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ladyem8 OP t1_iz1fbmo wrote

The misconduct included anti-Kosovo chants by Serbia fans, who also targeted Switzerland player Shaqiri (who is ethnic Albanian and has family ties to Kosovo) with verbal abuse.


samstown23 t1_iz4td3w wrote

Wasn't it (also?) Xhaka? Same problem obviously.


ladyem8 OP t1_iz4vjdq wrote

I believe you’re right yes, thanks for adding.


compstomp66 t1_iz4z9tz wrote

It’s always some shit in the balkans.


TheRain911 t1_iz5bt30 wrote

Uhh no its just always serbs starting shit.


compstomp66 t1_iz5ch3z wrote

I butchered a famous quote from Otto von Bismarck in 1890 “If there is ever another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans.”

To your point though it was the Serbs back then too.


Grease__ t1_iz5jn0b wrote

Says every anti-serb westerner. You don’t know shit.


TheRain911 t1_iz5kp9e wrote

No, says literally any person who disagrees with genocides 🤡🤡


gaybraham-lincoln t1_iz4p554 wrote

Power cube should have just done the Albanian double eagle celebration like last time


okeanos00 t1_iz5kpbr wrote

Oh, they got so mad. It was glorious. And he wasn't the only one from the Swiss team doing it.


gaybraham-lincoln t1_iz5nr3q wrote

Exactly, that’s what I’m saying! Oh you’re going to throw chants about Kosovo around? Suck this double eagle goal celebration fuckers


BlackonBlue t1_iz2wauu wrote

I have seems some witches leaving the hotel the Serbian we’re staying at… this may have some standing.


TheIncredibleBert t1_iz5fm3f wrote

Can confirm. One of them turned me into a newt….I got better….


hippyengineer t1_iz5q3f4 wrote

We shall use my largest scales international platform to admonish the Serbs.


ladyem8 OP t1_iz2ztnx wrote



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ArchibaldMcAcherson t1_iz3qayz wrote

Reminds me of the reactions that took place in Serbia in Jan this year when the Australian government cancelled Novak Djokovic's visa after he got a 'medical exemption' for a COVID vaccination and the authorities rejected it and sent him home.


TheSpitfire93 t1_iz49t4x wrote

Man that's stupid. Everybody knows to bring priests with you to counter enemy witches when doing anything important, all around bad play by the Serbians.


GlitteringBobcat999 t1_iz5fs2p wrote

I once ran in a track race against the national record holder. He lapped me multiple times because I forgot to go to confession beforehand.


BradMarchandsNose t1_iz4y07k wrote

Do people actually believe this or is this just some shitty online conspiracy show? I feel like this is like posting a clip of Alex Jones and saying “America has come to the conclusion that water is turning the frogs gay”


socalgooner t1_iz58m4a wrote

Clearly prejudiced against Serbians. I’ll admit Serbians have a ways to go as an ethical society but under the context of their history and progress they’re right where they always were going to be.


Louka_Glass t1_iz4prbm wrote

That’s no excuse. A well managed team should know that a defence for the eldritch void between the material and astral planes is just as important as it is on the pitch.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz48uw9 wrote

source: yellow press reality program talk show?

106 upvotes? am i dreaming?


AnotherRailsNoob t1_iz5221x wrote

This is Reddit. If it fits a popular narrative (i.e. Serbia bad) it will go unchallenged.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz52tyw wrote

i keep forgetting it sometimes. maybe it's finally time to call it a day. i'm 31 and you might never know what kind of spoiled, hateful, edgy brat, is pissing you off on this reddit shitshow.

helps when you see someone normal though. thanks. cheers.


socalgooner t1_iz58boh wrote

Also what do expect from Reddit. I think people are just now learning about Serbia and assume it’s a simple victim/oppressor narrative.


Cheaperthantherapy13 t1_iz3plvf wrote

Giselle is Brazil’s top sports witch; anyone know if she’s in Qatar right now?


Gobblewicket t1_iz4sapf wrote

No one knows, it's a pretty veiled subject.


Cheaperthantherapy13 t1_iz4vvty wrote

Now we know the real reason she divorced Tom Brady; she needed to focus all her powers on a critical mission for the Motherland.


DarthPeaceOut t1_iz4n73m wrote

But why didn’t they bring any priests?!? Qatar, being this close to Romania, might have a sizable population of vampires.


socalgooner t1_iz581jn wrote

Hey take a moment to reflect on how stupid it was for you to say Serbia has now reached the conclusion. As if all Serbians think the same. Just think about it for a second and if you have any self awareness you might become a better person.


musedmb715 t1_iz5fdph wrote

your comment is super ironic given what the serbs got in trouble for


slightlyforthwith t1_iz4x6zy wrote

Yeah let’s let these people into the EU 🙄


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz5335g wrote

of course, serbs are witchcraft enjoyers, and all of our neighbors who post these lies are objective, because you like nice objective people. cheers


IamNotTheMama t1_iz2fuv5 wrote

I know FIFA is already rich but they'd get phenomenally richer fining the fans at the Philadelphia Eagles (American) football games.


[deleted] t1_iz3h8xt wrote

I love the narrative that Eagles fans are the worst while Boston fans are openly racist and people are murdered at Oakland/San Fran games. Snowballing Santa like 50 years ago was the worst.


Amity83 t1_iz3ngc1 wrote

They aren’t the worst people, they just are the most ungrateful fanbase. No one hates the eagles as much as eagles fans do. It’s bizarre. McNabb and Westbrook carried that team for years but the fans constantly shat on them.


awfuckthisshit t1_iz3ooxb wrote

They booed their undefeated team this year at halftime of a game when they were only down like 7 points.


jarpio t1_iz4m3wj wrote

Yes, we boo when you play poorly. And cheer when you play well. Why do people have so much trouble making sense of that?


awfuckthisshit t1_iz4we8b wrote

Just ungrateful. They have played their asses off all season, then have one half of not great football and you guys turn on them. Who would want to play well for fans that jump down your throat the second you slip up slightly?


jarpio t1_iz4wswo wrote

We’re not turning on them. Booing is not a message of “fuck you we don’t love you anymore.”

Booing is “stop playing like shit”

You pay good money to watch multi millionaires play a game, they underperform and we’re expected to cheer that? We don’t boo losses, we can accept losses. We boo performances. We expect hard work and accountability and learning from mistakes. If we don’t see that we let them know. We don’t let them off the hook. That’s not a bad thing. It’s not “we hate you for losing” it’s “get your shit together”


awfuckthisshit t1_iz5ahr2 wrote

Who would hear someone boo them and think “oh man, better play better for these twats in the stands saying I fucking suck” when they have played great for 96% of the season. You can make excuses about accountability all you want but that just sounds like you have the memory of a goldfish. Forgetting all the great play for the entire season over 1/2 of one game.


jarpio t1_iz5f7so wrote

Funny star players in 3 major sports seem to be flocking here (we don’t speak of the Flyers rn). Must be because they hate playing in front of fans that want to win as badly as they do.

Embiid, Harden, Harper, Schwarber, Castellanos, Wheeler, Realmuto, Nola, Turner, Hurts, Brown, Kelce, Slay, Johnson, Bradberry, Gardner Johnson, Cox, Long, Peters, Dawkins, Utley, Howard, Rollins, Halladay, Lee, I could go on, most of these guys chose to come here, some were drafted and chose to re sign. Many of these players left more money on the table elsewhere to come here. Some took the most money to come here. But they all came here. They all want to be here. And they all “get it” not every athlete that comes here does wind up “getting it” and those guys usually don’t last very long here. and I could probably make a much longer list of players who fall in that category.

Your comment tells me you have a mentality more like that of Ben Simmons or Carson Wentz. A person who would take the boos personally instead of as motivation to improve and be better. You wouldn’t last long here. And that’s fine. But if you don’t understand us, and make no effort to understand us, and still criticize us then idk what to tell you other than we don’t care if you don’t like us, but something about us clearly is threatening to you.


awfuckthisshit t1_iz5ml2o wrote

You and I clearly have very different views on how to lead and support people. There’s no chance we will agree, and that’s ok. You want to put people down and point out their flaws to motivate them to improve and I want to raise them up and highlight their good qualities to raise their confidence to motivate them. Both styles have been seen in sports and have successes and failures.


oliversurpless t1_iz5bno6 wrote

Then why the needless clarification of “multi millionaires play a game”?

Not only is that not true for many a player despite the dangerous nature of the game, why would that even matter?

Dare I ask you about how “worthy” you think certain types of political protests are?


jarpio t1_iz5g1um wrote

Well no it’s more

“we’re a working class city, paying good money out of pocket to watch these millionaires play this game. The least we are asking for is for you to play hard and show you want to win as badly as we want you to win.”

We’re okay with losing, as long as there is accountability for it and you show us you’re willing to put the work in and improve. Lots of athletes and coaches and GMs makes excuses or act like a victim and take it personally when they hear the boos and that shit just doesn’t fly around here. We don’t have any sympathy for somebody making millions telling us their feelings are hurt bc they played like shit and had to hear about.


cycorrado t1_iz56lkh wrote

I used to hate eagles fan till I realized I’m the same way with the bears Lmaooo.


spencehammer t1_iz4v9qp wrote

This is one of the few things I actually respect about Philadelphians (and as a DMVer I know the feeling is mutual) but most people are blind fanatics for their team. People still cheer for Washington after we’ve sucked for 30 years. It blows their mind that a fan base might give actual feedback based on the team’s performance.


jarpio t1_iz4waxb wrote

Not every player can handle that either. People say we’re overly harsh or too tough but really, we’re not “tough” we just want to win and expect our players to want to win as badly as we do. We are more than accommodating in defeat, if the players effort is up to par. But guys that clearly don’t put in the work (like Ben Simmons) or guys that just don’t “get it” (like Carson Wentz) get chewed up and spit out here.

All we ask for from the guys getting paid millions is hard work and personal accountability. Players and teams that display those characteristics are usually beloved whether they win or lose, and usually teams that have those characteristics are generally more successful. So yeah, when they play poorly we voice our displeasure.


jarpio t1_iz4mfoh wrote

That’s flat out not true. Westbrook is one of the most revered players in Eagles history, donovan is more polarizing not bc of his play. He’s more polarizing because he gives interviews and usually winds up putting his foot in his mouth, and then there’s the whole throwing up in the super bowl bc he was out of shape, and making the Terrell Owens contract dispute worse with unnecessary comments. Those are one off events, but generally Donovan is still seen as the greatest QB in franchise history.


hl3_for_Eli t1_iz4vvw4 wrote

Boston resident, attend many local sporting events, and you're completely full of shit.

Anyone who says Boston fans is regurgitating stereotypes from 40 years ago. You know nothing about our city and people.


Poor_eyes t1_iz4z3k3 wrote

I lived in Philly for 10 years and have lived in Boston for 3 (and lived here for a bit prior to Philly) and I completely agree, there’s absolutely no comparison


oliversurpless t1_iz5c15y wrote


And yet, as an elderly Red Sox fan told me a few years ago, I’m not sure the average fan would be so understanding of this in today’s frequent champion mindset…


MFoy t1_iz50yo8 wrote

Toronto fans are openly racist as well, and the team doesn't care.


IamNotTheMama t1_iz3owf5 wrote

Not disagreeing, it's just that EVERYBODY knows how bad it is in Philly - we all know, country wide, that they have a pokey in the stadium.


socalgooner t1_iz58x9j wrote

Hilarious American arrogance to always try to tie a subject into something they’re comfortable with. “I don’t know a lot about Serbia but I bet the Philadelphia eagles are worse.”


IamNotTheMama t1_iz5aep6 wrote

hahahaha - I was not aware that analogy was a synonym for arrogance

Oh, and I've been to a number of matches in France / Paris, Lille & Marseilles for example, and I definitely understand a lot about soccer & the fan base(s).


socalgooner t1_iz5apri wrote

Sorry for assuming that about you. I was annoyed about this entire post just shitting on Serbia and as soon as someone made it about the eagles my head went “ok too far”


IamNotTheMama t1_iz5c6dh wrote

You didn't assume, I am indeed an American. But we all relate differently and I can assure you that the vast majority of my countrymen have no idea of the hooliganism of fans.

BTW, I was definitely not busting on Serbia, I think it's ridiculous that anybody thinks they can penalize a team for the actions of their fans unless the team itself incites these incidents. Brazenly incites, none of this "well, they didn't tell them not too" shit.


Lucidview t1_iz2tmlm wrote

Serbia? Mini Russia, they can’t leave others alone.


oliversurpless t1_iz3lty8 wrote

As if nationalism wasn’t bad/misused for an agenda enough, Serbian nationalism has long sought to make a black and white affair out of an indecisive battle.

For shame, especially given how transactional people’s viewpoints towards the value of learning history are in the first place…


Domi333 t1_iz3it6x wrote

Every year at the tennis in Australia, Serbs and Croatians would have arguments. I’m not surprised.


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[deleted] t1_iz3c2zx wrote



TheCaliforniaOp t1_iz41ba3 wrote

remembering fights on my dad’s side of my family, burying head in hands

I know, I know.


ZoranGT t1_iz2zpsa wrote

Always. Always us. We might as well set a budget aside for this shit.


Worldly_Blood_9798 t1_iz2mdln wrote

Fuck Serbia


kartondebois t1_iz2z399 wrote

Reddit not be racist challenge impossible


elunomagnifico t1_iz3ougj wrote

Serbia isn't a race.


kartondebois t1_iz3oxef wrote

But seribian is an ethnicity and you can be racist against an ethnicity


elunomagnifico t1_iz3qdt2 wrote

Serbian isn't an ethnicity. Slavic is an ethnicity. Serbian is a nationality.


Grease__ t1_iz5j0mo wrote

No Serbs are most definitely an ethnicity. We are certainly genetically different than northern slavs. I can argue about this all day long brate.


azteczz t1_iz5gliu wrote

Serb challenge try not to commit a genocide (mission level Impossible)


TheCaliforniaOp t1_iz416bd wrote

I was ashamed to admit being part Serbian for years. I guess I still am.


Tidesticky t1_iz4maqg wrote

I was ashamed of being American between 2000-2008 and 2016-2020. Played Canadian. Threw in lots of ehh's and aboots.


[deleted] t1_iz490p1 wrote



TheCaliforniaOp t1_iz4k4th wrote

I think we Serbians have already forcibly fucked people who were utterly repulsed and traumatized by us, enough.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz50mfi wrote

Normally, those people never fucked the Serbian people, so they are all 'traumatized' and none of them did anything remotely as bad as we did.

I hope you have a nice life without your background bringing you down. Cheers.


Head-like-a-carp t1_iz3l4ew wrote

Whether it is starting WW1, the breakup of Yugoslavia, or trouble at the world cup look for for the Serbians. (Their trouble making seems to be getting less severe however, which is a good thing)


Grease__ t1_iz5jahn wrote

Don’t pretend to know my country’s history 🤣🇷🇸you’re a westerner that doesn’t know shit. And your logic doesn’t even make any sense.


poppinfresco t1_iz57clf wrote

Huh had even money the Croatians would do this exact same thing first. Oh well, it was 50/50 to begin with. Stay classy Serbia. With Ukraine, uh, busy. We need someone to fill the black hole of pure racism in soccer that only they excelled at. Glad to see other countries doing their job. Before anyone tries defending them. They have been punished multiple times for abhorrent fans and have had to play international games in empty stadiums as punishment


Nagiom t1_iz5fkjd wrote

How much of an asshole do you have to be to get sanctioned at games where there wasn't any alcohol?


[deleted] t1_iz43qi6 wrote



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thornify t1_iz56skb wrote

What an awkward headline.

FIFA Charges Serbian Team and Fans with Misconduct


oljeffe t1_iz5juo0 wrote

What do Serbians feel about Ukrain?


[deleted] t1_iz4gqa8 wrote



jazzbass92 t1_iz4os22 wrote

I think you’re forgetting about that Bosnian genocide of the early 90s… that was MUCH more recent than WWI.


edophx t1_iz51wia wrote

Did Qatar think Serbia didn't kill enough people to qualify? I mean it's hard to beat their 90s numbers. But give them time.


a_moose_not_a_goose t1_iz59jjn wrote

Serbia is Kosovo, legalize kebab! See 2 can play this game


JazzyTheatrics t1_iz5npbo wrote

Rich coming from FIFA, giving hosting rights to Qatar despite their many human rights offenses


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz48smn wrote

please ban us from football :-)

anyway, pretty reprehensive behavior by the fans in 90th minute, though Mr. Xhaka is not really a victim type.


chemtrailedfrog t1_iz5klzm wrote

Xhaka and shaqiri did the racists remarks man... Commence the down-voting.


kartondebois t1_iz3ql6f wrote

It can be both. The serbs are an ethnic group and a national group. Or ethno-nathional group.


jyeds t1_iz2k1ju wrote

Hello pot? It’s kettle!


[deleted] t1_iz4gzhd wrote



GoodPastor t1_iz4yxi6 wrote

You mean Serbia is to Croatia what Russia is to Ukraine. Ftfy


chuchofreeman t1_iz49fv9 wrote

FIFA can fuck itself, they fine teams for small bullshit like this and throw the tournament in a country which does worse shit


SuperisSuperGood t1_iz1vcfo wrote

Classless. Did the same thing to Canada’s goalie Borjan link


randomnbvcxz t1_iz261q1 wrote

Lol, that was definitely Croatia. They would HATE that you thought they were Serbian


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz4987k wrote

hahah, those Croats really would get upitty lol! imagine someone heard us you compared those good boys to Serbians /s


haiduy2011 t1_iz27pqv wrote

You should read up on Borjan’s comments about croatia. Dont agree with fans’ behavior but it’s not unwarranted.


fakemaleorgasm t1_iz49a56 wrote

you should check out Xhaka's comments and behavior. don't agree with fans' behavior but it's not unwarranted.


fusiondesigner t1_iz3iztn wrote

Keep politics out of soccer


GoodPastor t1_iz4ziqq wrote

Fun fact, I heard that Russians do not protest against the war in Ukraine because the population don’t do politics.

Actually, I start realizing that everything is pretty much political and that some people don’t want you to think politically so they can get away with whatever they want.

So yeah, soccer is politic, just like fucking french fries who became freedom fries!


kartondebois t1_iz36son wrote

Okay and. Many places have fucked up history. 500 000 iraqis died from the Us invasion of Iraq. I dont mention it everytime I hear someone talking about America.


ElderWandOwner t1_iz28sas wrote

They should be punished, but it's pretty ironic fifa is taking action when they put the world cup in qatar. Biggest pot in the world calling the kettle black.

That said i don't know shit about soccer. Every time I attempt to watch, serveral grown men roll around the grass pretending to be hurt by something that never touched them.


[deleted] t1_iz2x6rn wrote



ElderWandOwner t1_iz2xisu wrote

Please explain what was incoherent


ITsLoverBoy t1_iz2xwzu wrote

The part where it’s apparently “ironic” for FIFA to punish Serbia for intensely racist chants and provocations, from fans AND staff, because of Qatar. As if the two situations are comparable in any way. You’re comparing apples to airplanes.

You also admit you know nothing about the sport, but you still feel confident enough to talk like this lol.

I’m assuming you’re a fan of a real mans sport like American Football, where players wear 50 kilos of protective layers, and become braindead by the time they’re 40.


ElderWandOwner t1_iz3mzzy wrote

I know very little about the actual sport, but I do know fifa took bribes and let a human rights violation of a country host the biggest tournament in the world. That fact alone makes it ironic that they would punish anyone for anything really. I said they deserve to be punished, so I'm not sure where the hate is coming from. As to my sports preferences, I enjoy a wide variety. I watch very little american football. You made a big generalization there so congrats on doing exactly what you gave me shit for.


ITsLoverBoy t1_iz40vrw wrote

Still doesn’t make it ironic really. But I get it now, you saw the Netflix documentary


T3qui1aSunris3 t1_iz4u259 wrote

nah man one doesn’t need to watch the netflix documentary to know what kind of shit is going on in qatar


lukadoncic t1_iz49bgp wrote

the last one was in Russia and the next one is in the US. Morality is not high on FIFA's list of priorities.


mugroth t1_iz2sese wrote

Right so no one in the world should ever enforce anything because they probably did something contradictory in the past