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theRed-Herring t1_j0u8u8x wrote

The entire city erupted in celebration and it sounded like you were listening to audio from the stadium itself.


hesalivejim t1_j0v9vlh wrote

Probably louder than anything allowed in the stadium


Wheream_I t1_j0xjvyv wrote

I was there in 2014 when they qualified for the final. I have a lot of videos from right after the last PK and then around the city that night, it was wild


tree-molester t1_j0voswk wrote

Beef, footbal and occasional bouts with insane levels of runaway inflation. What a country!


rustyfinch t1_j0vt2xx wrote

Found the Brazilian


Rouxs05 t1_j0ydiai wrote

Worse than that. He is American. He can't stand he is not the center of attention because they are so irrelevant during the world cup.

Remember to feel relevant they have to call their own regional championship "world championship".


Wheream_I t1_j12looa wrote

Y’all can play gridiron with us if you want


Wheream_I t1_j12ljyi wrote

Naw man I lived in Buenos Aires for a bit. The beef football and insane inflation isn’t far off.

Beef: I could go to a 5 star restaurant in the middle of Palermo and get an 8oz filet mignon cut for about $14 USD.

I was there in 2014 and the city legit shuts down for football. I went to a BOCA juniors match and had a blast, and went to a WC warmup of Argentina v Trinidad y Tabago. So much fun.

And the inflation is insane. Exchange rates are set by the gov rather than the market, and we would exchange dollars with sketchy street vendors rather than official avenues because they were offering $15/$1 rather than the official rate of $12/$1


ardent_wolf t1_j0vr7im wrote

What a needlessly rude comment!


PotBaron2 t1_j0xdz7f wrote

what does that have to do with the post fuck face


tree-molester t1_j0xrztf wrote

They lost the Falklands, though. Right? Cum Throat!!


NBAccount t1_j0u1xj5 wrote

The way it goes from mostly peaceful to a cacophonous din of exuberant celebration...

It is hard for me to even imagine my country caring enough about anything to celebrate, united, in this way.


phl_fc t1_j0unujb wrote

I was in downtown Philadelphia when the Eagles won the Superbowl and it was like this. As soon as the game ended everyone flooded into the streets. The lightpoles never stood a chance.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j0uvycy wrote

I remember them jumping on a awning at the Ritz and it collapsing


d_4bes t1_j0uzqxp wrote

There was a kid I knew in a few of my courses at Drexel who was on that awning. Philly championship celebrations are definitely unreal, but nothing compared to a country winning a World Cup after being starved of it since 1986.


Savior1301 t1_j0vk5q7 wrote

Was about to come mention Philly right when we won the Super Bowl here


Blastmaster29 t1_j0wja9z wrote

Yeah people ate literal horse shit off the street to celebrate. Philadelphia is a weird place.


JejuneBourgeois t1_j0wt5xq wrote

I was in Chicago when the Cubs won the World Series. I imagine your experience was a lot like mine. I was stuck inside, studying for an exam and with my window open, up on the 10th floor of my building, it sounded like I was inside a stadium


Etrius_Christophine t1_j0wuri0 wrote

I was also there marching down broad. I’ll admit I kinda bandwagoned from playoffs on that season but it got me hooked.

The true unity of philadelphia, city of brotherly love, the kind that required trash trucks to party from and came together against Tom Brady…

Sorry, got a little lost there. Congrats to Argentina for their national moment of celebration.


215_glock t1_j0xc97y wrote

I am a philly native born and raised and the crowds that gathered in the streets were insane


erichw23 t1_j0vz9h6 wrote

Gotta love white people sports riots, it's ok boys will boys amirite?


phl_fc t1_j0w2vea wrote

Could be worse, Boston killed a girl during their sports riot.


GreenLanturn t1_j0uhbjw wrote

You should see that video of New York when Trump lost re-election


fallingbehind t1_j0vabw0 wrote

I wouldn't say that united us. A little less than half of the population was wiping away tears with their maga shirts.


BigPickleKAM t1_j0usndh wrote

I was in Vancouver when Canada won the gold medal in men's hockey for the 2010 Olympics. Much the same as this but slightly less shirtless people :)

I'm not a huge football fan but that was an exciting game to watch!


skrame t1_j0v319p wrote

Some friends and I ran outside with brooms when the White Sox won the World Series in ‘05. This was in a small neighborhood in the south suburbs, and we were surprised other people were out. I can’t even imagine a major city exploding after a World Cup.


jelatinman t1_j0x7w5a wrote

Well yeah. There's many articles about like "oh shame on you for liking this World Cup." We need distractions because our lives are so fucking pointless and doomed, so let us eat cake for a bit. Not even trying to be an edgelord, just bread and circuses ya know.


E_M_E_T t1_j0vxok8 wrote

At least in the US, we're too busy fighting amongst ourselves, both in and outside of sports venues. Then we call the victor the "world champion."


glowstick3 t1_j0wa2jw wrote

Of the two sports that use "world champions" its quite an easy argument to make that no team put together of a single country could beat the team that won.


ConsiderationBoth752 t1_j0wd1vy wrote

Doesn't matter. Being the best in the world isn't the same as being world champion. You gotta win a world championship for that.


glowstick3 t1_j0wda3u wrote

Do you really want someone like the Bengals to steam roll a team from Japan? Do you really want to see a 100-0 score?

We already have enough with the laughable FIBA finals where our 3rd rate NBA players wipe the floor.


dindycookies t1_j0x2uw1 wrote

Yes I’d like to see a 100-0 score. I’d like to see the US go 1000 games unbeaten. Nobody will take your World Champion claims seriously unless you win a World Championship. Simple as that.


greenlightison t1_j0wril8 wrote

Doesn't change the fact that they didn't play the game to deserve the title


MattWey t1_j0x39ue wrote

I am from really small country, but managed to get 3rd player in World one time in a major sport. Very similar to this. Just crowds of people dancing, signing, going crazy as one. Amazing feeling.


barjam t1_j0y2fv9 wrote

I was downtown when our city won the World Series and a few years later the Super Bowl. It was a super cool experience.


Yes_I_Fuck_Foxes t1_j0y4azz wrote

Chicago had a similar vibe when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j0wwbq3 wrote

I feel like even winning a war won't get this level of celebration. It's weird how obsessed people are with a game about putting a ball inside a net.


glowstick3 t1_j0w9qyn wrote

Ya kind of a dumb take honestly.

These happen in the US all the time. Case in point, cubs 2016.

Now as a whole country, ya probably not. But simply because the international level of the two sports most US residents watch are absolutely dominated by the US (basketball, football)


NBAccount t1_j0wdxuz wrote

Well, first off, American Football only really exists in America. That's like saying Australia dominates Footy-- no shit.

And I was in Chicago for that 2016 WS win. The insanity was really only in North Side. Half of the baseball fans in the city hate the Cubs. And even more people are completely indifferent to baseball at all.

But, all of that aside, can you think of any sport, or anything else really that would elicit this type of response from a majority of people in the U.S.?


s4ltydog t1_j0v9d8t wrote

I remember being in São Paulo in 02 when Brasil won. I didn’t sleep for 2 days for all the parties and fireworks


ForgetfulM0nk t1_j0uqni2 wrote

That is some horror movie stuff. But in a good way haha. I got chills


venturousperson t1_j0xw6j5 wrote

This is what sport is meant to do: bring positive emotions and unite people


zeus6793 t1_j0wrywd wrote

As an American, I find the rest of the world's obsession and love of the World Cup absolutely awesome. Everyone is so festive, and when you win, the entire country comes together.


chuck8788 t1_j0u8ny7 wrote

I kind of want to see a picture after of the same street


jheidenr t1_j0z3ifd wrote

Amazing video of it wasn’t for that queasy feeling. Never the less, I’m gonna watch it again!


Geeaimer t1_j0vg5lm wrote

How are people even watching the game when they are out there in the crowd? No way the service would handle all those people streaming games from their phone.


schaudhery t1_j0urr6g wrote

What’s that monument in the middle? Looks like the Washington monument in DC


shoukawa t1_j0wpxpl wrote

The Egyptians did it first. The one in DC and Buenos Aires are based on ancient Egyptian obelisk designs.


PHD_in_PUSSY t1_j0v6qlt wrote

That one Mbappe fan crossing the street 😂


Neonmoon117 t1_j0ubkmo wrote

9th of July?


drjrf2000 t1_j0ufc0n wrote

Lots of streets in Latin America are named after important dates. This is a major street and it’s empty.


Neonmoon117 t1_j0uq34j wrote

Ok, thanks for the clarification! Not sure why people are downvoting me for a question...


Ok-Zookeepergame7915 t1_j0xt00l wrote

Dates of when a war started. Or ended. And names of the generals that won them. Or lost them.


lordoflys t1_j0wob8z wrote

I like Argentina and gained a respect for the people there after visiting the country some years ago. Glad they won. They need a little pick-me-upper.


Elduderino82 t1_j0vgx4y wrote

Looks like that bike ride might have been cut short.


Fibonawak t1_j0uipoh wrote

The photographer plays tennis.


thungalope t1_j0x5g0o wrote

Too bad i live in the US where this will ever happen 🥲


ron_spanky t1_j0xzai3 wrote

The USA will end never enjoy a celebration like that, where the whole country is focused on and supporting a singular championship event. Sure some day the NY Jets might win the super bowl and parts of NY will erupt, but the rest of the country will be feeling meh… I’m jealous for the experience. Next World Cup, I’ll have to travel to one of countries in the finals and hope I pick the winning side.


VengenaceIsMyName t1_j0uvrdt wrote

Wow! Incredible how the entire city just lights up.


Alice-Grant t1_j0v0lbk wrote

Why are Reddit headlines so badly written?


the_gooog t1_j0vqg58 wrote

This question must be answered because I feel the same.


nonisyou t1_j0v77jp wrote

Hell yeah. Fixed gear bicycle!


entechad t1_j0wdl94 wrote

That is cool!


mymar101 t1_j0wfvmp wrote

I love moments like this.


Merky600 t1_j0x23ym wrote

Retail worker at DIY home improvement store in the early 80s. Super Bowl was a time when the store cleared out. Just us floor guys walking around in a near empty store floor. Same w Christmas Eve hours before closing. Except for grumpy old guys who come in asking, “You got any pots and pans?” That was their effort of Christmas shopping for their wives.


brandtvh t1_j0x8yri wrote

And if the men’s USA team was in finals the streets in America would be busy as usual.


throwaway020987 t1_j0xrsm7 wrote

I was at the Cubs World Series game winner, when the Indians tied the game, the stadium felt like an earthquake went off. The ground shook and I was in the club seats.


hernjosa02 t1_j0v5pxh wrote

So cool. Wish people and the world could put their differences aside and come together like this more often for things more important than sports. Sadly nothing could ever change that.


Ianm9 t1_j0wq59r wrote

Reminds me of when the cubs one in 2016. Everyone went batshit and we were all just so HAPPY. one of the best days of my life.


killer_knauer t1_j0wy3iz wrote

Kind of like that video of all the people screaming in Shanghai.


Long_Stroke t1_j0x91s7 wrote

Doordash was ready for pick-up during the penalty kicks and it cycled for damn near 15 minutes before finding a driver that would take the delivery.


Manu_Fett t1_j0xf6va wrote

Truly a very special moment for the nation.


DakkarEldioz t1_j0xp474 wrote

At least we know who isn’t winning in 2026.


dlowbaggins t1_j108o1b wrote

This made me cry tears of joy; happy people!


tomothy94 t1_j10j9ur wrote

Honestly fucking scary


ThatLeetGuy t1_j0vjwk8 wrote



PM_ME_OVERT_SIDEBOOB t1_j0w3op7 wrote

It’s says July 9th in the video..


1Leep OP t1_j0w4kcd wrote

Taken from Wikipedia, its not a date in this instance "9 de Julio Avenue is one of the main arteries of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic. It runs about three kilometers in the heart of the city, communicating the transport hubs and the main railway terminals in the neighborhood of Retiro and Plaza Constitución."


Hagoromo-san t1_j0w2v04 wrote

I cant wait for this WC riding to be over.


siddie75 t1_j0wjdmh wrote

All this excitement because someone is lining up to do a penalty kick? Lol.


Superpe0n t1_j0ul8yp wrote

ah.. I was more expecting people to be streaming out of buildings in celebration, not that they were already out there. missed the context that this was supposed to be a busy street.


Tutezaek t1_j0v0luv wrote

this is, probably, the bussiest street on the whole country especially at that intersection (also the most famous intersection on the country, basically the postcard of Buenos Aires)


[deleted] t1_j0up4yh wrote