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sfitz0076 t1_izrzb71 wrote

Wow, the position coach was fined $50,000! That's not pocket change for a position coach.


DegenGolfer t1_iztb7ml wrote

Usually the team picks it up


raktoe t1_iztq8wb wrote

Might be a sizeable taxable benefit on his tax return though. Not close to $50k, but not nothing.


hampsted t1_izvqwmt wrote

Even if it’s tax deductible, the end result is the same. He’s out $50k. Just less of his earnings are taxable.


raktoe t1_izx08fo wrote

I meant if the team pays it on his behalf, he would receive a taxable benefit. I.e. his taxable income would actually increase by $50,000.


samxyx t1_izsxsgx wrote

If only FIFA took this approach…


LordOfThePinkyRings t1_iztrm91 wrote

If only FIFA would fuck off and let a group with credibility run world football.


hgs25 t1_izuew7g wrote

You need Tegridy FIFA! Now I just so happen to own a Tegridy farm.


Fearless747 t1_izq9p8a wrote

Now if the NBA would started fining them $550k for each flop, that shit would stop right quick.

Fucking Harden would be a broke ass bitch after one season.


BigLorry t1_izqcfev wrote

50k every time Embiid inexplicably is knocked violently to the floor by someone 40+ pounds lighter than him

You said 550k, but Embiid would get there after one game


Elipses_ t1_izuj8d9 wrote

How about $550k and it is an auto ejection from the game? Bet Coaches would clamp down on that real quick.


AmeriToast t1_izswpx2 wrote

Soccer players would all go broke if they implemented this rule


Moe_Syzlak_ t1_izti3zg wrote

Or you would see Japanese players everywhere instead. All heart.


tschmitty09 t1_izu99th wrote

Lol I think you forgot they make more then NFL players


AmeriToast t1_izu9tsp wrote

And? They flop so much in soccer they would still go broke, even if they made more.


tschmitty09 t1_izu9zip wrote

They flop, they don't get taken off the field for injury because they would need to be subbed out. This is way beyond the norm in soccer


KrytenLister t1_izuaskg wrote

They do sometimes get taken off the field for treatment and are then allowed back on. It’s not automatically a substitution.


tschmitty09 t1_izub9qu wrote

That's usually when it isn't faked


KrytenLister t1_izubm07 wrote

They don’t necessarily know if it’s faked at the time. Players come off the field for treatment all the time.

> This is way beyond the norm in soccer

This is just false. And coming off the field doesn’t require a substitution.

The difference is your team can be down to 10 men for that period so you’re not likely to want to fake it and leave your team short.


VoE_Monkey_Overlord t1_izqykp4 wrote

An MRI confirmed he sustained an acute mid-foot sprain in his left foot.


Zelidus t1_izsj82p wrote

Where is the proof? This season has also taught us we can't trust the medical professionals to be truthful. Tua was clearly concussed but a "medical professional" cleared him to continue. Who's to say this doctor wasn't told to say that to cover the truth?


[deleted] t1_izszohi wrote

Well those that actually need to see the proof can see the fucking MRI. It’s pretty straight forward from there.


thecaramelbandit t1_izu8687 wrote

Yeah, but he was walking off on his own power no problem until coach told him, from the sideline, to stop walking and take a knee.


hankmardukas7 t1_izunbk7 wrote

Which arguably is a good decision if a player is injured. I don’t see how this holds up to an appeal.


MasterLawman t1_izsv2ug wrote

Hey can the nba get this going? Oh wait the league would go broke every night because of the flop fest going on


macross1984 t1_izq6j4v wrote

Trying to be greedy but ended up costing more.


Rainbow334dr t1_izqvwl7 wrote

Any good videos of this ?


SSSJDanny t1_iztohyd wrote

Video Starts at 1:48

The coach put his hand up and said "Wait" basically telling him not to walk up back to the bench but pretend that he couldn't make it and take a knee.


Whthpnd t1_izuc3t2 wrote

In other world news soccer flops are now yellow card offenses…


pconfl t1_izud06z wrote

and layne kiffin…


Ongaras t1_izq85fz wrote

The Saints do love to cheat!


Thelastsaburai t1_izvc9uj wrote

Well they lost so it didn’t work. Karma’s a bitch


Jimmy_kong253 t1_izx4rxj wrote

At the end of the day the referees no matter what sport it is, encourage the flopping and fake injury strategy by incentatizing it by calling penalties that benefit the team doing it


osrsbasedgod t1_izujps5 wrote

Investigate the GB Philly game from last weekend!


AeAeR t1_izq6k7t wrote

I don’t understand how the people trying to make it to the top are willing to be fakes. What the fuck is the point of the accomplishment if it’s fake?!

Do they just realize they aren’t good enough and want their name out there anyway?


Kenail_Rintoon t1_izshi1z wrote

They want to win. Simple as that. People will cheat no matter the stakes, they will cheat at solitaire because the fear of not winning is worse than any consequences of getting caught.


DarthPeaceOut t1_izrb1w2 wrote

It’s called $$$$. You may have heard of it.


Vazhox OP t1_izun6bs wrote

I have heard of it in passing, but have never been fortunate enough to lay eyes on it


AeAeR t1_izssqt1 wrote

Lol look at Russell Wilson and rethink that. Or like, fucking Brock Osweiler


sandwichman7896 t1_izqabzg wrote

Every team in the league does this, but they decided to go after a small market team (again) to make a point.

Reminds me of a time when bounties ran rampant and a team had to be punished as an example…


philodendrin t1_izst8ed wrote

I don't think he's wrong and I'm not a Saints fan.


shaggysnowflake t1_izu7e7e wrote

Cincinnati’s was pretty blatant too.


philodendrin t1_izu8iz2 wrote

And I think the Coach was on tape whining about it, but then did it a game or two later, iirc.