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DelugeQc t1_ixeasma wrote

Wow, that came out of nowhere?! Who could have guessed?


istiaq_ahsan t1_ixdsf79 wrote

Well, Ronaldo agreed long time ago, it's just United who agreed now.


ImAbhishek_47 t1_ixe46w4 wrote

The funniest part here is United wants to spin this as a success by unofficially leaking that they terminated the contract without paying a penny and poor United fans are buying into it. When in reality Ronaldo seems to have said 'Let me out of this club at all cost!'. Dude knew what he did with that interview.


wism95 t1_ixfs8tu wrote

United fans have wanted him gone all season


DawdlingScientist t1_ixg49r2 wrote

He wanted out in the summer after they failed to qualify for the champions league and they wouldn’t let him go. He was “central to their plans” and then they benched him lol

Age may have finally caught up with him now though but he was really good last season. Saved United many times


3stepBreader t1_ixhstkc wrote

How do you figure they wouldn’t let him go? He wanted to leave and keep his massive salary. No club wanted him at that price. The rumor is United even settled a small amount with him now to leave. If he would have reduced his wage demands he would have been sold or released.


ducvette t1_ixg6kyt wrote

Ronaldo signs a massive mls deal and finishes his career there


WringedSponge t1_ixgh40i wrote

He can’t go to US for legal reasons


phantasybm t1_ixgicjg wrote

What reasons are those ?


estellato12 t1_ixhakqg wrote

Apparently they have dropped that case or something where they can’t persecute him anymore.


cuddle_enthusiast t1_ixfe8wi wrote

Out of the loop. Why did they have a falling out?


Yung_Corneliois t1_ixfli8j wrote

Ronaldo is older now and not top tier so they tried to play him as a sub instead of a starter and he refused. Apparently when they called for him to sub in he just left the game instead. Basically he isn’t as good as he used to be but due to his name alone he feels like he should be the main focus of a team.


dub_side t1_ixfwmgf wrote

they offered to sub him in for 3 minutes


Treeborg t1_ixgrlde wrote

You're saying like that like it justifies Ronaldo. It doesn't.


dub_side t1_ixjwonj wrote

A lot of players have left United unhappy in recent years


LordYamz t1_ixhpcqy wrote

But it does. The guy is still better than any striker they have.


TooRedditFamous t1_ixifzhy wrote

He was hardly performing like it in the chances he was given. That's why he wasnt starting games


Treeborg t1_ixkf7sn wrote

Is that why United do immensely better when he doesn't play vs when he does?


kingharden13 t1_ixh1ymj wrote

How?? Thats disrespect lol why should he take it, he is one of the 🐐s


EMU4 t1_ixh2ugj wrote

Because football is a game played as a team?


kingharden13 t1_ixh325z wrote

But he is not some regular player lol its cristiano.. sub somebody else in for 3 minutes


bajcli t1_ixhox8l wrote

How is not playing at all no problem, whereas if your manager thinks you can sub in and make an impact in 3 minutes (+injury time), that's disrespectful?

GOAT or not, dude's aging out and even if he wasn't, he's not pressing at all, so he's not a positive for the team.


kingharden13 t1_ixht0vd wrote

Yall some haters fr.. you dont treat star players the same as others. Literally in any sport you cant distespect the greats like that. You just dont do that. What the fuck should Ronaldo do in these 3 minutes?? Game is over he just sat 90 minutes on the bench and you want him to go play? As you said he is old and you want him to go play when all muscles are cold from sitting the whole game. That is just dumb!


CIRCLONTA6A t1_ixif81i wrote

He ain’t gonna fuck you bro. It’s called a football TEAM for a reason. It’s a team. They’re not going to give special treatment to a single player because of his past achievements. That’s not allowed.


kingharden13 t1_ixiigyk wrote

I dont watch football, Im a basketball fan and basketball is a team sport too but you dont see shit like that in NBA so thats why im confused why everybody is on Ronaldos head like that.. Manus record aint even that good to treat somebody like that


Treeborg t1_ixkfc72 wrote

Messi would come on as a sub for 3 minutes without a single question.


ashrocklynn t1_ixh8mkj wrote

So is old man Aaron Rodgers, but when you can't play the game at the high level anymore you are supposed to retire with millions in the bank with dignity instead of demanding you are the sport and just standing in the way of the next talented young person who desperately wants a chance. At least Brady and ronaldo still have their ridiculous handsomeness...


Sancho209 t1_ixha7le wrote

Hard to play at a high level with a broken thumb


BeKindBabies t1_ixghn3i wrote

Scored 22 goals for them last season but sure, not top tier.


Car-face t1_ixgj4v4 wrote

according to this he scored 18 for them during last season (in the regular season, I assume, hence the discrepancy).

The last time he scored fewer than that in a regular season was '06/'07.

He's the same age as me, and I can tell you, regardless of fitness, your body simply takes longer to recover in your late 30's. He's still good, but he's not getting better with each passing season any more, and he's better off as a role model for the younger players than trying to be the main event.


evonebo t1_ixgkwkn wrote

I feel like he’s going to come to US and play in the MLS.


Car-face t1_ixgl3za wrote

Yeah I agree. Someone will throw money at him to get his name on a guernsey, and eke out the last of what he's got to give whilst making bank on merch.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgk148 wrote

He scored 18 for them in the premier league and 6 for them in the champions league. So I was short by 2. He scored 24 goals for them that run. Regardless, 18 goals last season makes him the number 3 scorer that year. In what world is that not good enough.


osmil918 t1_ixgkf4o wrote

Because what he gives you in goals, he cannot provide in pressing and intensity. Ten Hag wants a balanced team.


Mephzice t1_ixgoh1d wrote

he does nothing else, others have been performing better because they also do defense


Car-face t1_ixgkvff wrote

A world where teams need to blood new talent and give younger players minutes on the pitch, rather than entertain the whims of older players at the end of their career.

Unless he's gotten younger since last season, it's unlikely he'll be as valuable as he was then.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgls04 wrote

He can’t make himself younger, but he can score goals, more than most.


Car-face t1_ixgmu06 wrote

he could, last season, and that was far off his best. That's a massive fall from previous seasons, and it's hard to blame a club for not having faith he could back up that performance when he's a year older.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgnxg3 wrote

If he scored 3 fewer goals that year he would have matched de bruyne, 8 fewer and he would have matched Bruno Fernandes. Who cares if your output is less than your previous when it’s still better than the rest?


Car-face t1_ixgodv0 wrote

The club paying his salary while watching his performance fall off a cliff, apparently. Presumably also the fans who can read the writing on the wall and know "last season's stats" are now the benchmark, rather than an off year, and he'd be lucky to back it up.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgp6xm wrote

Any striker in the league would be happy to match what he did.


TooRedditFamous t1_ixig5uv wrote

Those are midfielders and he is a striker


BeKindBabies t1_ixihai4 wrote

Those are players on the leading scorers list, he out scored all but two of them.


malin7 t1_ixgvulw wrote

It is good enough but his from fell off a cliff between the last and current season when he missed the pre-season and still hasn't recovered

16 games this season and 3 goals, he looked out of sorts even against semi amateurs from Cyprus in the Europa League


BeKindBabies t1_ixgm20x wrote

His waning years are putting the golden years of similar professional athletes to shame.


Attygalle t1_ixgjd7k wrote

It’s of course a bit more nuanced than what the comment you reacted on said - but it’s also more nuanced than what you say. CR7 missed a lot of pre season because of family issues - understandable but not convenient when you have a new manager that wants to implement a new playing style. This wouldn’t have been any issue with Ronaldo from say 2010 to 2018 but current Ronaldo isn’t able to catch up as easily anymore. From that perspective he’s not absolute top tier anymore.

I would really be curious to see an alternate universe where CR7 showed up for first training under Ten Hag fully fit and mentally charged to go.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgjpkl wrote

Top 3 scorer in the league last season, so are there only two top tier strikers a season or what?


Attygalle t1_ixgk3vz wrote

You are completely correct - if you don’t read my comment at all CR7 is indeed still top tier and nuance is bullshit.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgmt2x wrote

Conveniently, nuance is immeasurable and goals are a terrible way to rate the quality of a person in the goal scoring position.


[deleted] t1_ixfmwjn wrote

actually he got offers from other teams to start and asked to be let go but they refused and wanted him to sit on the bench for no reason


wism95 t1_ixfsarq wrote

No he didn't


[deleted] t1_ixfthup wrote

Ill definitely trust a random redditor rather than a former Man Utd Captain Roy Keane who said Ronaldo had 5 offers.


wism95 t1_ixfu9xq wrote

Not to start and to pay what he demanded. So it wasn't United stopping him leaving, he didn't want to


CCSC96 t1_ixg3zm1 wrote

He got the offers because of what the other person said. It was clear as soon as he did that that he was done and would have to chose between rotting in United’s reserve or taking a paycut to play elsewhere.


[deleted] t1_ixi3au2 wrote

oh yeah thats why he decided to leave the team when he could just sit on the bench get paid tons of money and say hes injured or something


ANTristotle t1_ixdvpdi wrote

Ronaldo going to the NY Red Bulls!
Say hello to MLS!


SureWhyNot16 t1_ixfy1hp wrote

I know that’s half joking but he would be treated like a god in NYC


RabidJoint t1_ixge3lg wrote

David Beckham hitting the LA Galaxies all those years ago…same vibes


fatkidseatcake t1_ixgtuxh wrote

I feel like the MLS would be better than most places for him. Maybe the bundesliga


Stressedafhere t1_ixhy63q wrote

I thought the “Red Bulls” was a joke. TIL They’re really named after the drink.


gk101991 t1_ixfdaku wrote

STL City SC has plenty of international spots for Cristiano!


firecow745 t1_ixfenjb wrote

In some way the Fire will be connected to him and get a draft pick out of it.


kielsucks t1_ixfibxo wrote

And the Glazers are (finally) open to sell the team. Christmas came early!


AndyJaeger t1_ixfnyjo wrote

Imagine a move to City, damn


SimpleSimon665 t1_ixg4crf wrote

He wouldn't even make the bench at City.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgi3w2 wrote

Scored more goals last season at Man U than any City player that year.


Caracasdogajo t1_ixgpdxm wrote

The problem is that he cant create for himself, he can't create for anyone else and he barely plays outside of one touches.

He can still hit a ball in the net decently but he is a liability outside of it.


eviade t1_ixgsush wrote

Nah that's just one of those things people say without really watching. His buildup isn't world class but he's a clever and experienced player and he's very effective outside of 'it'


Amokzaaier t1_ixg6j7b wrote

Yeah that would be a double win for manu, damn


ohdihe t1_ixf7j6f wrote

I think it’s actually good for both of them. Move on!


FOBABCD t1_ixgf8p6 wrote

Ronaldo to Wrexham AFC


lemmonquaaludes t1_ixg3z8e wrote

Get Deadpool and Rob McElheny on the phone.

“We’ve got Ronaldo, super Cristiano Ronaldo, I just don’t think you understand. He plays in red and white, he’s fucking dynamite, we’ve got super Cristiano Ronaldo!”


filthydeference t1_ixg2t91 wrote

FFS .. move on already from this drama house and drama queen


imanAholebutimfunny t1_ixf4c7q wrote

What an unfortunate falling out. Would have been so sick if he could have brought the energy like he did when he was young and just popped off. Another team will pick him up but how long will that take is the real question.


BeKindBabies t1_ixgia8q wrote

He was the number 3 top scorer in the league last season, what are you even talking about.


imanAholebutimfunny t1_ixim2el wrote

The drama between the coach and with certain players. This was supposed to be his retirement team in my opinion. Statistics aren't everything, but i understand where you are coming from.


Display250 t1_ixgfged wrote

They terminated his contract. He's a whiny bitch and should be treated as such. Any team taking him should think twice.


TheGardenNymph t1_ixgli51 wrote

He's also a serial rapist


h4baine t1_ixheklq wrote

I'm sure that comes from the same entitled, domineering place as his behavior with Manchester United. In his mind he's the only one that matters.


neche99 t1_ixggdis wrote

Legacy run down


dub_side t1_ixfwk80 wrote

SUUIIII you later


Invelious t1_ixg82rm wrote

I want him back playing for Sporting Lisbon, and retire where he started.


bryanoens t1_ixgiti1 wrote

Wrexam red would look nice


rayrayrex t1_ixdoujt wrote

Who could've seen this coming /s


honcooge t1_ixgj2we wrote

Come on over to the States!


TrinityF t1_ixgss2b wrote

Finally he can rest, Maguire can't hurt him anymore.


173555 t1_ixh5oai wrote

Ronaldo is like a crypro investment. you have high expectations of it, but in the end it turns out to be an expensive joke.


EasternMotors t1_ixhe9q2 wrote

He was making €500k/wk. Can he even get €100k on the open market? Weird that he would flush €15mm or whatever down the toilet.


intelligentx5 t1_ixhq2n0 wrote

He makes more money through endorsements and influencing. I’m assuming he thinks he’s fine and money was not the primary factor here.


Nyclab t1_ixg6po3 wrote

Welcome to the MLS Cris!


NAGDABBITALL t1_ixgkzo1 wrote

"Take your hundreds of millions, and get out."



No-Spinach-3162 t1_ixhb3vk wrote

All the Ronaldo haters before this news broke.. ( Ronaldo is a loser) now ( join my team!!!!)


Drumsticksboy t1_ixgcau8 wrote

Dude needs to come to the MLS.