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bigby2010 t1_iy0ufre wrote

He’ll fit in fine in Dallas


JohnHwagi t1_iy50foo wrote

I’m a Cowboys fan and even I can’t be mad at this comment lol


bigby2010 t1_iy54bnw wrote

Lifetime Cowboys fan here. We’re used to the drama


Optimal_Bad_8965 t1_iy35kmc wrote

Did anyone actually read the article? Sounds to me like he's been on meds, most likely muscle relaxers and had difficulty staying awake. The flight attendants were worried about his health because of this and called an ambulance ,fire, and police. He wasn't happy about this and initially refused to get off the plane but did comply


DrTopps t1_iyahwv6 wrote

Flight crews love a good power trip… there’s always one…

Just get my 100ml of ginger ale and 5 peanuts please


trdamateur t1_iy1e035 wrote

Stay classy mate, go get a massage with Watson in Cleveland


WooWoopSoundOThePULI t1_iy40fb4 wrote

This dude is famous for making a catch we’ve all made before.

Just goes to show how low the stardards are from fat fans lol


Professional-Film578 t1_iy2t9fd wrote

Who the fuck is he? And why should I give a shit about him?


JohnHwagi t1_iy50yte wrote

You’re on the sports subreddit.

He is a famous wide receiver that won a Super Bowl in the NFL recently, and is returning from an injury as a free agent. If you follow football, you would know he is likely going to be signed to a $10-20M/yr contact.


DrTopps t1_iyai3qh wrote

Overreaction police are on route