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billskelton t1_j0ukopd wrote

Is he natty


derieu t1_j0uq1ls wrote

Just as natty as politician honesty levels


HyenaJack94 t1_j0v2uh7 wrote

It’s Mr. Olympia, no one is natty there and no one pretends that they aren’t.


Mattie725 t1_j0vf3vr wrote

No one pretends that they are*, I assume ;)


billskelton t1_j0v5611 wrote

I think that build is attainable naturally. Some of the guys who win the big body building competitions are much larger. Not taking anything away from this guy, but I think there are bigger and better body builders in 2022.


DeadlyChinchilla t1_j0vaxmw wrote

>I think that build is attainable naturally

Don't want to pop your balloon, but it ain't, no fkn way you could without a bachelors in trenology and a masters in clenology.


[deleted] t1_j0vi5wi wrote

Very easy to attain naturally. Those fancy sounding chemicals are no match for balanced diet, sleep cycle and a positive attitude 💪🏻


billskelton t1_j0vbd1t wrote

Compare this guys build to the builds of people who win bodybuilding competitions though?


DeadlyChinchilla t1_j0vbvlp wrote

The dude just won Mr.Olympia my guy, the biggest/most recognizable title in all of bodybuilding


billskelton t1_j0vdrnz wrote

I believe that was earlier in the year. Please double check your facts before posting/ spreading misinformation


Mattie725 t1_j0vfaq2 wrote

Literally this weekend.


billskelton t1_j0vfjmb wrote

Nah I remember it being a while ago. I'm pretty confident.


The_Beefcube t1_j0vh84r wrote

The official site says it just finished yesterday. Or are you talking about something else?


HyenaJack94 t1_j0vfpmq wrote

Dude I’m sorry that you think that because you’re in a world of disappointment and body dysphoria if you honestly believe that such a build can be done naturally. No one who competes at the international level of body building are natural, you can’t if you wanna be competitive.


Di20 t1_j0v4pc1 wrote

That dude looks nutty man, his muscles even have muscles what the hell?


mythofinadequecy t1_j0vw8gd wrote

Perhaps he should consider never returning to Iran, yeah?


mantecastoroil t1_j0xnpvx wrote

We’ll deserved. Anyone that keeps up with bodybuilding knows Hadi has been in the conversation for the Mr Olympia and was only a matter of time before he got it.

On another note his coach Hany Rambod is an Olympian making factory. Phil Heath, Chris Bumbstead and now Hadi Choopan.