the West” terminology is 2000 years old, well before the rest of the world knew about the Americas. If you’re not aware of this I can see your confusion, but Europe has been the West for a looong time, and North America and Australia/New Zealand became considered extensions of that through colonization.


JavaOrlando t1_ixam2pq wrote

Even if you're just counting the America's, it's still the most popular sporting event. What would you put ahead of it?


360dickpunch_2 t1_ix8nyy5 wrote

Would you stop being a contrarian please? Over a billion people watched the previous World Cup final as it was happening. For once a reddit argument is actually objectively wrong and doesn’t require a thread long cat fight and yet here we are


oscart57 t1_ix8qbwc wrote

World Cup gets like 10x the amount of viewers than the Super Bowl


__ferg__ t1_ix7xl0v wrote

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad, that the Iranians make a stronger political statement with staying silent during the anthem, than those European nations shouting so loud before and then shy away when there are "consequences"...


throwaway481677 t1_ix8l7lb wrote

The iranians are risking their safety and even lives once they go back to Iran, European teams were scared of their captain getting a yellow card even if it wasn't certain, literally cowards and PR is much more important to them


goliathfasa t1_ix91jmy wrote

They should just never wear those armbands ever again, or any other clothing accessories that purported to stand up for one social cause or another.

Doing so in the safety of countries where advocacy of said causes are already largely accepted while shying away from doing so in places that actual need it means that the whole thing was worthless to begin with.


__ferg__ t1_ix8lv35 wrote

Yeah it's insane if you think about it...


JohnHwagi t1_ix8wkyj wrote

What is the impact of the captain getting a yellow card? I was under the impression it would only matter if the captain got another yellow card during the game.


Nooms88 t1_ix92w5v wrote

If a player gets 2 yellow cards in 2 seperate matches they are suspended from the next game. So if they worse the band in both opening games they'd be suspended from the 3rd


MaimedJester t1_ix9ass5 wrote

I remember when America made it out of group of Death and I was like well boys it was a good showing we made it group of 16 and we're gonna get our asses handed to us by...

Did Suarez just bite a player and will be banned from the next game? OMG United States male team might reach the Semi finals!


PrawnKingVII t1_ix92txm wrote

Actions literally speak louder than words

Fucking embarrassing they would compromise their morals and beliefs for a yellow card


ProfessionalMottsman t1_ix8i7wv wrote

It doesn’t happen overnight. Can we at least try and show How beneficial it is to everyone if we work together and understand why it benefits everyone to accept everyone? It is so hypocritical when me2 movements and racial movements are so recent in the west but still not even there yet but we are still fighting for them. Come on. Let’s work positively together for everyone


Radhoo2k10 t1_ix7srtd wrote

They should wear it anyways. Get the yellow card, then the red. The give the armband to the next guy. Rince and repeat. That would be a statement if both teams got 11 red cards in the first game. What would FIFA do then?


I647 t1_ix875vx wrote

You're delusional of you think the players care that much about it.


Negative_Band183 t1_ix8gpal wrote

This is why I am boycotting. Fucked up regimes will always try to exist. It's the soulless cowards that enable them. Pitiful.


DaleRobinson t1_ix8iq2s wrote

Absolutely, and it’s painfully obvious. It may be a recycled-to-death quote but “Be the change you want to see in the world” will forever be relevant. It’s as if people want the world to exist in a constant cycle of oppression and bullshit.


Similar-Olive-8666 t1_ix81izy wrote

I hope this happens. If only 1 player has the courage to do it, I think some others will join.


Fishflakes24 t1_ix8bs97 wrote

Imagine training and dedicating your whole life into playing a sport and finally getting to the worlds greatest tournament and the opertunity to show the world how good you are and then just throwing it all away for some political statement.

There athletes not politicians...


Dats_Russia t1_ix8i3wp wrote

The following athletes were political:

  • Mohammad Ali (Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Tommie Smith and John Carlos (Olympic Gold and Bronze medalists)
  • Jesse Owens (Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Jackie Robinson (Broke Baseball color barrier and 6× All-Star (1949–1954) and World Series champion (1955))
  • Bill Russel (11× NBA champion (1957, 1959–1966, 1968, 1969) 5× NBA Most Valuable Player (1958, 1961–1963, 1965), 12× NBA All-Star (1958–1969), and Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Kareem Abdul Jabar (6× NBA champion (1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988), 2× NBA Finals MVP (1971, 1985), 6× NBA Most Valuable Player (1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980), 19× NBA All-Star (1970–1977, 1979–1989))
  • Pat Tillman (quit the NFL to fight in Afghanistan, dude was legit good)

Do I need to go on?


subliminimalist t1_ix8j74j wrote

These are the exceptions that prove the rule. Yes, there are athletes who put their careers at risk to make a political or cultural statement, but part of what makes them so memorable is that they're exceptional and outside the norm. Would it be good if more followed their examples? Sure, but it's naive to expect it.


Dats_Russia t1_ix8kryo wrote

The Iran National Wrestling Team and Team USA wrestling are two of the highest caliber wrestling programs in the world and they frequently defy both their countries (team Iran has more to lose) to advance positive relations and make political statements.

Athletics has always been and will always be political. It would be nice if sports could be apolitical escapism BUT since the days of Ancient Greece, sports, especially the international kind have been political! Whether it is Iroquois and Algonquin tribes using lacrosse instead of traditional war or Colin Kaepernick taking a knee.

Some athletes/former athletes care only for money (looking at you David Beckham) but some like Meagan Rapinoe are political. It is up to the athlete to decide if they wanna be political. Taking the decision out of the hands of an athlete is cowardly!


subliminimalist t1_ix90lng wrote

I don't disagree with anything you've written here, I just think that part of the reason we remember the examples you've given is because they stand out from the crowd.

And I agree that taking the decisions fully out of the hands of the athlete is a bad


GoodGoodGoody t1_ix8gx4n wrote

Meh sometimes you gotta take a stand. No players, no cup. Things would change pretty quick at that point as no one wants to watch third-string call-up players in a cup.


Coesim t1_ix8mmzl wrote

Good. The more you have to lose, the more meaningful the protest.


bigbadali t1_ix848vs wrote

Hahahahaha, so the Morals and human rights are not as Important as a yellow card... that hypocrisy gets better and better


T1mberVVolf t1_ix7zs4q wrote

There is not a more tee’d up, perfect situation for anybody to make a scene and do something that would REALLY embarrass Qatar and FIFA on the world stage.


DickyD43 t1_ix8a5ju wrote

Inb4 Mount & Rice makeout sesh at full time 🥲


[deleted] t1_ix8nxmz wrote

This is a country that will torture and execute people. I don’t want anyone dying to “embarass” the Qatarian regime, for the sake of me and other lgbt+ people. If you’re going to risk your life and freedom it should be to deal an actual blow against the regime…


eXistencial_v0iD t1_ix8cu2w wrote

Those are top tier teams, should've forfeited the games until FIFA caved. I'm sure the people going to the games and FIFA's broadcast partners would've loved to have dead air during Germany, England, Belgium or Dutch games.


abrandis t1_ix8tw2t wrote

Exactly, FiFa has Qatar by the balls, they should let the players protest , what is the emirate going to do , arrest well known soccer players...

If FiFa wants to use soccer as a way to champion the good values of humanity it needs to grow a backbone and say and do the right thing... Qatar could of course threaten to cancel the whole thing but they won't...


WPeachtreeSt t1_ix97txv wrote

>If FiFa wants to use soccer as a way to champion the good values of humanity

Lmao. No. They really don't give a shit about that. FIFA is wildly corrupt.


MaimedJester t1_ix9c2yz wrote

Like we knew Russia was bad, and in Brazil there were other huge problems, but Qatar might be the worst location on earth to host international attention outside like the DMZ between North and South Korea or the Gaza Strip.

I don't think Qatar could possibly be ready for when their cops beat a Chinese and Canadian man to death for holding hands in the street going to a match...

There's going to be a murder by Qatar cops about something most of the the world considers a minor offense like drunk in public. Yeah I'd be fine with Drunk in public guy getting escorted into a paddy wagon and paying a fine when he wakes up next morning.

Qatar will probably beat that man to death on the street and someone's gonna catch video of it and cause international incident with random German citizen being killed by Qatar cops over nothing.


EyeHaveNoBanana t1_ixalk11 wrote

Men hold hands all the time in public in Qatar. Literally all the time. Holding hands is allowed more for same sex than opposite sex people.


White___Velvet t1_ixac3i2 wrote

> If FiFa wants to use soccer as a way to champion the good values of humanity

I... uh... I've got some bad news fam.


teabagmoustache t1_ix7t4r5 wrote

I get that it was an FA decision agreed by the European nations but it is pathetic behaviour from all the nations involved.

The FA's reasons are that they didn't want to pressure players into getting booked for making a statement but surely that should be up to the players themselves.

Accepting a yellow card for wearing an armband would have been an even bigger statement but they all collectively shit their pants.


Fishflakes24 t1_ix8calk wrote

What they mean is they don't want to put the players in a position where they have to either risk getting sent home from a tournament they have spent there whole lifes training for by wearing an armband or getting attacked on social media and have people shouting for sponsors to cancel them for refusing to wear an arm band.

It was done to take the decision away from the players so they can't be blamed for either outcome.


teabagmoustache t1_ix8oft8 wrote

I suppose, I think calling their bluff would have paid off though. They were never going to send 6 European captains home, we'll probably never know what the actual sanctions would have been though.


kelskelsea t1_ixeeqhg wrote

At this point who knows what FIFA would do to keep the peace with qatar


dcmtw1029 t1_ix8c5a7 wrote

Until that player gets another yellow card during the match


teabagmoustache t1_ix8oqgs wrote

It feels like that would just intensify the criticism and show how much of a farce this World Cup has become.


Dizzel8 t1_ix84idl wrote

What happened to all their tough talk


Bazz07 t1_ix8hbg0 wrote

You said it. It was "talk".


-Sybylle- t1_ix8jpm9 wrote

money > convictions

Iranians have more guts than any EU country at this point in time


judotongue t1_ix7n7zt wrote

Just wear them anyway?


Ok-Discount3131 t1_ix7o31g wrote

They don't want to miss out on the world cup. Thats more important to them than taking a stand or having silly things like morals. In the end they will bow down and do whatever FIFA and Qatar want. If they were told to deliver an anti LGBT message or face being kicked out of the tournament they absolutely would.


chris_dea t1_ix7mwhg wrote

I'd be very interested in hearing from the referees, whether they would be willing to bow to Adolf's Gianni's wish to see players booked for wearing the rainbow armband.

After all, you can only be a tyrant if you have minions willing to enforce your rules.


drlongtrl t1_ix8a2rd wrote

So what if Neuer get´s excluded from the tournament? Our chances to win this cup notwithstanding, it wouldn´t even matter if we did win, what with all that´s going on besides the actual game.

It would be such a strong message to walk into those consequences, head held high, saying "I know what is going to happen and I´m doing it anyway".

His career isn´t in danger through this. In fact, I´d bet his popularity would go through the roof. And since football, on that level at least, is as much if not more about monetary value than about sport, that would even turn out good for the DFB and FC Bayern.

Show the world that you care!


androidfig t1_ix85c57 wrote

Cowards. We know who the the old masters are; those with all the $$$


PaxNova t1_ix8aepe wrote

This is absurd, and would be funny if it weren't so sad. This is supposed to be some kind of statement about how horrible Qatar is, and we're doing it by wearing a rainbow armband?!

If you don't support Qatar, then don't play in the World Cup. Don't give them the revenue. It's not enough to say "we don't support you" while you're currently supporting them.


SeattleBattles t1_ix8b152 wrote

I can't I'm surprised they backed down, but I'm still disappointed.

Fuck FIFA. Fuck Qatar. Fuck these feckless cowards.


ozas258 t1_ix8vup6 wrote

Oh wow it feels like as if those arbands were just pandering to woke people


RTwhyNot t1_ix8byb8 wrote

Cowards. It would be great if entire teams decided to do this at the quarter finals stage. Not much FIFA could do at that point


mortonr2000 t1_ix7vbx8 wrote

This tournament and everyone associated with it gets more pathetic every day. Such a win for freedom of speech /s


JoAngel13 t1_ix8526b wrote

It fucking crazy, they had no balls anymore, not man enough anymore, to stand up for what is right or wrong it is just a armband, not even in rainbow colors, nothing else.

Only what matters is money

It is a shame.


beenburnedbutable t1_ix8h7jr wrote

Fuck FIFA and F1


I’m boycotting it all. If you can’t stand up for basic human rights, you should really evaluate why.

For me this boycott includes their sponsors and their products as best I can.

So for me that is no Coca Cola, no adidas, no Nike, no new balance, no McDonald’s, no InBev, no Visa, no Hyundai, no Hisense.


ABotelho23 t1_ix8d3mk wrote

Cowards. All of them.


nachomancandycabbage t1_ix98wmp wrote

Spineless fucking wimps. This whole tournament is a fucking con


Ok-Discount3131 t1_ix7oqia wrote

>Football is for everyone, but not if you are gay.

This message is now endorsed by England players. Maybe they should wear that as an armband?


teabagmoustache t1_ix7xw1x wrote

Not wearing an armband isn't exactly the same as wearing one with the opposite message.

They should have worn them regardless of repercussions to make a statement but as a gay person, I personally don't agree with what you said.


Revere_AFAM t1_ix8a2r2 wrote

FIFA doing their best to keep the integrity of the game in line with the integrity of its executives


Thialase t1_ix8xh74 wrote

pathetic spineless cowards.
I don't ever want to see these fuckers daring to say shit again. Their support has proven to be as fickle as the wind.


heitiki t1_ix84ps8 wrote

Of course not.


Unlucky_Entrance_512 t1_ix857y6 wrote

I would have considered watching a few games if FIFA hadn’t given the World Cup to a country with religious values over human rights values.


circumlocutious t1_ixbkf6b wrote

Like the US with its Supreme Court infiltrated by the Christian Right?


Unlucky_Entrance_512 t1_ixblnb4 wrote

You’re not wrong. Reform definitely needs to happen there as well. At least there is opposition to the Christian Nationalist movement and some not oft used but are being dusted off (according to another article on my Reddit news feed) methods of telling the court to go fouk itself.


Valiantheart t1_ix88q6m wrote

They're soccer players not political activists.


Ok-Discount3131 t1_ix8jeff wrote

Can't speak for the other countries, but the England players actually are political activists. They are heavily involved in social justice politics, have clashed with government ministers, wear clothing during matches with political messages, and make political statements on the pitch. Thats why people are angry about it. Because they are making themselves out to be hypocrites.


Flaky_Advantage_352 t1_ix8njcu wrote

At the European Cup 2021 most players (especially Neuer, Goretzka and the whole DFB) suddenly were activists with a huuuge mouth and big words. THIS hypocracy is what many fans make angry


partizan92 t1_ix89ypf wrote

They’ll just win all their matches 1-0 instead.


krom0025 t1_ix8cb26 wrote

What you can do is take your teams and go home. Don't play the games at all.


bluetriumphantcloud t1_ix8iwk7 wrote

the armband -- which features a striped heart in different colors to represent all heritages, backgrounds, genders and sexual identities

This is what they fear, everyone being acknowledged and respected, and FIFA is so far in their pocket they are acting as their Gestapo.


gideon513 t1_ix8la2s wrote

They should just wear black and white “no love” arm bands. We’d all know what it meant.


DennisTheBald t1_ix8semi wrote

I don't quite get the connection to chicken strips. It's the sauce anyway - the chicken is pretty pedestrian


mkerugbyprop3 t1_ix8sxna wrote

Not so fast my friend.... Qatar banned them


Skim003 t1_ix8w9lq wrote

If they are doing this now. Imagine what it'll be like after Qatar is eliminated after they lose to Senegal. They'll "take their ball" and go home.


Dioneo t1_ix960fx wrote

Can’t wait for the Fuck FIFA chants.


S-Markt t1_ix97y9f wrote

they did not only pick up the soap, while the fifa and the qatar-dictators stood behind them, they also brought the lubricant.


warren54batman t1_ix9exol wrote

Shock of shocks. Those with power and money do nothing yet again.


S-Markt t1_ix9hoip wrote

yeah, great. if those football "heros" stop playing, they can still work as uvalde police officers.


Hammertime6689 t1_ix9rua1 wrote

Lol “Breaking”

This is where we are right now?


HeadlineINeed t1_ix9srl4 wrote

Nothing like letting the POSs win


WalterMac201 t1_ixa11ug wrote

Hey Cedric, Bob, these guys don’t wanna wear the armband.



GT1man t1_ixadw10 wrote

Cowards, or on the take as well.


GroundbreakingDot961 t1_ixafkle wrote

If you’re on a national stage and say a damn thing about what the fuck is going on you’re a fucking coward


Healthy_Radish7501 t1_ixb7krq wrote

And they’re trying to move to England and Deutschland.


hobokobo1028 t1_ixbfhdl wrote

What about the US? It’s not like we make money off soccer anyways….


AFew10_9TooMany t1_ixbo5zq wrote

If they had a spine this headline would read:

England, Germany and other European nations will not attend World Cup in Qatar...


HomegrownMike t1_ixbw7ik wrote

Would it be too insane if an idea to see this spark some new league, adjacent to FIFA that claims to be corrupt free and all about the things FIFA says they should be about?


MoneyMoves- t1_ix8wfgg wrote

It’s soccer why the hell are we making this political and about sexuality

Like can people fuck off about this shit for once


PissedOffChef t1_ix8odxq wrote

Oh. God. No. I’m contacting my drunken senator stat.


GoodGoodGoody t1_ix8ghb7 wrote

Any fan who buys a ticket, any broadcaster who airs one minute or sells a commercial, any celebrity who preforms or endorses this cup, and and country who subsidizes teams who play, are all absolute scum.


gusthefireman t1_ix8c2kp wrote

Nobody gives a crap about the sexuality or orientation of players on the pitch. Fans just want the best available player at each position. I am not sure why sports has to be supportive of every social movement. Yes, I get the extremely high profile and worldwide exposure of the FIFA world cup. They tried to bully Kramer in 1995, but he wouldn't wear the ribbon. Now, they have co-opted Bob Marley's song!