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PJTikoko t1_ixopjaq wrote

Liverpool’s owners are potentially trying to buy the Washington Commanders they’ll sell Liverpool while it’s hot to get the capital needed.

Man U owners are probably 50/50 on selling.


Cborovsky t1_ixos8i6 wrote

Wow that’s really new information! I want to add I really always thought of these teams owner as ancient dynasties that never think of letting go of such a brand


TooRedditFamous t1_ixr9f0i wrote

No, at this point the game at the top level in England is way beyond that. They are mostly owned by various international billionaires, oil states, venture capitalists, etc.


Gates_wupatki_zion t1_iy3hcqf wrote

They both have American sports conglomerate owners. Adding to previous comment — the Glazers (ManU owners) are widely despised by the ManU fan base because of how much money they have taken out of the club and saddled it with debt. They also grossly mismanaged player contracts hiring the wrong people after the best coach in football history retired. So they have other reasons to sell. There are very few football clubs that have “dynastic” owners because it became a great way to make money. A few years ago a Welsh team’s mascot went from the bluebirds to the dragons because roof their Far East Asian owner.


flyinsdog t1_ixtan8g wrote

I can’t imagine the Washington Commanders being as prime a property as Liverpool. Even during the heyday of the ‘skins in the 80’s I don’t think they were ever the premier franchise in the NFL. Liverpool is a global brand. Doesn’t make sense to me.


Forzelius t1_ixyiluf wrote

Is there really any chance the Commanders don't go to Bezos?