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Piglet-Witty t1_ixhw11y wrote

Can wait for the anime


mouse1093 t1_ixkbags wrote

It already exists. Called Blue Lock and just came out this fall, check it out


bvanbove t1_ixjd0b5 wrote

Captain Tsubasa exists already


Ahugoc t1_ixlty5b wrote

And they have a Japan vs Germany episode.


Ahugoc t1_ixltvtz wrote

Is already out watch Captain Tsubasa Japan vs Germany


cantiskipthisstep12 t1_ixhr0fm wrote

Excellent match. Japan just played with so much spirit. Germany caught napping a few times and then couldn't equalise.

I had Japan as a dark horse in this cup. I hope they do well.


telendria t1_ixht8mv wrote

I don't see them outside of the world cup, but they always seem to give it 110%, sprint up and down the field the entire match to the point where all of them are struggling with cramps by the end, but never slacking off. I love their very positive vibe/energy they give off.


Didn't they lose during last championship precisely because of that? I think I remember them leading in score, but unlike tactical european teams, that would play defensively and wait for breaks, the japanese played offensively to the last minute and left holes in the defense for the opponent to turn the score around? I was absolutely hearthbroken for them.


KhonMan t1_ixhwzhh wrote

They were incredibly naive vs Belgium. But arguably they just wanted to avoid Extra Time and thought they had a better chance to win in regulation. So idk.


whooo_me t1_ixhsgu8 wrote

Oh no. That 'mouth covered' team photo is going to be posted as a reaction meme a thousand times over....


oxyloug t1_ixhyspu wrote

Since Blue Lock, Japan is a T1 team, thx to Ego 👍


greenlanternfifo t1_ixlbyf6 wrote

Isagi really led his team to victory against Bastard Munchen. Take that kaiser


interstat t1_ixhro7o wrote

Been a long time coming for us. Sport has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years


darkjurai t1_ixi1jaq wrote

Yeah most of the other teams I see are just running.


sticky-man1229 t1_ixhqfi0 wrote

What a crazy result, it’s close to as crazy as Argentina’s defeat


PmintJim t1_ixhwc30 wrote

No it’s not… #11 losing to #24. The former was #3 losing to #51.


sticky-man1229 t1_ixi3xx6 wrote

Eh fair enough, definitely a huuuge surprise tho, I do enjoy these results


Annajbanana t1_ixi5u0n wrote

You’re right though, in the scheme of things no one would have called it. It’s getting exciting now!


dershmoo t1_ixif7yv wrote

Actually many Germans would’ve called it. Our team sucks for quite a while now. Even after the 1-0 I told my friend we are still going to lose.

Spain is going to humiliate us again.


rcprash90 t1_ixhxfsv wrote

Germany blames it on no beer.


OvenFearless t1_ixjxbat wrote

Germans wouldn’t drink that Budweiser piss anyway lol. We have echtes deutsches Bier hier!


alan01010101 t1_ixm7puz wrote

I agree, Budweiser is straight up tasteless piss beer. And they cost $20 plus per cup at the World Cup 2018.


OvenFearless t1_ixmhyf9 wrote

Awesome. Let's get drunk on $200-$400 worth of Pisswasser!


bowser986 t1_ixhuhdc wrote

What if these “upsets” are teams deliberately tanking to get the fuck out of Quartar


BODYBUTCHER t1_ixj5zeu wrote

I think the nations league is an attempt by uefa to seperate from fifa a bit


Annajbanana t1_ixi5zgi wrote

My call is World Cup final, big arm band reveal.


angrymoderate09 t1_ixhyl0f wrote

Made me laugh! But honestly, if fifa doesn't fix things moving forward, i could see players losing interest like with USA basketball.


wombat8888 t1_ixhux57 wrote

The Japanese team clean up on the field and off the field. Nice.


umich79 t1_ixjo9b1 wrote

How does no one edit these articles..”For the second World Cup in a row Germany began their campaign in disastrous fashion, frittering away a first half lead to lose 2-1 to Spain.”

Please tell me I’m not the only one that sees an issue.


break80 t1_ixi83kt wrote

I see the Bluelock program is so far a success.


omdano t1_ixjiejk wrote

Now maybe FIFA can consider more seats to Asia/Africa/South America?


PsychoKali t1_ixijucu wrote

They already released the Blue Lock striker?


[deleted] t1_ixhpv2r wrote



Storm_Sniper OP t1_ixhq2zb wrote

They played really well, yeah.

Germany's defense sort of collapsed, seeing as they allowed a shot like every 3-5 minutes by Japan before they scored.


krectus t1_ixhwfw2 wrote

Oh that’s a good laugh. Needed that today.


yulDD t1_ixl1nno wrote

Blue lock irl?


Prestigious_Cold_756 t1_ixlywk4 wrote

To be fair, the germans lost on purpose to protest against the DFB, FIFA and the Qatar Championship.


BrickJamal t1_ixpqscj wrote

Focused so much on their morals, they end up forgetting how to play football


Neidan1 t1_ixhyhiw wrote

There’s something quite satisfying about this result… maybe it’s the surprise aspect, or the underdog aspect, or the aspect that the German team has historically been associated with poor sportsmanship (at least in the 90s and early 2000s when I was paying attention to the World Cup).


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luapowl t1_ixi5fn8 wrote

you understand that was before the game, right?