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CoysCircleJerk t1_iza2qm6 wrote

Feel bad for UNC to be honest. UCLA’s last second equalizer involved a clear foul on the keeper.


SamuraiZucchini t1_izaj0z0 wrote

Yeah I’m not a UNC fan at all but my God you can’t bully the keeper into the goal. That’s a horrible miss by the officials.


pitnips t1_izc4fmq wrote

The goalie actually initiated contact and the offensive player was trying to get to the ball (see her eyes and body movement). Good goal.


incrediblystiff t1_izd2gdi wrote

Ah yes if you don’t look at your victim it’s not a crime


pitnips t1_izemkqs wrote

Ya if your ‘victim’ just gets in the way of what you were otherwise doing then yes it’s not a crime.


incrediblystiff t1_izev4gr wrote

Oh hey I didn’t see the kid in the crosswalk I was just trying to drive down the street must not be a crime


pitnips t1_izf70s1 wrote

Oh hey guess what driving and soccer aren’t the same thing and don’t have the same rules. Shocker!


nox_nox t1_iza48o3 wrote

Yea that looks pretty blatant.

Unfortunate no call there for UNC.


neverbikealone t1_izcc0f2 wrote

Under a minute no fouls shall be given. Rule 16.7 section 2


SplitAPineapple t1_izbr00n wrote

I wouldn’t say that’s a foul. No clear push with the hands or bullying of any sort. She just let herself lose the position.


prophecy0091 t1_izac7jh wrote

Never a foul. Shoulder to shoulder and keeper was just weaker there. It is a contact sport you know


goose_10 t1_izacteo wrote

Same does not apply to keepers, though.


prophecy0091 t1_izaetqg wrote

Another example of conveniently misinterpreting rules and blaming refs instead of acknowledging a poor play. Top teams and coaches will have a defensive player/s to prevent exactly this by forming a barrier in front of the keeper so they have some space to run into and claim/punch the ball


iDope27 t1_izb638w wrote

You can stand in their way, you can’t push them or clatter into them. I assume you don’t watch much football


CoysCircleJerk t1_izaey26 wrote

I can’t speak to NCAA soccer, as I very rarely watch it, but at the professional level, that is called a foul 95%+ of the time - you can’t lean/push into the keeper in that manner (source: I’ve watched hundreds of pro soccer games per year for the past 15 years or so).


TheRealDuHass t1_izagap3 wrote

Also, contact was made with the keeper before the ball had even arrived. They intentionally took her out of the play.


prophecy0091 t1_izag4so wrote

I’ve watched thousands of games as well and it’s a foul only if there is excessive force or done with the sole intent of blocking the keeper. If the keeper moves at you as you stand your ground, you can either accept getting clattered or push back. In this case, the keeper was just physically weaker. No foul in pro or any level of the game.


TheMooseIsBlue t1_izagyeq wrote

What year did you graduate from UCLA?

Edit: holy crap, he really did. When does that shitty joke actually work?


CoysCircleJerk t1_izajg8z wrote

> it’s a foul only if there is excessive force or done with the sole intent of blocking the keeper.

This is not how I’ve seen it interpreted personally. For instance, a player colliding with a keeper when attempting to win a header is frequently called as a foul when they’re not attempting to block the keeper or using excessive force.

Side note: I would also argue the UCLA player probably is attempting to obstruct the keeper.

Either way, probably not worth arguing over it. Just how I’ve generally seen it interpreted. Respect that you’ve seen it differently.


jakedasnake1 t1_iza21mx wrote

The hits keep coming for UNC athletics. Although hard to feel bad for them overall they are still so successful in so many sports


nRoadie t1_izadwqb wrote

As a Hoosier fan, after last week, you shouldn’t feel bad


jakedasnake1 t1_izaet5s wrote

I just noticed an usually high amount of crap they've been getting over on r/collegebasketball specifically because of their football and basketball teams losing big games within minutes of eachother a few weeks ago. But you are absolutely right, I feel bad for exactly zero fanbases that have won the NCAA tournament in the last 5-10 years


Spicybrown3 t1_izcr4fx wrote

I think in regards to their bball team, is that they and Duke sometimes seem to receive undue credit & praise early on in the season based on their histories. And also when they designate seeds and locations for the tourney in March. Both have a large and loud fan base nationally. Combine that w/announcers like Jay Bilas & Dick Vitale sometimes sounding biased when they call their games and you end up w/a lot of fans rooting for their downfall. The commentators, like Gary Danileson calling a Bama football game, call the games as if it’s a given that those teams are the better team. And their enthusiasm and praise when they’re winning is “what a joy to watch them operate” and when losing is “what they need to do to turn the game around”. As if their opponents are supposed to be losing the game. Most times it’s subtle but can be annoying to objective viewers.


pHyR3 t1_izcyu0v wrote

>, is that they and Duke sometimes seem to receive undue credit & praise early on in the season based on their histories. And also when they designate seeds and locations for the tourney in March.

i mean at least for this year UNC were runners up as the 8 seed with all players except Manek returning and a great transfer prospect - that seems to go against what you were saying since it wasn't based on their histories nor were they seeded highly last year


Spicybrown3 t1_izd62h2 wrote

Ya said it yourself, they were an 8. So they had enough talent to put a run together in the dance. U do realize it’s never the four “best teams” in the final four right? They stayed number one for a few weeks looking like dogshit vs mid majors. They had no reason to be ranked one after those first 2 games. There’s only one reason why they stayed there. And what I said about Bilas and Vitale is absolutely true.


Albert_Caboose t1_iza56gq wrote

As a Chapel Hill fan I'm a bit bummed, but we do have nearly half of all NCAA women's soccer championships, so I don't feel too bad.


Binx33 t1_izbdhnw wrote

Yeah, they just won the field hockey championship to your point.


dont_shoot_jr t1_iza7icn wrote

For some context, Women’s Tar Heels have won like half of women’s national soccer championships and have qualified for every tournament


GoX14 t1_izd0nx5 wrote

They've been a lot less dominant in the past 10 years than the 30 before that.

0 National championships in the last 10 years (3 appearances) compared to 2 UCLA championships (3 appearances).

In the 30 years before that, though, UNC were champions twenty one times and runners up on an additional two occasions. 21-2 in National Championships over the course of 30 years lol.


Bad_Decision_Rob_Low t1_iza8mt8 wrote

IMO it was foul on GK and criminal it didn’t even get a review. I’m not a UNC fan.


BjornBeetleBorg t1_izaklc8 wrote

Go bruins!


Spinmove55 t1_izbjizo wrote

U! 👏 👏 👏 C! 👏 👏 👏 LLLLLLLLLL - A! 👏 👏 👏 U-C-L-A FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


Zorion_15 t1_izc50yk wrote

Watched UCLA play Alabama the other day. UCLA has some talented players on their team! Especially on the right side!


Dengareedo t1_izcs0j2 wrote

Who did what to who where and when in what


justhanginhere t1_izblt6i wrote

Don’t feel bad for the entitled fan based known as Tar Heels.


TheRomanian128 t1_iz9ynqc wrote

It’s not over time…


TheMooseIsBlue t1_izah4w6 wrote

In women’s college soccer in the US, it is. They also have functioning clocks.