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moxyfloxacin t1_j0xrxfy wrote

Might not be the greatest of all time but KoC is one of the most likable


Catssonova t1_j0y333i wrote

Pretty sure he's one of the greatest of all time. It's hard comparing some of the top guys because they have all been so good. Djokovic still gets my vote despite his ridiculous ideas at times.


MattGeddon t1_j0ydaae wrote

Rafa has the slam lead but Novak has a load of the other big records, so I think ND is slightly ahead for me as well. It’s great that the two of them are mid 30s and still going!


Catssonova t1_j0ynt82 wrote

I thought Djokovic took the slam lead already but I could be wrong. I'm hoping that's what the downvotes are for because I agree with you.


theamac95 t1_j0yoct3 wrote

Nadal is still 1 slam up on Nole.


Catssonova t1_j0yofx8 wrote

shrug Dunno man, you're cursed for downvotes I guess