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X0AN t1_iznr031 wrote

The same man who was detained in Qatar for wearing a LGBT t-shirt?

Not sketchy at all..


xvandamagex t1_iznu3su wrote

And published an article on migrant deaths in Qatar only days before…


adz568 t1_izof7gl wrote

I thought the same till I found out he had bronchitis and was having trouble sleeping. His brother lied for attention saying he was fully healthy when he obviously wasn’t


JustYeeHaa t1_izo7m79 wrote

Wth, I hope US will investigate this shit, because it definitely does sound suspicious


_klover t1_izoig9z wrote

it’s not. you’re connecting dots that aren’t there. he had health issues. he was getting over bronchitis from last month and just had covid over the summer. it’s a sad situation for sure but spreading misinformation is a little bit more sad


luckylebron t1_izmy4m7 wrote

According to early reports, he had a respiratory illness and chronic fatigue.


Mission_Pay_3373 t1_izomp9q wrote

His brother is claiming foul play


[deleted] t1_izp4ut8 wrote

His brother has also been in Seattle the entire time and wouldn't have any better knowledge of the situation than any other random person.


TooMuchRope t1_iznpfa5 wrote

People have been assassinated with heart attack inducing toxin for decades


stamekobif t1_izointu wrote

They just call them vaccines now.


ZeppelinJ0 t1_izoql2o wrote

I haven't had my heart attack yet, I was promised a heart attack where is it?!


TryharderJB t1_izxmm17 wrote

I was promised 5G and a subscription to Office365.


stamekobif t1_izower4 wrote

It’s sitting at about 1 in 2000. Keep boostin pal


ZeppelinJ0 t1_izoynmy wrote

Been getting vaccines for over 30 years. You'll be first to know when I get that heart attack, make sure my guy can validate his propaganda


ITeachYourKidz t1_izm8xyh wrote

Not suspicious at all that 🤔


Tollkeeperjim t1_izmvldq wrote

Seriously? In his own words:

“My body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress and lots of work can do that to you. What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort. I didn't have Covid (I test regularly here), but I went into the medical clinic at the main media center today, and they said I probably have bronchitis. They gave me a course of antibiotics and some heavy-duty cough syrup, and I'm already feeling a bit better just a few hours later. But still: No bueno.”

Stop making assumptions.


Applecar101 t1_iznsgtm wrote

Lol this doesn’t disprove anything. Its all plausible. Whats worse than internet investigators? Internet judges/lawyers lmao. No one know wtf happened in that shithole country.


scootscooterson t1_iznx3n1 wrote

What he wasn’t set out to disprove anything, very simply to add more context to what the internet investigators have suggested. The takeaway of that post was to not make assumptions, yet your takeaway was the opposite.


Applecar101 t1_iznxem0 wrote

Incorrect. The irony of it all is that you are “assuming” that he died of sickness… that is an assumption with partial evidence, however compelling you may THINK it is, check your assumptions. Im just saying both are plausible:)


scootscooterson t1_iznxvwg wrote

Lol “incorrect” I’ll be more specific. “This doesn’t disprove anything” when he was very direct in that there’s more evidence to present. Those are different parts of a trial at the most basic of levels, presenting evidence vs suggesting conclusions.


mitchrsmert t1_izo3d7r wrote

I don't mean to be rude, I agree all is plausible right now, but you should aim to improve your reading comprehension. Not only did the other commenter not state that assumption, there is no way in which is was even implied. What's funny about the exchange between you two is that, ultimately, you're both on the same page about the most important point: it's all possible.


Applecar101 t1_izo44xv wrote

Lol the orginal remark says “seriously?” And then literally quotes the dead person after someone said it’s suspicious. He clearly disagrees with someone being suspicious about this. So in the end he is assuming no foul play took place. Tell me how is that miscomprehended? 🤪


mitchrsmert t1_izo583e wrote

The comment remarks "seriously?" Because the origjnal comment strongly conveys a lack of doubt that something nefarious is the CoD. I.e., it assumes foul play. The remark "seriously?" Is in regard to that assumption. This is reinforced by the final sentence in that comment that says "don't make assumptions"


Applecar101 t1_izo5uzq wrote

No, that original comment doesn’t assume foul play. He literally just said it was suspicious, which means there is doubt. If you’re suspicious of something you are not saying its true without a doubt. Thats where we have different interpretations of what that means. But hey, you say I need to work on my comprehension lol way to be open to having a different viewpoint/interpretation of something. what a great guy you must be to talk to in person.


mitchrsmert t1_izo7mje wrote

They said not suspicious sarcastically. Sarcasm used to emphasize the opposite opinion. Emphasing suspicion in this context is ubiquitous: it is to suggest a strong suspicion. You could argue there is still doubt and it not strictly an assumption, sure, but what is not subjective is that there is no evidence at the moment to persuade one over the other. That's the point. That's why the commenter said "seriously?"

Edit: I said no evidence, but in fact there is evidence to the contrary which is not to suggest there was no foul play, but that it's ridiculous to have formed a strong opinion already


Applecar101 t1_izo8tu7 wrote

Mental gymnastics only to say What I had already said. Thanks

And you had to come back to edit your already incorrect statement. Sheesb


mitchrsmert t1_izo9myw wrote

That rationale didn't change from my first comment, if thats mental gymnastics that just tells you're having difficulty.

And me edit was to further prove my point. Now you're resorting to just calling something incorrect as if your word is God. Good luck with that. I see you did it once already.


Applecar101 t1_izo9tto wrote

Mental gymnastics for you bud. Your edit actually contradicts what is right above it. There is evidence for both sides so suspicious is warranted lol


mitchrsmert t1_izo9wat wrote

I didn't say it wasn't, again your reading comprehension is failing you.


Applecar101 t1_izoab56 wrote

“What is subjective is that there is no evidence” is what you said in order to prove that suspicion was not warranted. Then edited and said there is evidence for both sides. So all in all, the original comment of something suspicious happening is correct so that changed from your original stance. Its great. We can all learn together one step at a time.


mitchrsmert t1_izob4k5 wrote

Again, your reading comprehension is failing you. I said there is no evidence to persuade one over the other. The circumstances warrant suspicion, but the evidence does not.

Edit: to clarify, nothing about my "stance" has changed. The rationale is the same, how you seem to be interpreting is what is volatile... which speaks to reading comprehension.


JeffFromSchool t1_izo4dui wrote

>No one know wtf happened in that shithole country.

That's entirely their point


Applecar101 t1_izo4xil wrote

Exactly. But that original quote comment is basically complaining about people being suspicious lol


mitchrsmert t1_izo26dy wrote

They didn't say it disproved it, it adds context which happens to be on the contrary of the assumption that it was something nefarious, which is how the original comment reads.


Applecar101 t1_izo4g1c wrote

He literally said “seriously?” on someone saying there is something suspicious. Thats all suspicious. You can agree to disagree on whether its suspicious, but clearly he believes it is not. Thats all we are arguing lol


[deleted] t1_izoeeyv wrote

He was also a super healthy human.. but he was given the incorrect medicine to treat his bronchitis which made it worse and eventually killed him. Apparently high dose cough syrup makes bronchitis worse and antibiotics also do nothing for it so he was technically mistreated.


Fat_IRL t1_izn5uf8 wrote

I totally get what you're saying and I do agree to an extent. No reason to jump to conclusions. Absolutely true.

But, if you wanna play the conspiracy card, which I don't agree with really... he wrote that after he was detained. He got sick after being arrested. So there's always gonna be doubt until his wife says otherwise.

His wife convinced me to get vaccinated because of an appearance she had on a sports podcast I listen to. I also listened to grants podcasts. I didn't know they were married until just an hour ago.


Dandan0005 t1_izmz591 wrote

“In his own words”

He said he was sick? How would you expect him to know how or why?

That doesn’t disprove shit.

The fact is a middle aged, otherwise healthy man dropping dead from a respiratory disease that’s NOT Covid is extremely rare.

Combine that with the fact that he’s in a country where he’s been publicly critical of their human rights abuses and had made a massive scene bc he was wearing a rainbow shirt a few days ago, and yeah it’s suspicious as shit.

Maybe it is just a massive coincidence, but it’s no stretch to say it’s extremely suspicious.


Kikutwo t1_iznbpxz wrote

Because before he died he went to the hospital.


bmruk92 t1_izm9m7j wrote

Read the article. Sounds like he got sick and visited a hospital prior to his untimely passing.


[deleted] t1_izm9soq wrote



BIue_scholar t1_izmxi3s wrote

You really think the Qatari government are stupid enough to assassinate a journalist during their own tournament? The guy complained about being ill for weeks.. Use your head


Dandan0005 t1_izmz95y wrote

Let me introduce you to Jamal khashoggi.

Qatar knows everyone knows they bribed their way into this World Cup, and they don’t give a fuck.

Saudi knows everyone knows they killed khashoggi, and they don’t give a fuck.

Qatar doesn’t give a shit what people think.


omdano t1_izmicse wrote

your facts don't match my perceptions that I formed through my racism! downvote!


kynthrus t1_izmqifo wrote

Is it racist to hate Qatar? Does Qatar have a race? Don't they trick people into becoming slaves?


Zeniphyre t1_izmuqlo wrote

Qatar literally enslaved migrants and put billions of dollars into a stupid sports event rather than taking care of their people. They ban homosexual content, push this onto foreigners, and treat everyone like shit.

They have a shit culture and they still participate in slavery. It's not racism. Fuck Qatar.


cooperluna t1_iznq4wd wrote

Sorry "wholesome" was the only award I had to give you


Safe-Round-354 t1_izn0caa wrote

Say the worst is proven and it’s murder, and the rabbit hole traces back to some shady Qatar government official—— would that lead to some international crisis to the point where military actions would be considered?

I’m assuming Qatar wouldn’t commit this crime because of the following:

Qatar is one of the United States' closest military partners in the region. Al-Udeid Air Base is home to the Combined Air Operation Center, which hosts 18 nations and is responsible for all Coalition air operations in the Middle East and Central Asia


kieranjackwilson OP t1_iznshpz wrote

I intentionally chose to post this article because because the headline wasn’t click baiting that he may have been killed.

That being said, I don’t agree with you logic. Saudi Arabia is a US ally and funded the 9/11 attacks. They also murdered a journalist who was a US a resident and whose children are US citizens. The US has set the precedent that even the most vile act of terrorism against our nation goes unpunished. So what’s killing one more journalist going to do?


That being said, I’m not saying he was killed, nor am I saying he wasn’t. I just think this incident deserves a healthy dose of skepticism. Terrible coincidences happen all the time, and journalists are killed all the time.


TripperSD93 t1_izq4w3k wrote

Wow the Russian bots and MAGA fucks are here in full force


BurlyAttacker t1_izoaa4t wrote

Looks like Qatar needs the US to send em over a lil freedom package....


Saspa314 t1_izois4b wrote

So many Qatari bots running rampant on this subreddit


TrashbatLondon t1_iznel93 wrote

Blaming countries with atrocious human rights records for the death of a journalist who has been recently critical of their regime is just part of our culture.

Can all the people scrambling to dismiss the story please respect that?


Choochilla t1_izniqth wrote

Until there’s an autopsy you won’t know whether foul play was involved so why speculate


SpaceFace11 t1_izo6itp wrote

It isn't impossible to poison someone with something contaminated with Covid-19.. just saying.


stamekobif t1_iznzkal wrote

He was a loyal vaxxie.

His symptoms could’ve been much worse.


Thugluvdoc t1_izo78we wrote

This was murder and we can’t let this go. Saudi and MBS got away with murdering an American journalist because of trump, but not this time


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izo7p4g wrote

It was actually the Covid shot lol


Thugluvdoc t1_izo909e wrote

Normally I’d laugh, but he was a loving brother and husband who was supporting his gay brother by wearing a rainbow shirt, then published an article about qatars slave trade. Then died the next day…


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izo9ihh wrote

He also was complaining of heart issues which is not normal for a person that age. He literally said his “body had broke on him” so no, not a killing. Just the clot shot doing its thing.


Thugluvdoc t1_izod3np wrote

Fascinating. As a doctor for 15 years, I’m going to disagree with you here. Someone exhausted and feeling broken down at age 48 otherwise healthy as we know, the chances of dropping dead are less than 0.1%. Check the mortality statistics in this age group. However I’m sure their autopsy will be honest and accurate /s fuck Qatar


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izp2tae wrote

You’re not a doctor.


Thugluvdoc t1_izpd95o wrote

Lol ok. Defend a criminal empire of monkeys that enslave people by hoping that a random Reddit poster isn’t a US physician with almost 2 decades of practice under their belt


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izphijx wrote

You were talking about about sell side finance jobs just weeks ago. You’re not a doctor.


Thugluvdoc t1_izq0lpm wrote

Go back further, loser, I switched to investment banking


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izq0q6p wrote

You didn’t switch to investment banking after being a doctor for 15 years lol what are you a first year analyst that’s 35? Stop lying loser.


Thugluvdoc t1_izq5evt wrote

Bro I think your Qatari prince is ready to shit on your chest bro. Better log off and stop defending them. Also scroll back further. Nice try, Royal Qatari toilet


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqamg5 wrote

It’s called a Dubai Porta Potty actually and I’m not defending them. I said he died from the clot shot.


Thugluvdoc t1_izqccfh wrote

Well you are definitely not a doctor. Go back to your high school science class


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqciv6 wrote

Okay, thanks for the advice you mid 30s first year IB Analyst who is a former doctor with two decades of experience.


Thugluvdoc t1_izqi5jm wrote

No problem. Sometimes after you make money, you want to switch careers and try something new. Maybe when you go thru puberty and make some money, it’ll make sense. Boredom does things to smart people


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqix8v wrote

I work in IB, you’re lying. Stop pretending on the internet loser. It appears you live in Houston for fucks sake. You’re probably a loser working in INGs back office lol.


Thugluvdoc t1_izqp3f4 wrote

Nyc, you Qatari toilet. Nice try. Don’t be intimidated by fast tracked professionals. Go be a good toilet and bow down to your oil money daddies


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqpj01 wrote

The amount of bullshit you spew is mind boggling truly. Stop lying to yourself.


Thugluvdoc t1_izqq6g7 wrote

Speaking of spewing, is your Qatari overlord ready for you? I hope you fed him a lot of spicy foods


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqqf0m wrote

Kinda weird you keep on about the Qatari thing as if I have ever defended Qatar? Grant Wahl died from the clot shot. You are a liar. You are not in IB, you are not a doctor. You are a neck beard virtue signaling loser.


Thugluvdoc t1_izqrv6j wrote

You aren’t in IB. You bought a chad and brad vest that you wear to your high school pre cal class and named yourself wolfofdouchstreet on your ps3. You couldn’t spell usmle, I passed all 3 before starting my internship. Good luck with your Qatari BF


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izqrzww wrote

Ahhh yes your internship you got at 35. Do you get yourself worked up lying so hard on the internet about your whole life?


Thugluvdoc t1_izqxfrr wrote

Lol it’s flattering to think that my career accomplishments sound too good to be true. Thank you, Qatari toilet


DoItForTheTanqueray t1_izr59tv wrote

You live in your mom’s basement. Nothing you say is true. You qualify for PSLF apparently, you don’t work in IB lol


ykeogh18 t1_izr68kp wrote

Not a doctor. Maybe you had surgery done in you once, doesn’t mean you’re a doctor.


adamchain t1_izmd24m wrote

He got poisoned. His brother, who is openly gay, already made his thoughts public, too. What a joke FIFA & Qatar are.


omdano t1_izmi5pd wrote

>He got poisoned.


"There's no source cause I made it the fuck up"

Quote from CNBC:

In a post Dec. 5 on his personal website, Wahl said he felt sick and that medical personnel on-site at the World Cup told him he probably had bronchitis. He said he was given antibiotics.“My body finally broke down on me,” he wrote. “Three weeks of little sleep, high stress and lots of work can do that to you. What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort.”


coysrunner t1_izmo4po wrote

He also stated he felt better after the antibiotics which is often times intentionally left from these quotes.


cemeadows3 t1_iznn8ty wrote

You questioned a "source" and then you referenced CNBC as a (credible?) source...? That's rich.


SuddenlyFlamingos t1_izmw8cy wrote

What does the brothers sexuality have to do with this? I'm seeing a hell of a lot of people just randomly pass that info along like it has relevance. Maybe wait and see what the fuck went on. (edit: ignore this fucking guy. I remember them now from like years ago. Theyre just edgelords for karma)


KanyeWestBrick t1_izmjz3o wrote

Those Qataris are some spiteful SOBs


Kikutwo t1_iznbvry wrote

Breaking news, people die. Every day. Even young people. Even seemingly healthy people.


Londonforce t1_iznk163 wrote

Especially when they are in their 40s, with no conditions, having just have written articles critical of Qatar, with a cause of death that includes "fatigue"


Kikutwo t1_j07r7ws wrote

So, aortic aneurysm. So much for your conspiracy theories.


psicowysiwyg t1_izngh8u wrote

So many comments about how people don't just die in their 40s... wrm, yeah, they do. Not constantly, but it's not a rare occurrence, hell Christian Eriksen had a heart attack playing in the Euros a few years ago, and other players have died on the pitch. Healthy people die, it happens.


Kikutwo t1_iznvc6g wrote

People living in their own denial bubble as a coping mechanism.