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JGCities t1_iyyy740 wrote

I guess the question is how much of his success at Jackson State was due to him being a big fish in a small bowl?

Now that he is competing with the big boys for talent how will things work out? Will be interesting to see how it works out.


MastertoneCO t1_iyz37hs wrote

Wondering this, too. Deion's recruiting and his dominance with those classes in the SWAC will be tough to replicate in the Pac-12.

Curious to see how it all plays out.


keister_TM t1_iz000kl wrote

I think he’s probably going to have the same success, it will just take some time. He’s a great recruiter and on top of that, the college sports world has all eyes on him so that’s an extra boost for talent to go there. Also, Boulder is a beautiful town compared to all the nearby schools/competition, there are no more transfer penalties with ineligibility and NIL’s also make it easier to get players. Not only does Boulder have a lot of money as a community but Deion has the nations attention so I think he’s going to have no shortage of talent coming in within the next couple seasons. What he does with it has yet to be seen but I believe he’ll do well. It’s just kind of a bummer he left Jackson for Boulder. They are polar opposites and Jackson seemed to be really benefiting from him being there.


Jdwestsc t1_iz0rovq wrote

I had this conversation with my wife the other day. She kept telling me how beautiful the campus is and all that. My question to her was “how many college campuses have you been on that weren’t beautiful?”

She played college basketball then spent a few years as an athletic trainer after. She’s been on dozens of campuses but could only think of a couple that actually sucked.

Point being, a beautiful campus will not recruit an athlete. The other factors might help, but I don’t get why people always jump to the beautiful campus argument. If that was all that mattered, Florida Gulf Coast would win everything.


keister_TM t1_iz1xhpn wrote

I saw that because historically Boulder competes with Nebraska for recruiting due to proximity. How would you compare the two??? And of course beauty isn’t the end all but it’s one component and that will only add to the positives. Personally, I didn’t find Boulder attractive due to the seemingly lack of diversity when I was walking around campus which made me surprised that he took the job there but maybe that’s the point


Jdwestsc t1_iz1y5hw wrote

Never been on either campus lol but point taken. My comment wasn’t meant as an attack on you specifically, just the overall idea that a beautiful campus matters (you were just the lucky person that I saw first).

Idk why he decided this was a good move. I think selling the idea and culture of an HBCU to a young black kid is FAR different than selling the opportunity to play for coach Prime at Colorado. I personally don’t see this going well. However, I could just be bitter as an HBCU grad.


keister_TM t1_iz2ged4 wrote

I think the move has a good chance of going well for him but I agree that’s it’s a pretty disappointing move for everyone and I’m not an HBCU grad. It was awesome to see the impact he was having, not only on the school, but the community and HBCU conference. And now he is going to a school filled with a ton of privileged kids without a lot of diversity.

I don’t have the actual data so I could have visited on an off day but, I’m a white male and when I was walking around the campus I was even uncomfortable about the lack of diversity I saw in such a big college. Perhaps that is what motivated him to go there. Colorado in general seems to lack a lot of diversity from what I’ve seen over there and that is also what I’ve heard from friends and family that live there. They have also been bottom dwellers in the power 5 so maybe he wants to prove how big of an impact he can make. Diversify a predominantly white community (90% Caucasian which is wild for such a big city) and make the football team more competitive. I like Deion so I hope it works out for him but it’s such a kick in the nuts to the community of Jackson


GlassEyeMV t1_iz05696 wrote

Agree completely. He was smart to go where he did. It’s a great community with lots of money and will support a winning team. Boulder is awesome, so athletes will find it attractive off campus as well. He’s Deion Sanders. He’ll get recruits and attention and it may work out exactly as CU hopes. Or he could be a hell of a recruiter and have a hard time developing guys and working the Xs and Os and not turn out. But I think 3-4 years will be enough to tell.


MastertoneCO t1_iz0njrr wrote

Well, my wonderings aren't centered around him competing for talent or being able to bring talent to Boulder. That's a given. He can do that even better now with the facilities and platform of CU

I just wonder if his classes will be as dominant. In the SWAC, when you bring a 5 star recruit there, the impact of that player is much more dramatic than in the pac-12 because the overall skill level in the SWAC is much lower. Deion's teams were dominant because he was able to bring decent players to compete against not so decent ones (I assume that the overall talent of the SWAC is less competitive than the PAC-12)

So, will Deion be able to do it in the pac-12 when his recruits have more competition


dessimus t1_iz0a281 wrote

Probably a bit easier as he will not be as directly completing with SEC schools for nearby talent.


JGCities t1_iz0atjo wrote

I highly doubt many of the people he was recruiting were also being recruited by SEC schools. Maybe he snagged a few people who were going to be bench warmers at the bigger schools and convinced them they could play at his school, but otherwise very different talent levels.


dessimus t1_iz0cuzx wrote

He managed to lure a #1 5-star recruit that was previously recruited by GA and had committed to FSU. But we're only going to hear about his recruiting successes, not his missed opportunities. Literally zero chance Deion Sanders' ego is one that says I will only recruit for non-SEC level talent.


KanyeWestBrick t1_iyzpqbw wrote

That team meeting was wild. Basically telling the team to transfer away because he’s bringing in better players.


ronimal t1_iz0e5b4 wrote

What team meeting? Do you have a link?


Rogue42bdf t1_iyzspn7 wrote

I was going to put this under the guy that got downvoted into oblivion. But I figured more people would see it if I just posted it.

60 minutes piece on Coach Prime.

That aired about a month ago. Now, he’s jumping ship and going off to, as someone else said, something shiny. Hypocritical asshat.


CUREAZGEORGE t1_iz04nxh wrote

Ya I’m sure Jackson state felt like the rug got pulled out from them and that he was planning to stay longer. But it’s a business at the end of the day as a college head coach. Also upsetting that Deion telling them all to transfer when he sold them on the idea of building something there in the first place.


donkeylipsh t1_iz0ja94 wrote

But that's not what Dieon sold Jackson State and the players he recruited. Dieon claimed he was doing this for more than business, for more than money, for more than his career.

Dieon made himself the figurehead of a movement. He grifted Jackson State and every one of the players that he lied to to get them to pass up far better offers to join him and his movement at HBCUs.


slapshots1515 t1_iz0xhhv wrote

"...and every one of the players that he lied to to get them to pass up far better offers to join him and his movement at HBCUs."

I get your point here, but nearly anyone that had a shot at a "better offer" is going with him.


donkeylipsh t1_iz1iqcf wrote

None of them signed up to be part of Deion's professional oddysey or play for Colorado.

They signed up to play for an HBCU. They signed up to be part of a movement. They signed up because Deion convinced them it was their calling to be part of something bigger than a college football team.

And now each and every player who signed up because they wanted to be part of what Deion sold them, are now having to give up that dream.


slapshots1515 t1_iz1u93b wrote

If you honestly think anyone that had “far better offers” signed with Jackson State for any other reason than that they believed Deion was capable of getting them to the next level, I have oceanside property in Kansas for sale that you should look at.

You can say all you want about Jackson State as a university, Jackson State fans, even HBCUs in general, and I can grant you it might be warranted. No college kid (Travis Hunter included) was giving up a potential multimillion dollar NFL career for a “movement.”


donkeylipsh t1_iz24oke wrote

It wasn't an either/or decision.

Deion promised them they could have the path to the NFL AND fulfill a higher mission than football.


slapshots1515 t1_iz27o30 wrote

And if you think any of those players passed up a better chance at a multimillion dollar NFL career in support of a mission that will take decades to accomplish without netting them anything, let’s talk about that oceanfront property in Kansas. Players that had the offers you’re talking about went to Jackson State for two things: NFL chances and NIL money. They can get both at Colorado.


donkeylipsh t1_iz2bcjt wrote

It was always about more to these kids:

>"Jerry Rice, Doug Williams and, of course, the legend, JSU’s own Walter Payton — Historically Black Colleges and Universities have a rich tradition in football. I want to be part of that history, and more, I want to be part of that future. I am making this decision so that I can light the way for others to follow, make it a little easier for the next player to recognize that HBCUs may be everything you want and more: an exciting college experience, a vital community, and a life-changing place to play football.
“I look forward to working with the iconic Deion Sanders, and especially with my fellow Tigers. Along with Coach Prime, they have made me feel like I’m already part of the team. Like I’m home. And I can’t wait to welcome the next class of top athletes into the family of HBCUs.

You can downvote me all you want. You can argue til you're face is as blue as the ocean views from your Kansas beach house. You can not change the words these young men spoke. And you can not change what they were buying in to.


slapshots1515 t1_iz2ishf wrote

If you believe everything everyone ever says at full face value, it’s going to be a very trying life for you.


donkeylipsh t1_iz57awp wrote

Ignoring all evidence as you close your eyes, plug your ears, and scream "I'm right, you're wrong!!!" isn't the flex you think it is


slapshots1515 t1_iz6qhio wrote

I’ve given you evidence, my man. You’re the one who can’t face the facts of the situation and want everyone involved here to be something they aren’t. You can’t overturn one, simple fact: if it were this important to them, they wouldn’t be leaving.


donkeylipsh t1_iz6wls4 wrote

No, you've expressed your opinion that Deion owes nobody anythign for the lies he tells recruits.

You've never once presented an single word that has the backing of anything any player has said or done.

I'm the only person in this discussion who has presented evidence.

You made up your own narrative for everything, including my own position, and are doing touchdown dances as if you're speaking the word of god.

And you then you lack all self-awareness to try and attack me for creating my own narrative.

Something, something, accuse your enemy of that you are most guilty


slapshots1515 t1_iz75enn wrote

Please quote where I said anything about what Deion does or does not owe to anyone.

Please offer an actual refutation to the fact that these players have indeed left. If you’re so certain your premise is correct that these players were so dedicated to HBCUs and not Deion, explain using facts and not feelings why they left immediately after he did.

You can’t do either one.

That’ll about sum that up.


donkeylipsh t1_iz7acy1 wrote

This you?

>If you believe everything everyone ever says at full face value, it’s going to be a very trying life for you.

As for the transfers, the fact is, the first Jackson State player to enter the transfer portal didn't do that until today! So you've been lying in all your posts, and the thing you're claiming is the basis of your position, is fan-fiction you made up in your own head.

So no, there is no FACT that all these players are following Deion.

You're too blind with your rage and stupidity to realize you're presenting a logical fallacy.

The burden of proof isn't on me. You're the one who is claiming 100% of the Jackson State roster has already announced they are transferring.

Which is a lie. So you need to prove the existence of every, single, player transferring before I can point out your ignorance once again.

Please offer an actual refutation to the fact that you're a lab rat typing on a keyboard.

Take your fucking L bro


slapshots1515 t1_iz7b9lz wrote

Rage? Stupidity? Lol.

That quote isn’t anything to do with me saying what Deion owes to anyone. Please try again.

I never claimed 100% of the Jackson State roster would transfer. Please stop lying.

Sanders and Hunter have both already announced their intent to leave. If you believe it won’t be official soon, you really are as gullible as you seem. If you don’t believe it, then please argue in good faith.

If you don’t believe there will be any more-especially since Deion already said more would be coming-then it makes sense why you bought this narrative hook, line, and sinker in the first place.

It’s really quite funny to watch you try to argue. You try to pull out the quote about accusing your enemy of that which you are on me…only to exemplify it yourself.

I asked two simple things of you, please try again. I know you can’t and that’s why you’re so mad.


donkeylipsh t1_iz825ry wrote

Oh look, it's the goldfish bot who can't even remember the words the spew out on the keyboard!

This is too easy

>Instead, they are all leaving with Deion. It was always about Deion.

The goldfish strikes again. For real, take your L


slapshots1515 t1_iz862ky wrote

What does that quote have to do with what Deion owes to anyone?

Keep trying, at least that one had the word “Deion” in it.


donkeylipsh t1_iz89asx wrote

>I never claimed 100% of the Jackson State roster would transfer.


slapshots1515 t1_iz89vnh wrote

Quote where I said that big fella. Like the other quote you still can’t produce, you won’t be able to. I do wish you would stop lying.


slapshots1515 t1_iz8bqnu wrote

You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t ya son. This is the part where you’re supposed to show me, you know, where I actually claimed 100% of the Jackson State roster would transfer. You know, to show me I’m wrong. Which you won’t be able to do, but it’s super funny to watch you try.


donkeylipsh t1_iz8c6oj wrote

>Instead, they are all leaving with Deion.


slapshots1515 t1_iz8f074 wrote

…clearly, you’re not actually trying to stretch “all” in that quote to mean “100% of the Jackson State roster”, because that would take an incredible lack of reading comprehension.

It’s doubly hilarious you’re so pressed now you’re googling links to use on elementary school insults. Like seriously, is this all it takes to set you off?


donkeylipsh t1_iz8f7zd wrote

>How dare you use my words against me!!!


slapshots1515 t1_iz8fjtz wrote

…but you didn’t. Unless, again, you’re applying an inconceivable lack of reading comprehension again. Like seriously, we might be talking world record status.


donkeylipsh t1_iz8fs6a wrote

>My words are meaningless! Now I demand you take me seriously!

- man sipping long island iced tea on his beach in Kansas


slapshots1515 t1_iz8g4zx wrote

So just to clarify-rather than simply admit you are wrong-you’re going so far as to pretend to be so colossally stupid to apply “all” here to mean “100% of the Jackson State roster” rather than the group of people we were talking about the whole time, the players Deion recruited that had better offers from big schools.

I have to say, I’m legitimately impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone cut off so much of their nose to spite their face before.


donkeylipsh t1_iz8gcpj wrote



  1. Being or representing the entire or total number, amount, or quantity:
    1. synonym: whole.
  2. Constituting, being, or representing the total extent or the whole.
  3. Being the utmost possible of.

slapshots1515 t1_iz8glq1 wrote

Try looking up “context” next. Vital for the reading comprehension you need. You’ll find life much easier after that.

Seriously, I’ve never seen someone pretend to be this dumb just to avoid admitting they were wrong. It’s pathological, isn’t it?


donkeylipsh t1_iz8i845 wrote

What context will make every player from all 3 of Deion's recruiting classes joining him at Colorado a reality?

If you can tell me what you're even accusing me of I will eat my keyboard. Guarantee you're too dumb to even realize what you're arguing any more.


slapshots1515 t1_iz9e3od wrote

I’m not so much accusing you of anything as just wondering if it would be more sad if you actually believed what you were saying and had to go about life being that dumb, or whether it would be worse if you were so pathologically opposed to admitting you misstated the smallest little thing that you would still be bothering to invent all of this two days later. Pretty sad either way, really.


donkeylipsh t1_iza4g2h wrote

There it is! Dumbass has no clue what they're even arguing. Got so worked up you played yourself to be the biggest fool on reddit. Shocker! Guess I won't be having that keyboard for breakfast after all.

What do you think I believed?

You want me to admit something, but you don't even know what thing is. You harassed me for 48 hours, and you can't even explain why.

And you call me pathological?

Jesus christ, in the history of self-owns, you take the crown. The physical embodied of /r/selfawarewolves and /r/confidentlyincorrect all rolled into one.

I gotta thank you, bravo! Chefs kiss! You're truly one of the greatest treasures I've ever discovered on reddit!


slapshots1515 t1_izaddgf wrote

I wouldn’t expect you to understand the conversation. You’ve pretty conclusively proven you either can’t or won’t read. Which one it is isn’t much of a concern to me.

Harassed you? My brother in Christ, you’re the one who is so obsessed with me you actually just signed up to follow me on Reddit. I’ve never seen anyone be so pressed before. What was it you said? “Something, something, accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty of”? Look in the mirror my guy.


donkeylipsh t1_iz7b4xb wrote

Quote one fact you've presented in all your posts. Just fucking 1.

Do it. Put your money where your mouth is. Use your facts not your feelings.


slapshots1515 t1_iz7breb wrote

Why should I? You claim you have all this evidence but you can’t play my game and offer a simple quote. Why should I come down to your level?

It’s funny you accuse me of being blinded by rage when you’re so pressed yourself.


donkeylipsh t1_iz82re8 wrote

I gave you a quote you braindead gold fish.

Suddenly mr. facts not feelings can't name a single fact. You're complete joke. /r/selfawarewolves come get your boy


slapshots1515 t1_iz85xx2 wrote

You gave me a quote…that had nothing to do with what we were talking about.

Life must really be tough for you.


donkeylipsh t1_iz89537 wrote

Is there a caregiver we should alert for you? I don't think dementia patients are supposed to spend this much time online without supervision


slapshots1515 t1_iz89ek9 wrote

I’m just seeing a guy who would rather spend his whole day and night searching for a quote that doesn’t exist rather than just admit they were wrong. I just see that as a pretty tough life for you, that’s all. Quite sad.


donkeylipsh t1_iz8bdk6 wrote


donkeylipsh t1_iz2a97g wrote

If NFL and NIL is the only thing they cared about, then they never woulda gone to Jackson State to begin with.

And if you think Deion Sanders is the only person, let alone top 50 people who can get these kids to the NFL or get the NIL money, then it looks like you've been spending too much time on that beachfront property in Kansas you keep trying to sell me.


slapshots1515 t1_iz2l1yl wrote

So it’s a pure coincidence that Hunter, the first recruit of his caliber to go to an HBCU pretty much ever, just happened to decide to do so right after NIL money became a thing with a coach who is basically one of the most marketable people on the planet purely out of the goodness of his heart to strive for HBCU’s everywhere.

You can believe it because he said a few nice things about Doug Williams and Jerry Rice, but a) if his big goal was to be HBCU Jesus, he wouldn’t have taken about ten seconds after Deion left to announce his transfer like he just did, and b) that would have been a financial disaster the likes we haven’t seen since people were giving Bernie Madoff money.

I get it man: you really seem to want these kids to be these altruistic crusaders. They’re not, and it’s ok that they’re not. I’m not even saying Deion didn’t sell it that way, and I’m not saying the kids don’t believe it some. But when the chips are down, NFL and NIL is what matters to them.


donkeylipsh t1_iz56x6y wrote

Your entire argument rest on the belief that Deion fucking Sanders is the only person on earth who can get these kids NIL or to the NFL. And that is absolute bullshit.

If Deion Sanders was so good, he wouldn't have to have gone to an HBCU. If Deion Sanders was so good, he wouldn't have to go to 1-11 Colorado.

These kids had offers to other schools and coaches who are FAR better at securing NFL roster spots and NIL money.

And every one of those players who had those opportunities passed them up to join Deions crusade.

There is no coincidence that some dude sold young kids that building HBCU's is a calling from god, a mission for black men to stand in solidarity and lead their race during the peak of racial unrest in America.


slapshots1515 t1_iz59bzr wrote

It absolutely does not, if you actually read instead of wish.

There’s about one kid your comment really applies to, Travis Hunter. Travis Hunter who, as a DB, gets to be the premier protege of a guy considered among the best DBs of all time. Travis Hunter, who as a result of this got a ton of publicity and now gets to play at a Power 5 school anyways. Travis Hunter who, for all of his talk about Jerry Rice and Walter Payton, immediately jumped ship as soon as Deion left.

If all these kids cared so damn much about reinventing HBCUs and being a leader for their race they would be staying at Jackson State. Instead, they are all leaving with Deion. It was always about Deion.

I’m sorry you bought into the narrative so hard, but that’s what it was: a narrative, a sell job, a recruiting tool. Sure, I don’t believe either Deion or these kids want to hurt HBCUs, but if it really was about what you say it was, they wouldn’t be leaving.

Making people into something they aren’t is a dangerous thing. Again, I tell you that these kids weren’t going to be the saviors of HBCUs, but that’s ok. Honestly, what they’ve already done for HBCUs is at least a step in the right direction, and now others need to step up and move it forward.

But, you are trying to make a bunch of 18-21 year old kids into holy warriors that they just aren’t. And if you do that, you’ll often find reality is disappointing. All of this-Deion jumping ship for a P5 and taking all the good kids with him-was utterly inevitable and completely predictable to anyone not drinking kool-aid.


Darryl_Lict t1_iyzy6mh wrote

Welp, he should be coach of both the football and baseball teams.


cmarme t1_iz0kiyk wrote

The Colts have shown these guys that they don’t need coaching experience. Deion just needs to buddy up with an owner and he will be coaching in the NFL in no time.


ToleranceDeathCamp t1_iz2edj0 wrote

If anything, with how college football is, being a big name is more important than coaching experience. He had a ton of success in a short time with Jackson state because he was a big name who was able to recruit using his name value.


Redditfront2back t1_iz08931 wrote

If he can turn Colorado into a contender again we maybe could see a coaching career equal to his playing one.


philodendrin t1_iyyryc9 wrote

He jumped from the Falcons to the Niners to the Cowboys to the infamous 2000 Redskins to the Ravens, always chasing the clout. All that ring shopping and he only has 2.

But Colorado has to know he is eventually going to leave their program for a more attractive program in the near future, right?


detero t1_iyz26tg wrote

This isnt the diss you think it is


philodendrin t1_iyzpvnn wrote

He abandoned "his calling" after just two seasons. He was supposed to help build and establish a footprint on the HBCU program but left it behind for something shiny. I'm disappointed because he really could have accomplished something bigger and helped put a spotlight on to these historically black colleges and universities sports systems, elevating them to national prominance.

He has enough money, he has celebrity, he has the accolades. So whats left; a legacy. And instead of it being elevating these programs and systems, it will just be another chapter of glitz and drama.


vicblck24 t1_iyzuqyz wrote

You had to have known he was leaving Jackson St when he got the chance


philodendrin t1_iyzzi5i wrote

I had hoped he would stay longer or maybe step towards another HBCU like Howard University. There is no shortage of small programs that are really close to exploding to national prominence if they just get the exposure. And thats what he brings.

The college football system doesn't need another bloated, scandal-plagued program built on the skill of young black men and supported by spoiled, rich, white people. It needs black athletes to build and support more HBCUs and help make those into athletic powerhouses, elevating those programs to National prominence.

He had a chance to give back to College football what it gave him. And he could have had a legacy much richer than just a Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer. He could have been the Bear Bryant of Black College Football, held in the same reverence as John Madden. Thats a legacy.


vicblck24 t1_iz07cw8 wrote

You say “built on the skill of young black men” like they aren’t getting anything out of it. He has a chance to provide a better life for a lot of underprivileged kids by taking money from those “rich white guys (and black guys)” and giving it to kids in the form of NIL and a great education. Plus he is a competitor and wants to compete with the best. He even wanted Auburn job earlier


Puzzleheaded_Bear_58 t1_iz09idx wrote

I went to boulder in the 90s. The football players then were barely in class. I have a hard time believing they get a great education


vicblck24 t1_iz0ad08 wrote

Do they get a degree if they want to?! If yes then it’s a education. Most do online now anyways


Puzzleheaded_Bear_58 t1_iz0duq2 wrote

There’s more to a “great education” than a degree. Especially at boulder which is a great school with some amazing professors. But sure, they get their piece of paper …does that even matter anymore? I never once used my college education credentials…but I definitely used what I learned


vicblck24 t1_iz0ii7a wrote

The piece of paper is arguably the most important some might say lol. As far as what they learn that’s on them, but Chance is there especially at a good school


Puzzleheaded_Bear_58 t1_iz126oq wrote

It’s not on them though. They are expected to be football players first and the school bends over backwards to push them through the “education”. Surprise surprise, it’s all a bunch of bullshit


philodendrin t1_iz0az6t wrote

You know how that system works. It grinds young men up and uses their physical gifts and then tosses them aside, all for big TV contracts and money.

Watch the 30 for 30 series on Marcus Dupree, its an eye-opener.


vicblck24 t1_iz0ibqk wrote

I’ve seen it. But it’s no the same now. Players are making a lot of money. And they have the potential to benefit their lives


PoodleGuap t1_iyyx6gm wrote

Damn what a loser — only 2 Super Bowl rings?


philodendrin t1_iyzqzrh wrote

My point was that he was supposed to help build a system that HBCUs would be elevated to national prominance. These programs have been underserved and underseen in the shadows of the spotlights of bigger, whiter programs. He said it was "his calling" and now only 2 years later, he traded that for a bigger spotlight instead of helping build that. There was something bigger there that he traded in, a legacy as the usher for a new age of seeing these underserved programs flourish and get the recognition they deserve.

Black kids have been helping build these football juggernauts so that white kids can brag about their school. What about those black colleges and universities that have been looked over? He could have elevated that whole system but chose to chase glitz, glam and drama. He could have helped build something bigger.


TheDebateMatters t1_iyzw700 wrote

I agree with everything you have stated, with one caveat. It’s Sanders….he was never a team player, he was always a guy looking for the spot light. Getting a fluff piece written every couple of years about his “good works” was not what scratches his itch. Turning around a terrible D1 team has “coach of the year” possibilities. Then it will be an NFL gig.


phred_666 t1_iz05jyu wrote

Remember, this is a guy who was nicknamed “Prime Time”…. Aways looking for the spotlight.


philodendrin t1_iyzzuon wrote

Yeah, I guess I was hoping for too much. There is just so much opportunity there in those HBCUs, they are ready to step into the spotlight and deserve a bigger stage.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.


Blindman2k17 t1_iz5s8ri wrote

So maybe black kids should not want to go where the money is. A lot of them have benefited from these so-called white schools that you’re throwing out. The problem with you only seeing color is part of the problem.


shoeshiner19 t1_iyyyjee wrote

Yes, the 1-11 Colorado Buffs

PS (when he does eventually leave for something better it won’t hurt as bad as Mel Tucker leaving)


0bi_Wan_Jabroni t1_iz0uidj wrote

That’s what ever college coach does: leaves for the next better opportunity.


philodendrin t1_iz106j5 wrote

I don't fault him for that. Just the missed opportunity to consider bringing other HBCUs up to what Colorado is at right now. He had a great opportunity to really build something instead of cutting to a program that has had recruiting violations and sex scandals.

That football program doesn't deserve to get that break like all those HBCUs could use. They are gonna eat him up and his legacy will go with it. (I hope not but thats how I see it)