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JGCities t1_iyyy740 wrote

I guess the question is how much of his success at Jackson State was due to him being a big fish in a small bowl?

Now that he is competing with the big boys for talent how will things work out? Will be interesting to see how it works out.


MastertoneCO t1_iyz37hs wrote

Wondering this, too. Deion's recruiting and his dominance with those classes in the SWAC will be tough to replicate in the Pac-12.

Curious to see how it all plays out.


keister_TM t1_iz000kl wrote

I think he’s probably going to have the same success, it will just take some time. He’s a great recruiter and on top of that, the college sports world has all eyes on him so that’s an extra boost for talent to go there. Also, Boulder is a beautiful town compared to all the nearby schools/competition, there are no more transfer penalties with ineligibility and NIL’s also make it easier to get players. Not only does Boulder have a lot of money as a community but Deion has the nations attention so I think he’s going to have no shortage of talent coming in within the next couple seasons. What he does with it has yet to be seen but I believe he’ll do well. It’s just kind of a bummer he left Jackson for Boulder. They are polar opposites and Jackson seemed to be really benefiting from him being there.


Jdwestsc t1_iz0rovq wrote

I had this conversation with my wife the other day. She kept telling me how beautiful the campus is and all that. My question to her was “how many college campuses have you been on that weren’t beautiful?”

She played college basketball then spent a few years as an athletic trainer after. She’s been on dozens of campuses but could only think of a couple that actually sucked.

Point being, a beautiful campus will not recruit an athlete. The other factors might help, but I don’t get why people always jump to the beautiful campus argument. If that was all that mattered, Florida Gulf Coast would win everything.


keister_TM t1_iz1xhpn wrote

I saw that because historically Boulder competes with Nebraska for recruiting due to proximity. How would you compare the two??? And of course beauty isn’t the end all but it’s one component and that will only add to the positives. Personally, I didn’t find Boulder attractive due to the seemingly lack of diversity when I was walking around campus which made me surprised that he took the job there but maybe that’s the point


Jdwestsc t1_iz1y5hw wrote

Never been on either campus lol but point taken. My comment wasn’t meant as an attack on you specifically, just the overall idea that a beautiful campus matters (you were just the lucky person that I saw first).

Idk why he decided this was a good move. I think selling the idea and culture of an HBCU to a young black kid is FAR different than selling the opportunity to play for coach Prime at Colorado. I personally don’t see this going well. However, I could just be bitter as an HBCU grad.


keister_TM t1_iz2ged4 wrote

I think the move has a good chance of going well for him but I agree that’s it’s a pretty disappointing move for everyone and I’m not an HBCU grad. It was awesome to see the impact he was having, not only on the school, but the community and HBCU conference. And now he is going to a school filled with a ton of privileged kids without a lot of diversity.

I don’t have the actual data so I could have visited on an off day but, I’m a white male and when I was walking around the campus I was even uncomfortable about the lack of diversity I saw in such a big college. Perhaps that is what motivated him to go there. Colorado in general seems to lack a lot of diversity from what I’ve seen over there and that is also what I’ve heard from friends and family that live there. They have also been bottom dwellers in the power 5 so maybe he wants to prove how big of an impact he can make. Diversify a predominantly white community (90% Caucasian which is wild for such a big city) and make the football team more competitive. I like Deion so I hope it works out for him but it’s such a kick in the nuts to the community of Jackson


GlassEyeMV t1_iz05696 wrote

Agree completely. He was smart to go where he did. It’s a great community with lots of money and will support a winning team. Boulder is awesome, so athletes will find it attractive off campus as well. He’s Deion Sanders. He’ll get recruits and attention and it may work out exactly as CU hopes. Or he could be a hell of a recruiter and have a hard time developing guys and working the Xs and Os and not turn out. But I think 3-4 years will be enough to tell.


MastertoneCO t1_iz0njrr wrote

Well, my wonderings aren't centered around him competing for talent or being able to bring talent to Boulder. That's a given. He can do that even better now with the facilities and platform of CU

I just wonder if his classes will be as dominant. In the SWAC, when you bring a 5 star recruit there, the impact of that player is much more dramatic than in the pac-12 because the overall skill level in the SWAC is much lower. Deion's teams were dominant because he was able to bring decent players to compete against not so decent ones (I assume that the overall talent of the SWAC is less competitive than the PAC-12)

So, will Deion be able to do it in the pac-12 when his recruits have more competition


dessimus t1_iz0a281 wrote

Probably a bit easier as he will not be as directly completing with SEC schools for nearby talent.


JGCities t1_iz0atjo wrote

I highly doubt many of the people he was recruiting were also being recruited by SEC schools. Maybe he snagged a few people who were going to be bench warmers at the bigger schools and convinced them they could play at his school, but otherwise very different talent levels.


dessimus t1_iz0cuzx wrote

He managed to lure a #1 5-star recruit that was previously recruited by GA and had committed to FSU. But we're only going to hear about his recruiting successes, not his missed opportunities. Literally zero chance Deion Sanders' ego is one that says I will only recruit for non-SEC level talent.