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americansherlock201 t1_ixoeduv wrote

Yeah well unless the UK people have 7.5 billion to offer instead of the saudis, I’m not sure the owner (an American) cares what the UK will want sadly


plomerosKTBFFH t1_ixof9o7 wrote

The league would have to accept the buyers first.


PJTikoko t1_ixopmal wrote

They already have with man city and new castle.


plomerosKTBFFH t1_ixpl4eb wrote

City is owned by a sheikh from the UAE. I don't see them allowing the Saudi's to own another, let alone two more clubs. Especially if the fans are up in arms.


Forzelius t1_ixyiszb wrote

Lol, the league won't care whatsoever. If the Saudis put up money to buy United and/or Liverpool, whatever imaginary red tape is seemingly in front, will be cut.