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82ndGameHead t1_iy8m6f4 wrote

The fact that World Cup Deaths are not only a thing with this World Cup, but that they number in the triple digits fucking sickens me.


TheNextBattalion t1_iy953tj wrote

They have occurred before, but it's like one guy fell off a crane, we heard about it right away, then practices were adjusted so it wouldn't happen again.

Here it's just been buried, business as usual, more where that came from. Order more steel, more concrete, more workers, etc.


Cryptoporticus t1_iy98w85 wrote

It's usually more than just one person falling off a crane. People die, and considering how long it takes to build a World Cup, and how many people are involved, 500 people could be a reasonable number.

What we need is a number showing how many preventable deaths were directly caused by the World Cup. Most of these figures being reported are stupid things like total number of workers who died in Qatar in the last ten years, which is a pointless figure that does nothing except make people angry.


skeleton_skunk t1_iya1jnt wrote

WTF. I worked a stadium project before, and there was zero deaths.


orangutanoz t1_iyac8ad wrote

I looked up fatal occupational injuries in NYC just for reference. In 2020 it was under 60. That’s for the entire city of NY across all industries. Qatar is a much smaller place.


Cryptoporticus t1_iyac6m8 wrote

Yes. So now you understand that the deaths reported in Qatar are ridiculous.


Cryptoporticus t1_iy9a4x5 wrote

It will be the same when the American countries host in 2026. In the eight years from 2018-2026, a lot of people working construction jobs in all three countries will die. Especially when you consider that Covid happened during those years too.

Somehow I'm sure people won't count the deaths in the same way for that tournament though.


cliffordcat t1_iy9ipd7 wrote

Dafuq are you talking about?


Cryptoporticus t1_iy9kx8v wrote

A lot of people die everyday. Attributing every death over ten years to the World Cup is misleading and just done to make Qatar look worse than they already are.


cliffordcat t1_iy9mrm3 wrote

This is an argument so illogical and ridiculous I won't bother.

Way to choose "Qatar isn't that bad" as your hill to die on though


Sambouseek t1_iy8jich wrote

How big is the original number if they were comfortable admitting to 400-500?


bimbles_ap t1_iy8prrr wrote

Probably reporting at most 10% of the actual losses.

Or its 400-500 Qataris that died, the other thousands were all migrant worker slaves and don't count in their views.


TemporaryProfessor97 t1_iy8gi2j wrote

lol how can you trust this numbers when they have already lied before


SamCarter_SGC t1_iy8jbaw wrote

or when the real number is so bad that an insane number like 500 is supposed to seem like an acceptable figure


zernoc56 t1_iydoexx wrote

Considering they built an entire city for the World Cup with slave labor, the death count is way higher for sure


Mrs_WorkingMuggle t1_iy9wl1b wrote

I understand this is supposed to be number of deaths caused by building/prep for the world cup but the headline makes it sound like these are people dead so far in the world cup, like it's a deathsport or something.


Samurai_GorohGX t1_iya2fm3 wrote

Wasn’t it like a grand total of 3, according to Qatari officials last week? That escalated quickly.


mercutio1 t1_iya7xlw wrote

  1. Bullshit.

  2. That’s still not good, Qatar.


sweds01 t1_iybdofo wrote

400-500 too many


Mcgoozen t1_iydamlo wrote

I mean…even if this were remotely accurate, it’s still like 100x more than any other World Cup ever…

But we all know it’s actually 10x more than this…

Basically, fuck Qatar


Lancia4Life t1_iy9wsnw wrote

Hey guys don't worry... The cup nots over yet,