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xc2215x t1_ixzx6sc wrote

Glad that goal was scored. Croatia was just too skilled.


JonnyBit t1_iy0bfql wrote

Too fit* Canada we’re gassed in the 35th


MrBathroom t1_iy2j9j5 wrote

Maybe their tactic shouldn't have been pressing for their lives so early. It wasn't even just a fitness issue, Croatia's midfield was insane, defense too


Northern23 t1_iy2lclc wrote

This cup is just an ice breaker for our at home '26 cup. We're doing fine just by being there and feeling the pressure from billions of viewers from around the world


geeeeeep t1_iy060we wrote

Croatia showed and flexed their World Cup experience. Too much quality in their side for Canada to sustain for 90+ minutes.

Overall, extremely impressed with Canada in both games. A bit more decisiveness and clinical finishing in the key moments and we have a different story.

World Cup is all about fine margins and getting results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well you play when you have nothing to show for at the end of the group stages.


SweeneyMcFeels t1_ixzyuq8 wrote

Canada has a lot to be proud of with this men’s team, and even more to look forward to in 2026 and beyond. Not long ago we had close to nothing, and our domestic development is only growing with the creation of the CPL.

Also to anyone who wants to see more Canadian soccer, I can’t recommend our women’s team any harder!


LordBran t1_iy3aoqx wrote

The amount of Canadian players getting linked to europe is insane tbh


SweeneyMcFeels t1_iy3pi5a wrote

I think we’re at the start of a positive feedback loop with Canadian soccer talent. Without a solid foundation under our men’s national team, plenty of high-potential Canadian talent eligible for other national teams chose not to play for Canada.

Now that we’re getting serious I think we’ll see our talent grow abroad but still come back to play for Canada.


RtuDtu t1_ixzx4yc wrote

didn't expect much, got exactly that


Genevieves_bitch OP t1_iy0257z wrote

It was a huge step, huge success, to qualify, especially at top of CONCACAF. Add in a goal, it should be celebrated. 10 years ago if you said Canada would top their federation and make it to World Cup, most people would have laughed at you.

Recognize and celebrate the amazing progress!


reyes06 t1_iy04mjf wrote

plus there's one more chance against morocco to make more history.


[deleted] t1_iy09z5a wrote



miner88 t1_iy14oys wrote

I think he wasn’t being too serious and was making himself the target for discussion/criticism so that his players could focus on the game. Right out of the coaches’ playbook.


bobintar t1_iy0smaa wrote

Yeah. This too. Was a mistake and hopefully he owns it


JonnyBit t1_iy0bdvw wrote

Canada completely and totally outplayed Belgium. Yes they lost, but they utterly humiliated the number 1 team in the world with their play. Hardly nothing.


KindArgument0 t1_iy0erib wrote

I think it's time for people to stop using that cursed fifa world rank. It's as reliable as NBA regular season ranking as a power rank. While it's still very impressive for canada to take on belgium toe to toe, belgium is not the best team in the world. De bruyne and curtois are one of the best of their role but the rest of the team are bunch of average players or players who have gone past their prime.


JonnyBit t1_iy0geji wrote

Thankfully, your average fan of the sport has ignored rankings for about a decade now, they’ve always been meaningless. Notice how people only talk about rankings when the casuals come out of the woodwork at the World Cup? Also the ELO ranking scores were formulated to work with chess rankings, they don’t really translate to soccer. No rankings mean anything


DrKnowsNothing_MD t1_iy0ksoy wrote

It was impressive but number 1 team in the world is a huge stretch. They’re not even favorites for this World Cup.


JonnyBit t1_iy0mxz0 wrote

Yeah just meant technically speaking. Fifa rankings mean nothing anyway, and Belgium are clearly awful right now. But on paper they are a top team. Canada should be very proud of that regardless.


fantasmoofrcc t1_iy10f7i wrote

And Morocco beats Belgium as well...Belgium (and Germany) may just get eliminated as well on Thursday. Shit's hard, yo!


ModernPoultry t1_iy0qlai wrote

Canada looked like they belonged which is pretty pretty impressive and a huge sign for the program. They outplayed Belgium and worked Croatia for the first quarter of action today.

If they’re able to beat Morocco, it’ll be a huge win for the program going forward.

They topped the table in CONCACAF, showed they were a serious team on the world stage and are still super young. I think they can only go up from here


Torcal4 t1_iy1nyll wrote

At the time of the World Cup in 2014, Canada was ranked 110th in the world in FIFA’s men’s rankings.

In 2018, they were ranked 78.

And now they’re ranked 41.

The rankings don’t really mean much in the real world but it does kind of help illustrate that they’ve only gotten better. They went up by 69 (nice.) spots in 8 years to be from out of the top 100 to within the top 50 in the world.

So much to be proud of!


ualbertathrowaway- t1_iy0mx6q wrote

The 4-4-2 decision by Herdman for this game was a bad one


sparcasm t1_iy1imkj wrote

We were out coached.

The players deserved better.


kactus t1_iy271kr wrote

The players outplayed the players. Honestly, as a Canada fan, Croatia had way more quality and stamina than we did. Nothing a coach can do.


Easy-Progress8252 t1_iy1qgj5 wrote

USA fan here. Canada is legit. I root for all the CONCACAF teams and they put in an effort worthy of respect. Looking forward to many good matches in the coming years/cycle.


bobintar t1_iy0sex1 wrote

Canada needed to get a deserved win against Belgium. Davies taking the penalty was a huge mistake when you have a professional penalty taker in Jonathan David available. Herdman pooh-poohing Davies penalty miss was either an effort to take the pressure off Davies or him covering for a rookie coaching mistake. At this tournament one mistake and you're potentially done and that is what has happened.

Croatia look strong again - that midfield! - and should go far into the knockout phase. Canada needs to learn to mark closer at the back end. These very good European teams only need a step or two of separation to score. Learning lessons that will be applied next World Cup hopefully.


brokensword15 t1_iy1x3es wrote

The biggest takeaway for Canada from this (IMO) is that national teams may be more inclined to have friendlies against us now that the world has seen we can somewhat compete. I am excited for 2026


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_iy10fh1 wrote

Croatia looked fit, in synch, and strategically prepared. Canada looked to run everything through Davies and that’s a tough ask.

Morocco looks a class above Canada too, but hopefully they can muster a tie or even their first WC game victory


Falconflyer75 t1_iy2vbne wrote

Be ironic if they did, Morocco tied Croatia and beat Belgium

If Canada beats Morocco after losing to both nothing in this World Cup makes sense


delicious2960 t1_iy0oegy wrote

I really enjoyed watching Canada play. The match vs. Belgium blew my mind. The intensity, boldness and speed Canada showed made the match exciting and me a forever fan. I hope to see them play again in 3,5 years.


stxrxer t1_iy1745d wrote

Canada will learn from this experience as Croatia exploited their inexperience.


caveyh96 t1_iy3szde wrote

Surprised me how good they looked to be honest


WolfilaTotilaAttila t1_iy8boqe wrote

Good thing the post makes it clear it was the M world cup, otherwise I would have been really confused.


moderatesoul t1_iy04yze wrote

Herdman talked shit and got served. I will never understand that kind of attitude before a match. If you talk shit and get your ass kicked you just look like a fucking tool. That kind of motivation for the other team is a real thing


JonnyBit t1_iy0b9z2 wrote

“Despite Alphonso Davies’ historic ball hogging”


TheRain911 t1_iy0gb5v wrote

Literally the only guy out there making stuff happen. "ball hogging"... Ya alright


ModernPoultry t1_iy0plss wrote

Agree and Disagree. I’m okay with Phonz making plays out of nothing but Jonathan David and Tajon Buchanan were also effective at making plays.

And you’re other comments about the rest of the team blowing are also inaccurate once again.

Jonathan David has been Canada’s best player in CONCACAF. He is a very quality player and will most likely be playing in the Prem this year

They only have one goal to show for it but Canada has good forwards and a good attack.


JonnyBit t1_iy0h5ev wrote

Yeah I bet his teammates loved it when he shot that free kick into the wall from the corner of the box instead of crossing their best chance of the half. Also bet they loved him missing his second ever pk attempt when David is the designated pk taker for his club, the once champions of France. Did you miss the articles about the Canada team being fed up with him? You new here?


GreasyGinger24 t1_iy15uqe wrote

Don't know why you're down voted when you're 100% right.

That free kick had Hoilett's name all over it. Anyone who watched him in Cardiff knows he only scores from 20 yards out.

JD should have taken the PK. Same way Ronaldo, Bale or Lewy always take the PK. I love Davies and can't wait to see him in his prime in 2026 but these two situations cost Canada the tournament.


JonnyBit t1_iy17agf wrote

It’s the fact that we’re on r/sports during the World Cup. Everyone thinks they’ve watched the sport their whole lives right about now and gets offended when any name they know is criticized. I know I’m a little extreme calling him a total ball hog, but I know I’m right with my explanations and everything.

World Cup is the one time where downvotes mean absolutely nothing lol, a quick scroll revealed that the guy I was arguing with had never made a soccer related comment in his life before this


TheRain911 t1_iy0hjlf wrote

You miss the part where the team blows and hes the one carrying them? You new here? Team sucks, theyd have gone another year not having ever scored in the fifa cup. Atleast this saves us from complete embarrassment


JonnyBit t1_iy0i6u7 wrote

Lmao yeah they totally would’ve gone another World Cup without a goal if they actually let a penalty expert take a penalty. What a weird argument haha

Canada’s roster is much better than you’re saying. Much better. They can do a little more team play. For sure.

This isn’t basketball.


Khanspiracy75 t1_iy0psh0 wrote

Ok firstly, david is not a penalty expert, when lille won the league he was not the designated penalty taker and even though he was an important part of their team he was not the most pivotal player for them, as well, team play is all good and as a team they played well but even the best teams have at least one player who can change the game for their team alone and for Canada that is Davies without him we probably have zero successful counter attack chances and probably no significant ball progressions in the opponents half, also I don't know why your mad about davies taking chances as they come when i rarely saw any good executions of any other chances by Canada and to also caveat that the fact they got the chances was really down to 2 or maybe three players which included eustaquio or Davies almost all the time, they tried but weren't good enough, strikers didnt score and there was more than enough quality chances in both the belgium and croatia game for either of larin or David to score and they didnt. Another game to play against Morocco and I doubt either striker scores other than a tap-in.


JonnyBit t1_iy0ut84 wrote

“Ok firstly,” I didn’t say he was their pk taker when they won the league. And yeah I mean, Larin is pretty ass, I won’t lie there. This has also been the World Cup of shutting down strikers, I’m not going to hold too much against them there but you’re forgetting Tajon as well who has been relatively instrumental in many plays. He deserves plenty of credit for the assist. I don’t think there is any defending Davies being Canada’s penalty taker, that’s genuinely mental. I don’t think he should be shooting free kicks from crossing areas too. Furthermore, the only reason I’m bringing this up is because multiple journalists have reported on there being friction in the Canada camp due to Davies’ selfishness on the field.

Also, I wasn’t being completely serious when saying he was a massive ball hog, more just in a “take the piss” mood today, but I think Canada would be a solid amount better if he focused a little more on team play than he currently does. I don’t think he’s a ball hog, but I think he’s a bit selfish, and it hurts Canada in instances.

I also absolutely wouldn’t bet against David in the next game.


TheRain911 t1_iy0iju0 wrote

Well they shoulda had who was taking the pk sorted bwfore it happened then. You wanna blamw anyome then blame the coach. Hilarious to blame this on a pk miss. Lets go blame Lewandowski for his miss too ya? Silly. Youre the one making a weird argument. Be gone.


JonnyBit t1_iy0itcf wrote

Canada’s coach has done absolutely incredible, I won’t blame him lol Lewendowski had significantly fewer touches than Davies. You’re bringing in some really bizarre comparisons here

And you seem angry? Weird