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BlackonBlue t1_iz2wauu wrote

I have seems some witches leaving the hotel the Serbian we’re staying at… this may have some standing.


TheIncredibleBert t1_iz5fm3f wrote

Can confirm. One of them turned me into a newt….I got better….


hippyengineer t1_iz5q3f4 wrote

We shall use my largest scales international platform to admonish the Serbs.


ladyem8 OP t1_iz2ztnx wrote



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ArchibaldMcAcherson t1_iz3qayz wrote

Reminds me of the reactions that took place in Serbia in Jan this year when the Australian government cancelled Novak Djokovic's visa after he got a 'medical exemption' for a COVID vaccination and the authorities rejected it and sent him home.


TheSpitfire93 t1_iz49t4x wrote

Man that's stupid. Everybody knows to bring priests with you to counter enemy witches when doing anything important, all around bad play by the Serbians.


GlitteringBobcat999 t1_iz5fs2p wrote

I once ran in a track race against the national record holder. He lapped me multiple times because I forgot to go to confession beforehand.


BradMarchandsNose t1_iz4y07k wrote

Do people actually believe this or is this just some shitty online conspiracy show? I feel like this is like posting a clip of Alex Jones and saying “America has come to the conclusion that water is turning the frogs gay”


socalgooner t1_iz58m4a wrote

Clearly prejudiced against Serbians. I’ll admit Serbians have a ways to go as an ethical society but under the context of their history and progress they’re right where they always were going to be.


Louka_Glass t1_iz4prbm wrote

That’s no excuse. A well managed team should know that a defence for the eldritch void between the material and astral planes is just as important as it is on the pitch.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz48uw9 wrote

source: yellow press reality program talk show?

106 upvotes? am i dreaming?


AnotherRailsNoob t1_iz5221x wrote

This is Reddit. If it fits a popular narrative (i.e. Serbia bad) it will go unchallenged.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz52tyw wrote

i keep forgetting it sometimes. maybe it's finally time to call it a day. i'm 31 and you might never know what kind of spoiled, hateful, edgy brat, is pissing you off on this reddit shitshow.

helps when you see someone normal though. thanks. cheers.


socalgooner t1_iz58boh wrote

Also what do expect from Reddit. I think people are just now learning about Serbia and assume it’s a simple victim/oppressor narrative.


Cheaperthantherapy13 t1_iz3plvf wrote

Giselle is Brazil’s top sports witch; anyone know if she’s in Qatar right now?


Gobblewicket t1_iz4sapf wrote

No one knows, it's a pretty veiled subject.


Cheaperthantherapy13 t1_iz4vvty wrote

Now we know the real reason she divorced Tom Brady; she needed to focus all her powers on a critical mission for the Motherland.


DarthPeaceOut t1_iz4n73m wrote

But why didn’t they bring any priests?!? Qatar, being this close to Romania, might have a sizable population of vampires.


socalgooner t1_iz581jn wrote

Hey take a moment to reflect on how stupid it was for you to say Serbia has now reached the conclusion. As if all Serbians think the same. Just think about it for a second and if you have any self awareness you might become a better person.


musedmb715 t1_iz5fdph wrote

your comment is super ironic given what the serbs got in trouble for


slightlyforthwith t1_iz4x6zy wrote

Yeah let’s let these people into the EU 🙄


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz5335g wrote

of course, serbs are witchcraft enjoyers, and all of our neighbors who post these lies are objective, because you like nice objective people. cheers