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monster-of-the-week t1_iyjy9me wrote

Mr. Barricaded Celebrity


kingcovey t1_iyk02ud wrote



neverending_debt t1_iyk28zq wrote

That Burfict hit turned this man into a super villain.


captaincumsock69 t1_iykh503 wrote

He was already a nut job before hand


kingcovey t1_iykjeae wrote

he was always a comedian who thought he was glib, but noW it's different... it's like kanye after kim.



Youre_On_Balon t1_iylbqfh wrote

No he’d been kicked out of a school for assault among other things


trident042 t1_iymwcxt wrote

For anyone who might be thinking about the phrase "Kanye after Kim" please remember "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was before a single Kardashian was known or famous. Some say Mike Meyers never stopped cringing, to this day.


Binky390 t1_iyn4nok wrote

Let’s also not forget when he stormed the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift while she was receiving an award and say Beyoncé had the best album of all time. People really need to stop blaming Kim.


trident042 t1_iynb94w wrote

Seriously. That one I figured went without saying, but yeah two of his most famous insanity pleas happened well before anyone knew who Kim was.


kingcovey t1_iyk6r33 wrote

>That Burfict

FYI if anyone is wondering:



itsalonghotsummer t1_iyk7ig8 wrote

Fuck me. Something like that in rugby - late, vicious assault on head - would be a year long ban, if the perpetrator ever played again.


joan_wilder t1_iyplx6n wrote

Not a rugby guy, but doesn’t the lack of helmets generally prevent that? Can’t imagine someone getting a running start to a deliver a headbutt.

Edit: Nevermind. Just remembered Chris Benoit.


LRonKoresh t1_iykarni wrote

It really did though, if I'm not mistaken he took another hit like that not long after the first


vanillagorilla_ t1_iykpxc5 wrote

Head trauma starts piling on well before players make it to the NFL. AB has been crazy, it’s why he went to a smaller school when he could’ve played for FSU. The Steelers were just able to keep him in check.


steveo3387 t1_iyms60b wrote

That's probably true, and that's not what CTE is like so many Redditors think. CTE can have the same outcome, but one big traumatic hit can change someone's personality.


gmoney88 t1_iykkxrb wrote

I’ve said this for years. As a Steelers fan, AB was awesome and just did his job. After that hit, everything changed


Sleeze_ t1_iyldk0n wrote

Tough day for Donda Sports


7030 t1_iyjk7sq wrote

honestly who throws a shoe? Mr big clog thats who!


ArcticFox59 t1_iyjy9fu wrote

That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot.


kegster2 t1_iykthti wrote

The guy who threw shoes at Bush Jr, just for starters.


chad4359 t1_iyjl5cw wrote

I think you're gonna need your shoe Floyd


Oldtimer_2 t1_iykbq36 wrote

It's a battery case and violation of court oders... not murder. They're not going in with SWAT for that. The guys a fucking whack but not an imminent threat to anyone. Wait him out. He may get a moment of clarity


pass_nthru t1_iykqc90 wrote

he’s only an imminent threat if you’re in a hot tub with him


joan_wilder t1_iypm4yc wrote

He threw a shoe at her! And he threw her belongings out in the yard! He’s a violent maniac, and he must be stopped, dead or alive!



bluestaples t1_iyjo5jk wrote

Wait, didn't this happen before?


neverending_debt t1_iyjxy7h wrote

Antonio Brown and Kanye West name a more iconic duo of schizos.


monster-of-the-week t1_iykuhcg wrote

Alex Jones and Kanye


neverending_debt t1_iykup6w wrote

Nah, Bro. Alex Jones was trying to calm kanye down. Even he was baffled by the insanity.


DavidHewlett t1_iyll57l wrote

Because Ye was saying the quiet parts loud.

Edit: people seem to assume I agree with this fruitcake. I don’t. But I do believe Ye is voicing the internalized opinions of every other GQP fruitcake out there. They’re not shocked at what he’s saying, they’re shocked he has the audacity to say what they’re thinking.


L3f7y04 t1_iympuy3 wrote

Walking case of CTE. He was never the same after the Vontaze Burfict hit.


rando08110 t1_iyl2mrz wrote

only one year from today this dude was legit feasting in the NFL too lol


Mcrski88 t1_iyjzuvf wrote

He looks like a smart guy


PlutoTheGod t1_iylh35p wrote

“My real problem is I have too big of an IQ” - Antonio Brown, real quote


MissAlice1234 t1_iylfgn0 wrote

Does anyone know if it’s possibly CTE and brain damage from some of the terrible head injuries he’s had in the past?


PlutoTheGod t1_iylhh65 wrote

Everyone says that so much that it’s become a thing, but that’s not really how CTE works. I’d say the real reason for it is 1) major ego & 2) he definitely has some sort of bipolar type mental illness going on that’s been left undiagnosed and dismissed for many years because of his football status but now it’s gotten to a point where it’s become a serious problem.


SafeToPost t1_iymfomm wrote

I mean, all of Chris Benoit’s friends and colleagues were singing his praises about the kind of loving family man he was until they learned he had murdered his family before killing himself.
Going from Diva to Psychopath doesn’t feel entirely out of the question for repeated brain damage.


Kryavan t1_iymxc2x wrote

I'm also pretty sure that all the studies done on CTE show there is a significant change in behavior after the injury.


AtomicBlastCandy t1_iym7mhs wrote

Cops not breaking down his door is the smart decision. It is a misdemeanor not a felony.


mk81 t1_iymerfz wrote

Right on schedule


DDKLondon t1_iymj63j wrote

"That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot! Who throws a shoe? Honestly!"


Bezosisnotaastronaut t1_iymuzus wrote

Maybe they should Call Ye, have him come down and talk AB down.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_iym9br4 wrote

I read the headline and sadly my brain said "Of course they are"


Seahawk715 t1_iyl4uje wrote

Keep piling on the guy asswipes. Dude needs help, not to get riddled with bullets.


DCilantro t1_iyk96uu wrote

Wow, this is a fun and reasonable thread.


HockeyMike34 t1_iyl7yhv wrote

Would be cool if the police just blasted him. I’m tired of hearing about him all the time.


[deleted] t1_iyjmpvg wrote

"police are willing to wait as long as it takes to talk him out"

Yeah, because he's a celebrity. If this was just your average black man accused of domestic abuse, they'd have busted the door down and gone in guns blazing by now. Probably would've managed to "accidentally" shoot some of his neighbors along the way.


brightladdy t1_iyjs7tc wrote

Lol that’s not how this works, friend. Try not to make such rash, anger-inducing assumptions about breaking news stories. You don’t know what’s going on, don’t be like this.

Yes, progress is needed in law-enforcement’s equal treatment, but that’s not the case here. Progress can only be made if chances to do the right thing are given.


[deleted] t1_iyju2ef wrote

All cops are bastards, plain and simple. It's obvious to anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together that Antonio Brown is getting highly preferential treatment, and that if he wasn't such a well known celebrity that the situation would be resolved much more quickly and brutally.


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Tato7069 t1_iyjqbk0 wrote

That's not true at all... Guy in a house with guns, you wait it out. What a warped view of the world.


[deleted] t1_iyjrf0b wrote

No my friend, you don't wait it out. You call the SWAT team in. Unless of course you're dealing with a celebrity, then you wait it out as we see now.


Tato7069 t1_iyk7g23 wrote

No... you don't. Why would you put a swat team in danger to kill someone, when the only negative outcome if you don't is that they kill themselves? You're just wrong


Warlordnipple t1_iykcmp6 wrote

You call SWAT if you are worried about evidence being destroyed before you enter, like in the case of drugs. When you are arresting someone and they are only a danger to themselves you try to talk them down.


Whoooyumyum t1_iyjncf4 wrote

Maybe complying with law enforcement may be helpful


[deleted] t1_iyjozo9 wrote

Ahh yes, because cops are so well known for their ability to be calm and reasonable. Just ask all the people who've had their loved ones killed by them.


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Whoooyumyum t1_iyjy3pj wrote

That’s because her boyfriend shot a cop… instead of once again complying with the police about active warrants


LosingMyEdge7 t1_iyjsxgo wrote

Perhaps this comment would ring true if cops didn’t constantly enforce compliance where they have no legal authority to do so.