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Excalipurrrrr t1_j0z26ej wrote

Wait wtf. I haven't seen wrestling since WCW Nwo days. Ray Mysterio is still alive and still wrestling?!


SomeKilljoy t1_j0z76m7 wrote

Not only Is he still going, he occasionally wrestling tag team with his son


Excalipurrrrr t1_j0zdjo0 wrote

My reaction is out of pure awe and respect someone can do that to their body. I can't even bend over without worrying about my lower back and I'm fit and youngish still.


enjoyeverysangwich t1_j0z9w1g wrote

Why would you be surprised he's still alive??


Kraptacula t1_j0za96n wrote

NGL I thought he died a few years ago?


Excalipurrrrr t1_j0zdb9s wrote

I am pretty sure I heard that to. One of the Mysterio died. I could Google it but maybe the elder?


Excalipurrrrr t1_j0zcmig wrote

Sort of a joke because so much time has passed and you hear of all the legends dying off.