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>In Saudi Arabia Christians are denied citizenship and churches are banned!

I don't remember a mosque in the Vatican either


>The Nuremberg Laws 2022 not 1935.

Ethiopian Jews that came to Israel under the right of return were forced to convert to Judaism again and have recircumcision even though they were already Jewish but because their religious practises were ignored. It became difficult for them to gain citizenship.

Further more they have routinely faced discrimination racism and poverty even though they are ethnically Jewish.

There were also claims from Ethiopian Jewish women that when they entered under right to return they had been given temporary sterilisatio. injections (lasting three months an injection ) without their consent or knowledge as to what it was because of the concern about Ethiopian Jewish diaspora having kids.

It's an anti demographic policy.

They had an investigation, magically found no wrong doing and then asked the health ministry to stop mandatory sterilisation injections for Ethiopian women.


>Who was the chancellor of Germany in 1935?

What does that have to do with Saudi Arabia?

You're trying to link Saudi Arabia to Nazism when Saudi was formed from a complex set of relationships between imperial powers setting to destroy the ottoman caliphate and carve each other up. Britain promised and made assurances to every side and ended up taking a group of Arab freedom fighters who wanted to be liberated from ottoman rule into creating what became Saudi Arabia.

In the end middle East was cut up into various lines that fit western maps but not tribal groupings.

Then there was the forced demographic changes of the 1940s and the prelude to 1948 which was the formation of a nation by various colonial powers that wanted a place for expelled Jewish diaspora rather than giving them German land. They did this at the expense of the Palestinians.

Then the 52 Suez crisis caused by Israel defending her interests in by making war with Egypt

And the 67 crisis known as the 6 day war where in Arab states defended their interests in making war with Israel resulting in the illegal occupation of Israel in many Arab areas.

Again I'm not sure why you're conflating a bunch of things but I've explained to you the various issues with your statements

I'm providing examples in an attempt to discover an underlying rule as to why you feel comparisons of Nazis to Saudi Arabia needs to be made when they're not alike at all.