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Ferris_Wheel_Skippy t1_j0vfqzm wrote

Going to wait here to see how many people read or didn't read this article


getofftheirlawn t1_j0vpctm wrote

I tried reading this article. I cannot make any sense of it at all. Please explain what the hell this article is trying to say.


rdcpro t1_j0vta58 wrote

The way I read it, FIFA is saying the UAF doesn't have a way to remove the current president of the UAF, no matter what his transgressions were, and that holding a special meeting to do so has to be in person, not virtual, despite there being a war on.

So essentially the UAF wants to remove a corrupt executive, but FIFA says no can do. I'll leave the irony of that to the readers imagination.


Easy-Progress8252 t1_j0wcoea wrote

Sounds like the Ukraine security services are siphoning funds from the football federation? Confusing AF. Feel bad though for these journalists that have to make sense of international football scandals.


rdcpro t1_j0x2t16 wrote

I'm not sure what the truth of it is, but there's a lot of money involved.


loogie97 t1_j0zwir5 wrote

I THOUGHT that is what the article said, but that seems like it was translated 2-3 times before it made it to English.


geordieColt88 t1_j0vtn4z wrote

It seems The gadgy in charge of Ukrainian FA has been dipping his hand into funds supposed to be supporting those affected by the war and has got caught.

FIFA want to suspend them because of it and the Ukrainians are trying to replace him with shevchenko so they don’t get suspended but the original gadgy is saying it’s a Russian plot rather than just stepping down hence causing the problem.


Oldtimer_2 t1_j0ww5vm wrote

No shit.....certainly not a clear, easy read.


Alex35143 t1_j0wvwqv wrote

Was this article written by AI? (the dollar store version)


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j0ye85x wrote

What's that Fifa doesn't want a corrupt executive removed? I'm shocked lol


lotwbarryyd t1_j0yu527 wrote

TLDR: Ukraine football boss misused funds and they want to replace him with a legend , but FIFA is worried that the Russian and Ukraine government may have influence in the football federations “election”. So fifa has the option to suspend them from international football for a bit.


CRoseCrizzle t1_j0v8wtk wrote

Perhaps some Russian checks have cleared in FIFA accounts?


Not_A_Meme t1_j0v8wul wrote

Just when you think FIFA can't go lower...they go lower.


TwoBallsagna t1_j0w50xg wrote

Terrible title. FIFA can’t ban Ukraine from playing not a sport.