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3cit t1_j0yvoy3 wrote

If it's not Federer, it's Nadal, but it sure as hell isn't djokovic!

I am on board with that. Federer was my favorite first, so hes my favorite now, and that makes him the best ever for me. But whichever way you fall on the goat debate youre correct. Unless you think joker, cuz it's not him.


TheOnlyOneWhoKnows t1_j0zqemp wrote

I definitely agree that Federer and Nadal are the greatest of all time.

BUT with that being said I think there’s an argument to be made that Djokovic prime vs prime was just as good as both Nadal and Federer. Which he deserves credit for. Is that an unreasonable statement?


adrian678 t1_j10b561 wrote

When players are so close tied together in achievements you start looking at the other stuff that they bring to the table. Nadal and Federer are a perfect example of professionalism in tennis and life. Djoker outside of the court is dumb asshole with enough popularity and influence to cause much more harm than good.


3cit t1_j10xgp8 wrote

Not at all, by any measurable statistic I would say my comment is more unreasonable.


gigamiga t1_j0zsdeu wrote

Djokovic is undeniably the GOAT of tennis by any measure. He beats them both head to head, has more slams, more 1000 series wins, longest time at #1, everything. You can hate the guy but it's still facts.


3cit t1_j10x286 wrote

My hate is more powerful than facts!